2010 canterbury earthquake facts

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(©2012 World Vision/ photo by Guy F. Vital-Herne), A mom in Haiti participates in World Vision's Go Baby Go! Aftershock sequences follow predictable patterns based on seismological observations and mathematical modelling. Some of the issues Haiti faced prior to the earthquake persist today, including weak political governance, lack of infrastructure, and limited access to basic resources. [8], It caused a lot of damage and cut off power and water supply, mainly in the city of Christchurch. How does poverty affect children and families in Haiti? Why was the 2010 Haiti earthquake so destructive? It caused a lot of damage and cut off power and water supply, mainly in the city of Christchurch. The Modified Mercalli (MM) intensity scale is used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. More than $16 billion in total aid was allocated by international agencies and private donors to Haiti for 2010 to … Businesses in the city centre were closed the day of the quake. Often their yields are limited by lack of irrigation and soil erosion, especially on deforested mountain slopes. An estimated 250,000 people died in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. 2010 Canterbury earthquake 2011 Canterbury earthquake This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. The 2010 Canterbury earthquake was a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am September 4, 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC).It was centred 40 km west of Christchurch, near the town of Darfield, at a depth of 10 km. The other 48 MPs are selected from the party lists. Sometimes excess water will come to the surface through cracks bringing liquefied sand with it, creating what are known as sand boils or sand volcanoes. Scientists from the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) think it is the first time this fault has … Elder, D.M.G. In the early hours of Saturday morning on 4 September 2010, people in Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury region were jolted awake by the most damaging earthquake in New Zealand since the deadly magnitude 7.8 Hawke's Bay (Napier) earthquake in 1931. The 2010 Canterbury earthquake was a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am September 4, 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC). During the Canterbury earthquake liquefaction and lateral spreading (sideways movement of the ground) occurred in the Kaiapoi area and some of Christchurch's eastern suburbs. Richter’s method worked well for small to moderate earthquakes, but the magnitudes of very large earthquakes were underestimated. It was based on the Greendale fault, which is a newly discovered fault. The information and tools on the site are provided to support the response to the Canterbury earthquake. [1] There was one important difference - this time there has been no loss of … There were no building codes enforced. The 2010 Canterbury earthquake was a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am September 4, 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC).It was centred 40 km west of Christchurch, near the town of Darfield, at a depth of 10 km. Although it is impossible to predict the exact timing of the next big quake, scientists will increase their knowledge of the statistical risks and potential size of future earthquakes. At least another 300,000 people were injured. Christchurch is built on the edge of the Canterbury Plains, which are made up of deep layers of sediments deposited by rivers draining from the Southern Alps. For the historic province of New Zealand, see Canterbury Province. An estimated 250,000 people died. Haiti ranks among the world’s least developed countries because of political, social, and environmental insecurity. Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this newsletter is accurate, but no guarantee of accuracy can be given. Their crops are vulnerable to environmental shocks and stresses such as drought and floods. The 2010 earthquake was centred about 80–90 km to the southeast of the plate boundary through the island, probably on one of a network of smaller faults linked to the main faults that mark the plate boundary itself. The Canterbury earthquake has been given a MM9 rating. For the geographic region of New Zealand, see… …   Wikipedia, Canterbury Cathedral — Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ at Canterbury Canterbury Cathedral from the city entrance …   Wikipedia, Canterbury Regional Council — The Environment Canterbury logo Environment Canterbury Canterbury Regional Council Country …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. 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Explore facts and frequently asked questions about the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck January 12, 2010, and learn how you can help people in Haiti. Parliament BuildingsMolesworth StreetWellington 6160New Zealand. Earthquakes cause waves of vibration to travel though the ground. Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted. At the time of the quake, 70% of the population lived below the poverty line. Strong aftershocks were reported, including ones of magnitude 5.3. Canterburyearthquake.govt.nz - http://www.canterburyearthquake.govt.nz/ - is a New Zealand government website. The point under the ground where the earthquake actually begins is called the hypocentre or focus, while the place directly above it on the surface is known as the epicentre. The earthquake registered a magnitude 7.0; that’s a high level of energy at the point of impact. During the earthquake, the shaking caused liquefaction of these layers which resulted in soil being discharged to the surface. Category:2010 Canterbury earthquake. Tourism infrastructure in Canterbury and Christchurch is operating as usual. program that promotes postive parenting and healthy living for kids. About two-thirds of the Haitian population depends on agriculture to make a living. Recurring disasters, such as Hurricane Matthew in 2016, make it hard for Haitian families to overcome entrenched poverty. Nearly 4,000 schools were damaged or destroyed. The Canterbury quake caused extensive damage to certain buildings in Christchurch, in addition landslides occurred in the Rakaia Gorge and flooding where the Hororata River had burst its banks. In response to the quake, World Vision called upon the largest unified effort of its national and global support offices. Email: Charles.Feltham@parliament.govt.nz, Parliamentary LibraryPrivate Bag 18041Parliament BuildingsWellington 6160T: +64 4 817 9647 Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world—the only low-income country in the Americas. 2010 Darfield (Canterbury) Earthquake. Central Kaiapoi suffered major damage; many of the town's buildings had to be bulldozed as a result of the 2010 earthquake and subsequent quake in February 2011.

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