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He then claimed to be the last of his kind because of the fossa. King Julien and Maurice arrive on an island full of lady lemurs; Sage and Clover pick out Clover’s “emotional support hawk”; Mort gains intel on Koto. The End is Here (December 1, 2017). There they find the key being guarded by a group of Golden-bellied capuchins led by their ruler, King Ressock V. Following a short battle, Maurice, Mort and Clover arrive, but Clover is revealed to be King Ike in disguise as he steals the key. Ike then captures Julien and takes him to Madagascar 2. The Parody Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. All Hail King Julien follows the adventures of the illustrious King Julien XIII, before the events of Madagascar, as he rules his great kingdom after being crowned as king by his own Uncle. When Julien finds an old book of manners, he wants to host a debutante ball, and invites the Crocodile Ambassador to teach the kingdom manners, but soon finds out that the whole idea is leaving everybody too uptight to party! After some doubting that Frank the Sky God isn't real, King Julien is visited by Frank the Sky God. They come face-to-face with a Russian-speaking space chimpanzee named Stanislav as Timo plans to use Stanislav to perfect King Julien's next attempt to get to the Moon. Madagascar Wiki. With help from the fossabots, Julien.and friends trap Nibiru and put him back in the underworld. They also come up with a plan to make the disease deadly if King Julien's illness is less serious so that Uncle King Julien can reclaim his kingdom. Soon, Doc Sugarfoot challenges Julien to a popularity-based election where the most popular lemur gets to be king. Are You There, Frank? With Mom-Bot's help, Mort dives into his subconscious to wake Smart Mort and help Timo fix the dimensional machine so he can get his army back to help King Julien. He kept the lemurs in soul crushing silence in order to avoid Fossa attacks. When King Julien, Maurice, and Clover go to confront Frank the Sky God, they discover that Frank is actually a Robot operated by Karl and Chauncey in their latest plot to get rid of King Julien. Julien teams up with Timo, a, Ken Morrissey, Matt Engstrom & James Wootton. King Julien resumes his trek to reclaim his kingdom. When the Foosa attack, King Julien must rescue them and avoid being eaten by the Foosa. Mary J. Blige as Jacy, a Common brown lemur, John Michael Higgins as Barty, King Julien's father, Anjelica Huston as Julienne, King Julien's mother. Mort looks for Hans who advises him he must form his own army. After Uncle King Julien turned Pancho into a deadly killer so he could take back his throne, King Julien must save the kingdom before it’s too late. With Julien's help, Karl faces off against his older brother, who wants to replace all of Madagascar's tea stands with Brüs by Bruce coffee kiosks. When Uncle King Julien XII abdicates his throne upon learning of his fate from Masikura, he hands off his crown to Prince Julien. Mitch Watson, Michael DeGrandis, Elliott Owen, Micheal Ryan and Benjamin Lapides. King Me (December 19, 2014) Sage frees Clover. Tom McGrath as Prince Blag, King Ike's son who dosen't speak too much. Now Clover must rescue everyone, free King Julien, and defeat Uncle King Julien and Crimson. Now Clover, Maurice, and Mort must rescue King Julien before Rob has an underworld doctor named Dr. S exchange their faces. List of Warner Bros. When King Julien learns from Clover her discover of Maurice moonlighting as an advisor to King Joey of the Jumping Rats, Maurice explains that he has been helping them out ever since they were living in chaos upon Karl's coffee fields exploding and needed their own kingdom. King Julien learns from Xixi that 99% of the lemurs love him, so he makes it his mission to find and convert the one "hater" lemur. But is this Tournament more than it seems? King Julien is diagnosed with Mad Horse Disease during his appointment with Dr. S. As there is no cure to Mad Horse Disease and he has only one week to live, King Julien is advised by Masikura to make amends with everyone he has ever wronged. Meanwhile, Clover is suspicious that the crocodiles might get to the Moon to plant their space laser there. He was voiced byMaurice LaMarche who also voiced Father., Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien XIII, a ring tailed lemur. The series is then continued as All Hail King Julien again, in their fifth (sixth if Exiled is included) and final season, with the episode The End is Here wrapping things up with Alex crash landing on the island. All Hail King Julien is a computer-animated television series featuring characters from the DreamWorks Animation animated film Madagascar.

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