1950s drama movies

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The conversations with them sure point out the gap between rich and working class people and it's not just about money, it's their attitudes that makes them so scummy. There's another two coming out on Blu-ray in a week and this is reminding me that there's a 8 film Western set that I haven't watched yet. Then again, there was a certain amount of hubris in Richard Brooks deciding to handle the screenplay himself when he had Williams himself available.

The smoke and mirrors of Tinseltown, of life, don’t do the job anymore (though cinematographer John Seitz, who also lensed Double Indemnity, most certainly did, sprinkling dust into the air for the lights to catch). It was only a couple of bucks more than the single DVD and there were two other movies I didn't have. Resnais aids Duras’s reflections on history and memory with a then-groundbreaking editing style that fluidly goes back and forth between past and present. —Amy Glynn, One of several renderings of classic Shakespeare plays made during the 1950s, this treatment of Julius Caesar is not cinematically groundbreaking; indeed it feels quite a lot as though you’re watching a film of a stage play. Good 1950s Drama movies to watch from united states - top 10. The History Of Mr Polly 1949 Based on the novel by H G Wells, written and directed by Anthony Pélissier. She can only try to identify through her own experience as a tormented outsider in the village in which she grew up—but really, how can even that possibly measure up to the devastation of such a horrific event? Seen both but can't remember her in them, it been a while since I've seen them. Mobster (Broderick Crawford) finds the crassness and stupidity of his gal a little embarrassing (look who’s talking) so he hires a journalist (Holden) to tutor her and make her a little more presentable at business dinners, and boy, does it work. They stop for coffee and he drugs her, kidnaps her, and tries to force her into a prostitution ring. It's no surprise the show has been called the Swedish response to Downton Abbey. 30 of the Most Popular Classic Movies from the 1950s, Inspired Décor & Design with Heywood-Wakefield. Pool Of London is a 1951 British crime drama directed by Basil Dearden.

I enjoyed it when I first saw it and each time it shows up in front of me.

Though it’s certainly not the first film about aliens—friendly or otherwise—Robert Wise’s 1951 classic is nonetheless one of the most influential. He also provides the narration, which some critics have found to be a bit over the top—in any event the overall impression is that while Melville might have directed it, this is really Cocteau’s film. Re-titled Wicked Wife in the US. Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O'Connell, Michael Curtiz —Kenji Fujishima, A courtroom drama with noir leanings, based on a story by Agatha Christie and directed by the always-fascinating and sometimes really-damned-weird Billy Wilder?

Terence shows up with a new wife and takes Tod home. Starring: This list is by no means complete as I will add new worthwhile films as I … The story of a boarding school teacher whose life goes into freefall is one of the great-granddaddies of the Teacher Who Actually Schools You that has become one of the tropes that never gets old (Lookin’ at you, Stand and Deliver!).

His fin de siècle Europe, aristocratic mores, women on the verge of nervous breakdowns and loooooong tracking shots fell out of sight. —Amy Glynn, If melodrama were high-octane fuel, Nicholas Ray’s emo masterpiece would soar off the end of a rocky bluff and keep flying forevermore.  •    •   You can see from it that the movie is the story of Douglas Bader. It was ridiculous and a testament to Welles’ genius or the existence of miracles or both that the film isn’t an epic disaster. The first, however, is unquestionably the best—so effective that it typecast Christopher Lee as a horror icon for decades, exactly as Dracula did to Bela Lugosi. |

 •   Comments (0). All these years later, we know that Shane was wrong. Tyrone Power’s last role was as accused murderer Leonard Vole, defended by barrister Sir Wilfred Robarts (Charles Laughton). He knocks Mala out and when she awakes the police are there but the dead woman has been moved to the baggage car. Jeff Chandler, Jeanne Crain, Jack Carson, Courtroom Drama  •  Detective Film  •  Drama, Wolfgang Staudte It follows the traditional formula of the jaded lead detective and his green sidekick but features excellent writing and an impressive performance from James Norton as the vicar Sidney Chambers. —Amy Glynn, The third and final film in director Roberto Rossellini and actress Ingrid Bergman’s ravishing treatment of “this postwar tragedy” is also, after a fashion, the simplest: Scuttling the psychic extremes of Stromboli (1950) and Europe ’51 (1952), its portrait of a marriage suddenly exposed by the absence of more pressing conflicts is unmannered, naturalistic and distinctly modern, as if it were being imagined before our eyes. In most instances where producers or distributors cast a shadow of doubt on his films’ potential for success, the films in question perform performed so well that you’d swear they had minds of their own: It’s as if the movies, their value called into question, actively revolted against the qualms of Fellini’s superiors and hustled hard to make a buck at the box office. Chalk that up to its universality. Spencer Tracy, Pat O'Brien, Diana Lynn, Ida Lupino For better or for worse, it was also a time when leading men and women of the screen achieved a new level of celebrity. It's a nice low key comedy with plenty of driving and scenery. The Unholy Wife was filmed in the fall of 1956 and the third film was dropped when RKO closed up.

John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald, Fred Zinnemann Tell this to everybody, wherever they are.

Rarely is truth taken to task, bled of all subjectivity, and placed naked before the audience: Here is evil, undeniably—what will you do about this? Mala Powers takes a train, in her compartment she finds a man with a gun and a dead woman.

If I read the IMDb right, Frank S Nugent wrote a screenplay that was adapted from, Patrick Ford and Will Price wrote the story and Robin Estridge wrote the screenplay we see in the film. He plays a talented wax sculptor who is maimed in a fire before setting off on a course of revenge against the world. Starring: Their concoction doesn't go down very well and Rod is sent to prison. Skip doesn't want anything to do with her but she turns up at the motel he's staying in and a man is killed. Judy Garland proves her nuance and dramatic skill in this archetypal Hollywood tale of rags-to-riches stardom. Yet, even today, Dassin’s film is an astounding machine of filmmaking precision: In structure, dialogue, acting, cinematography and overall design, the film feels as if it’s working off of ineffable instincts, hiding nothing but implying everything. In real life, Holliday had an IQ in the 170s-but man, she was brilliant at playing dumb.

RELATED: 10 Most Historically Accurate Costumes In Period Pieces. Pages in category "1950s drama films" This category contains only the following page.

This is a movie of self-consideration, art that captures the experience of looking at oneself in the mirror and being dismayed at what they see: Maybe you’re not as curmudgeonly as Victor Sjöström’s Isak Borg, because how could you be, but everyone has endured their share of disappointments and felt bouts of unhappiness in degrees and fits and spurts throughout their own existences. A man has a car accident and looses his memory, he's found by a travelling preacher who brings him into the life. Hitchcock was crystal clear on that. Disney pioneered the use of overdubbed vocals for the song “Sing, Sweet Nightingale,” creating the effect of the character singing harmony with herself. Preying on young women in the area, he sets his sights on one in particular who is the spitting image of his destroyed masterwork, a sculpture of Marie Antoinette. RELATED: 10 Best Period Dramas To Stream On Amazon Prime. Howard Hawks really was one of the great “go big or go home” auteurs of the mid-century, and while it seldom gets the accolades accorded to, say, Rio Bravo or The Big Sleep, if this Hawks film passed you by, I say go track it down and feast your eyes on the epic beauty of the Grand Tetons. —Amy Glynn, Prior to reinventing filmic language with their playful genre experiments, the members of France’s New Wave movement got their start as film critics. In a Lonely Place treats redemption as a cruel joke, a spell of relief that lasts only long enough for us to view its obsolescence.

Best Drama Movies of 1950s ranked list. The run to Brighton goes good for Kenneth but John has troubles along the way. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Sidney Poitier stars in one of his first films as an ally to the beleaguered teacher, and Ford is predictably committed to the melodrama, but the film shines in its subtler details—the use of Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” to signal the dawn of a youthful revolution, or the majority of the school’s teachers being WWII veterans returned to a country which doesn’t seem to appreciate them—pointing to a much thornier film in Blackboard Jungle’s marrow.

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