alexandrine parakeet

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These parrots are less compare common in captivity as compared to the other birds like the Indian Ring-necks, or the other Asiatic cousins. After they grow up and become adult parrots, they will return to their old behavior. The female parrot will look out for a nest cavity within a large tree to incubate the eggs, while male parrot will look after for the feed and danger. Care for this bird can be a decades-long commitment. The Alexandrine parakeet has a variety of calls, including ringing sounds, loud and deep "klak" sounds, and a resounding "gr-aak" call. They are omnivores in nature and typically feed on various foods in the wild. This is not to say that they won’t get along with or love the rest of the family members, but they will usually pick one particular person as their favorite and be more clingy, as well as allow them more petting and cuddling time. Alexandrine Parakeet Colors and Markings . Alexandrine parakeets exercise. However, these birds can get bored quickly; therefore, there should be excessive chewable toys to make these birds interested in the play. If you have a “cousin” bird, like an Indian ring-necked parakeet, you can let the birds play, but you should not let the two species breed. Alexandrine parakeets are by nature very active birds and require a lot of physical exercise for the benefit of their overall health.Alexandrine parakeets don’t like to just aimlessly jump around – they love challenging their intelligence through puzzle games. Although they are very feisty, quirky, and have a very strong personality, they usually aren’t aggressive and don’t throw irrational fits. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'parrotquaker_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',108,'0','0']));These parrots known as sentinel birds because they make loud calls, especially when they are in danger, but are more comfortable on the trees. Some of these are: Seeds and nuts Alexandrine Parrots really enjoy their seeds, so there’s no reason to remove them from the routine. Common Names: Alexandrine parakeet, Alexandrine parrot, Scientific Name: Psittacula eupatria; Five subspecies include P. e. eupatria, P. e. nipalensis, P. e. avensis, P. e. magnirostris, P. e. siamensis. Placing two females parakeets together also works, but make sure the cage is large enough that permit to isolate them. They are easy to, Be it that you’re looking for a first-time pet or that you’ve been a long-term parrot parent, Alexandrine. All of these traits make this parrot a great beginner pet. They love to be trained (especially if treats are involved). The Blue Alexandrine parakeet is named after Alexander the Great and was prized for nobility and royalty since ancient times.

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