batman v superman ultimate edition differences

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Here, we’re given a good look into not only how the people were killed at the hand of Luthor’s hitman, KGBeast, but also how Superman was seen as someone to be blamed: the bodies were horrifically burned with the use of a flamethrower, as if by Clark’s heat vision rather than the experimental bullets that were actually used. Instead of simply saying that he is now “half a man” and letting the audience (and Finch) deduce the rest, he goes on to explain that his wife has left him, and he “can’t even piss standing up.” Hard to say whether it was pacing issues, or the story getting a bit too grim were to blame for the edits, but they definitely match the more adult tone of the Ultimate Cut. From then one, the Ultimate Cut takes a somber turn, as the ground forces finally arrive at the base. Not really excessive, but an easy cut to make all the same. The violence is by no means excessive, simply a bit more realistic - with censors feeling blood was better left off-screen. Taking money from "old ladies" who thought it cute that a man was building an empire for his son. Kahina is understandably heartbroken at the loss of her family in the attack and believes that Superman is to blame, testifying to the United States’ Senate about her ordeal. But the biggest addition for the sake of the plot - since this encounter will be misunderstood by the international community - is that the bodies are piled together in the base, and Knyazev lights up his flamethrower, torching them beyond recognition. This is the scene featuring soldiers on horseback seen in trailers, and teased by actor Bailey Chase (playing the officer in question). In terms of a single sequence of the movie, the funeral scene(s) are likely the most padded in the Ultimate Cut (or most stripped-down, if you prefer to think of it that way). There’s a very good chance that fans hoped for one thing above all else with the Ultimate Cut: more action. When Senator Finch (Holly Hunter) and Senator Barrows (Dennis North) arrive, they refer to Lex as "the man on the marquee," assuming that the company - as it usually is in the comics - is named after himself. Check out our list of scene details in the Ultimate Edition to see how it compares to the original edition, and judge for yourself! Since a man who's about to commit suicide has no need to buy a lot of food before his death, this reveals that Wallace wasn't as much of a willing participant as the theatrical version implied. This change is a little unclear as to whether its removal was due to running time, or actually showing content the censors would prefer left implied. Aside from hinting that Clark has gotten a bit caught up in his work of late (what child hasn’t? Well, there was a lot more to his story in the Ultimate Edition. First, the obvious: the billboard falling into disrepair (along with... pretty much everything around it) clues viewers in to the fact that the Gotham Seaport (later referred to as "the port of Gotham") is well and truly deserted, having been left to rot. In the Ultimate Cut, the knife wound isn’t forgiven so quickly: Batman eyes up the pinned thug, slowly paces over, and… well, you can’t really make anything out except the sudden impact and scream of pain it brings with it. Sorry, folks, Jena Malone wasn't playing Barbara Gordon or Carrie Kelley in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Aside from covering their tracks, this scene teases the return of said flamethrower later in the film. Three hours is definitely a long movie runtime, but in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's case, the extended cut definitely fulfills the promise of providing more material that wasn't shown in theaters. While there are some additional minutes thrown in for good measure that were cut for time, and rightfully so considering the overall runtime of the feature, the extended edition is worthwhile if you loved the original theatrical cut but wanted a bit more meat added to the bones. It may be vulgar to call out the one time in a non-R-Rated movie that the filmmakers are allowed to drop the oft-searched-for ‘F bomb,’ but in this case, it’s delivered by the one man most worthy of some pent up anger. This Week in Superhero News: ‘Suicide Squad’ Runtime Revealed, ‘The Flash’ Adds…, Weekend Box Office: ‘Finding Dory’ Swims Past the Competition. While the FBI is putting their valuable time to use investigating what connection, if any, Superman had to the bombing of the United States Capitol Building, the larger plan executed by Lex Luthor finally starts coming together, with the billionaire atop his massive Metropolis tower watching the sunset. The scene also ends differently this time around. Remember Cesar Santos? It may hint at more beneath the surface for Lex, but in the end, it adds more weight to his betrayal; apparently deciding that his connection to Mercy is something that must also be shed. In the Ultimate Cut, as Doomsday is looming over Metropolis from the top of LexCorp Tower (with an added action beat, throwing the ‘X’ at a nearby chopper), the film returns to police officers reporting to the warehouse to greet Martha. Lex once again returns to his corporate headquarters to find it destroyed from an armed assault. They find Lois (as she has now been rescued by Superman) as she walks out into the aftermath, gathering her notebook. A hint that a Lex Luthor/Joker team up may happen at some point the future perhaps? When Lois can’t think of a reason why someone would craft bullets out of a mystery metal, Jenet suggests it may simply be a test, to see how they function in action against real human bodies. But there is one small addition which helps clear up the mystery surrounding Lex Luthor and his unique relationship with his father. It turns out that general and his forces were waging a civil war against the Nairobi government, one which the United States had taken a neutral stance on. He urges the guards holding him that he can’t be put into general population, since it’s a death sentence. In this version, when Batman threatens Lex in prison, he reveals that he knows that Bruce Wayne is the Caped Crusader. Absolutely: fighting crime, bedding unknown women, and mixing pills with wine sounds like tiring, sweaty business. 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Clark later claims that the Daily Planet's coverage determines who matters and who doesn't, and it's obviously here where he starts asking himself the same question. With the added shot of the field trip, we now know why the girl was left alone - and why her mother may have remained in the building behind them. Batman. Aside from stating the moral difficulties in not choosing a side or trusting absolute power - relevant later - the General's comments and suspicions actually play a significant role in Lois' entire investigation. She's the one who learns that it's made from a never-before-seen metal, and later in the movie, she calls Lois to tell her that Wallace Keefe's wheelchair was made from the same metal (There was another interesting tidbit she provided, which we'll get to later.) But if you thought the fan service ended there, it doesn't. But it does let the audience get a visual idea of the space, so when Batman arrives later, the action tracks a bit clearer. In this news report, she further emphasizes the government forces that came after the rebels had been revealed, and slaughtered the villagers. As Wallace Keefe returns to his meager apartment , he finally meets the man who, for reasons unknown, posted his bail: Lex Luthor. The biggest and most appreciated change in the Ultimate Edition is that the Africa sequence makes way more sense. In the Ultimate Cut, the task (and his misused time) is spelled out a bit clearer... since, without the TV report, Clark has still yet to hear of Batman at all. For those who may not know, we'll give a brief explanation here (since it's important to the scene's meaning). Different comic book movie fans will be picking up the Blu-ray (on July 19, 2016) or streaming the movie digitally (starting June 28, 2016) for a few different reasons. In the theatrical cut, this scene was something of a mess, moving forward into the movie’s main runtime but not giving enough information into why Lois was investigating the deaths or how, in fact, they implicated Superman in the transgressions.

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