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He has experimented and plotted for over 200 years, working out the best way to use and make the elixir. Hannah's told never to go in the water for fear that she will discover that she's 'different.' Unusually young patient Hannah (Mia Goth) was actually his similarly slow-agi… Lockhart wakes up inside a Filtration unit. He goes back to town with him and goes to the cop. The Baron has his face burnt off but he still survives and goes into hiding. Sweat = human sweat. The people of the town march to the castle and burn it down. Mother of Movies and Series Reviews (author) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Hi Amy, thanks for the question. But he takes control and beats up Lockhart. What's so special about them? She has a little vial around her next and says that those are vitamins that she needs to take. She hasn’t seen the Filtration process. This happens repeatedly over multiple sitting. I can't wait to see her upcoming film for 2018 Suspiria and am about to watch Marrowbone (2017) which is receiving great feedback. The constant pampering and the fake stress-free existence makes them all believe that they are being cured by the water they are consuming. The Baron locates the fetus and disappears. On the way up, the cab driver talks about the Baron and the story of the villagers burning the Baron’s sister and the fort. The only species with the toxin of self-doubt written into our genetic code. There is a sickness inside us. Mrs. Watson is taken away for her “treatment”. Eventually, the person dies due to dehydration. Let's try and unpack a few of them: Short version: Jason Isaacs' Dr. Heinreich Volmer, though introduced as the unconventional head of the wellness spa, was actually a medically-immortal Swiss Baron and mad scientist supposedly executed 200 years prior. This explains the "mummified" bodies in the Baron's time, and the redacted medical records showing patients suffering from chronic dehydration in Volmer's time - where, additionally, the eventual deaths of the patients are covered-up by feeding their remains to the eels. If you weren't sufficiently grossed-out already: Volmer is keeping Hannah (who doesn't know the true nature of their relationship) on a managed-dose of the youth-elixir in order to (gradually) age her into adulthood; the ultimate goal being to pick up where he left off with her mother (his sister) i.e. That rich people are paying through their nose for just water. Actually, that’s the best I’ve got, I’m not fully convinced either. A Cure For Wellness is a movie that's constantly juggling several different identities and narrative threads. Volmer offers him hydrotherapy as he waits for Pembroke. Wellness centres are actually a thing and people exploit the human condition. Lockhart somehow attacks the dentist and makes a run for it. It makes them hallucinate. People who watch Game of Thrones are probably thinking “hey, that’s normal, right?”. No, it is not the Baron who has somehow transcended onto Lockhart. What Happened To Monday (2017) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Fight Club (1999) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) : Movie Plot Ending Explained. This implies he had in fact gone into the ghostly realm of the past. Along with finding out that Pembroke was a health nut, he also realizes that New York has no clue about the accident or why Lockhart has not returned. I can compare the feeling of it to the film It Comes at Night (2017) in the way that after watching it, I felt deflated. Volmer later meets with Lockhart and they discuss the history of the place. I didn't get what I was expecting but I did get a meticulously beautiful eyeful and a twisty, bendy plot. He digested them and has prolonged his own life and taken on the properties of the elixir. I will not return. Then something strange happens, the patients get up like zombies and attack Lockhart. All patients within the facility lose their teeth. Being at the Wellness centre reinvigorated his lust for success. ), Lockhart has his teeth fixed. Lockhart realizes that the cop is one of them. Lockhart begins to bleed from his nose. There was a massive jar of teeth in the room. I really do appreciate the overall story for A Cure for Wellness. Initially, they get ready to attack her but then Hannah bleeds from her periods. Again, there is no reason why this happens. On first watching A Cure For Wellness most viewers will be clear on how the “wellness center” is actually a nefarious front for a mad scientist’s plans for immortality. I give A cure for Wellness 3.5 tonics that taste like sweat out of 5. What stuck with me after was the aspect of every day society and if you take away the fantasy element of this movie, you are left with the thought of how corporations really do behave this way sometimes. Was pregnant when she's killed and had been cured by the Baron of her earlier ailment of being infertile. Pretty, pretty pictures but also not required. Ostensibly a story about a Wall Street upstart named Lockhart (Dane Dehaan) who tries to retrieve his missing boss from an isolated health spa (The Volmer Institute) in the Swiss Alps, only to find himself injured and confined to the increasingly-sinister "wellness center" himself as a patient, it quickly unfolds into (in no particular order): a psychological thriller, a dreamlike "gaslighting" melodrama, a murder mystery, a gothic horror film and ultimately something like a science-fiction monster movie. The cop then tells Lockhart that he was being investigated for fraud back in New York. Is Volmers' sister who he married to keep the family heritage in line. He continues having the life-giving serum. The letter reads: A man cannot unsee the truth. Lockhart has dreams about them, he hallucinates (or maybe not) being attacked by a swarm of them while floating in a sensory-depravation tank, and he even has a vision of Hannah reclining naked in a bathtub full of them. Question: Why do you think Lockhart went back to his old career? Lockhart gets spotted and makes a run for it. Superiority to other men. Volmer found a way to prolong using a body by treatments in the rejuvenation tanks (the ones' where Lockhart thought everyone was dead. It’s disgusting, yes, but we’ll get back to this a little later. What are the themes of this movie? Of course, Lockhart means this only as a form of expression but this gets him into trouble later on. The Baron had sought to extract whatever made this reaction possible for human use by forcing live eels down the throats (and into the stomachs) of human subjects, and then extracting concentrated liquid from said subject's bodies over time in order to create his life-prolonging "vitamin" elixir (which, Lockhart had previously noted, "tastes like sweaty fish"). Going back to a multi billion dollar company with ties to industry all over the world just might make him top dog. From the director who brought you the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, comes a psychological thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering “Why hasn’t the film ended yet? He also connects the findings of dried up bodies back in the days of the Baron. #ACureForWellness. Here, he sees pathways close up and reappear. Meanwhile, Hannah goes to use the restroom and she sees a bunch of girls. Pembroke has achieved much success in his career but has no one in his life. Lockhart mentions this “I came to get Pembroke back to New York and that’s what I’m gonna do if I have to hit him over his head and drag him out by his hair”. A Cure For Wellness: Eels and Ending Explained! Volmer is lying. Some time later (early 20th century, going by the architecture and equipment design), Dr. Volmer's predecessors are said to have purchased the land for medical and rehabilitation use, centered on the reputed rejuvenative properties of the "holy waters" in the cavernous natural aquifer located within the mountain itself - with Volmer himself having refined it into an exclusive private spa for the rich and anxiety-ridden in his era. In a sense, the final message of A Cure For Wellness would appear to be: Get a second opinion. A thing to know here is that Henry commits suicide because Pembroke and his people made him the fall guy. Barry is a technologist who helps start-ups build successful products. Let’s talk about the eels and the water for a bit here. Isn’t it … Short version: Jason Isaacs'Dr. Rising like the bile that leaves that bitter taste at the back of our throats. The only species with the toxin of self-doubt written into our genetic code. Once he’s at the spa, he’s put on the hydrotreatment. No? #Horror #Newhorror #A CureForWellness. Lockhart meets Hannah again. There seems to be no real explanation to why the eels behave this way. Perhaps it has something to do with her as a fetus surviving in the eel filled aquifer. He sees Pembroke too. He sees Mrs. Watkins’ body is one of them. This thread is archived. In fact, many of the staff in the spa possibly know more than Lockhart. Because the human body is part water, giving the patients the toxic water with eels allowed the properties of eternal life to become filtered through the human body via sweat which is then collected and put into vials. Lockhart also knows that Hannah, as a fetus, survived in the aquifer. Lockhart also befriends an older female patient who has appointed herself the amateur historian of the place, who offers the "unedited" version of the Baron's story: He wasn't simply "in love" with his sister - he was a quasi-fascist convinced of the genetic superiority of his own bloodline and was obsessed with fathering similarly-"pure" children through inbreeding. The movie ends with an evil smile on Lockhart’s face. 8. The elixir was unable to save her. The Water and the Eels. I thought he played it with a subtle strength and I think despite what most critics say, he was cast right. Lockhart was strapped down because he knew they were pulling people's teeth and he was unwilling to have it happen to him too. He’s told that he may encounter some visions.

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