benefits of instagram for business

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By posting photos that fit in with your company’s brand and style, you attract more customers. The more present you are on Instagram, the more present you will be to your potential customers on Instagram. Howdy! You must focus on your experiences, showcasing the visual beauty your products or services have to offer. New to Instragram or looking to revamp your strategy? The only text is the interactions, making engagement easier and faster. Instagram live posts are also an excellent way to build rapport, trust and credibility with followers, as well as showing that there's a human side to your business. If consumers see you as more than an entity looking to take their money, then they may be more trusting of your brand. Fill out the below questionnaire to be connected with vendors that can help. That goes for large, well-known companies as well as smaller mom and pop shops and one-man operations. Today’s consumers spend three hours each day looking at their phones. Similar to Facebook, business accounts on Instagram have the option of paying to promote their content. These high engagement rates make Instagram an absolute haven for businesses looking to engage consumers. It will help you optimize your Instagram strategy. If you’re wondering how to use Instagram for business, it’s an easy process that will boost sales. It’s important to clearly see which ad and ad set is bringing in the most revenue, and business owners can see this with Instagram ads. With so many brands and businesses on Instagram, you may be thinking, “There must be some incentive for them to consistently use Instagram, but is it really just to post some cool photos of their brand?”. If a customer posts a complaint, you can use the opportunity to mediate the situation. Statistic says that 83% of people on Instagram browse for new products, 30% of them have bought a product they found on Instagram. We’ve established how many Instagram users there are and how likely they are to purchase, so let’s talk about how to leverage this data to your advantage. It’s easy to link your Instagram profile to your company website, blog, or the product page. October 1, 2020, 11:10 am, 4 Great Ways to Refresh your Look and Style – 2020 Guide, 9 Ways to Have a Positive Recovery Following Eyelid Surgery in 2020. Useful analytics like these help businesses quickly identify which types of Instagram posts work best, setting them up for sustained success. Please write in the comments below. Here are the top nine benefits your company will experience by joining Instagram. They are great places to showcase behind-the-scenes “footage,” as well as fun, timely content that is sure to get noticed. Zara Latinkos Before diving into the other benefits of Instagram and its user base, we wanted to point out the sheer volume of potential customers that are just waiting to interact with your brand. This means that any time a business runs an ad on either of these platforms, they can automatically double their reach! With over 153 million users on instagram (source MindJumpers), just about any business can benefit using instagram in a multitude of ways. 1. 7. Originally published 03-02-2018. by Jovan Gurmanov September 1, 2020, 11:58 am. Businesses are also able to feature ads in their stories. We’ve put together the top benefits of Instagram for business and how to use them to your advantage. This builds trust. A dependable influencer can bring your company;s sales to a whole other level through increased return on investment and access to demographics that you wouldn't normally reach. These days, consumers tend to judge a business’ credibility based on their presence on (or absence from) social media. Having said that, Instagram is a great tool to learning the ever-changing likes and dislikes of your customer base and followers. On Instagram, you can use the @ sign to tag users and reply directly back to someone who either liked the image or commented on the post. Famoid Technology LLC | All Rights Reserved - 2020 Have a look! October 7, 2020, 9:20 am, by Knowing your customers wants and needs is one of the most valuable benefits of using instagram for your business. Zara Latinkos We mentioned earlier that there are over 1 billion Instagram users who are active on the platform at least once a day, and at least 333,333,333 of them are actively purchasing specifically via Instagram ads and profiles. And reply to your users! Instagram’s analytics and tracking capabilities are what make A/B split testing efforts not only worth it, but highly effective. More recently, Instagram has added the ability to have “featured stories.” These can be hosted on a business’ profile and are able to be viewed once the initial 24-hour period ends.

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