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I’m a frequent flyer to places you never been And all the work they say they put in, I gotta confirm I want my first listen to be the full project from start to finish. It’s blood on the money, blood on my hands (On my hands) Love is whatever, you can still betray (Damn), [Chorus] Guess I was blind ’cause bonds grow strong and then break Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny and El Camino. And I don’t want nothing for free, they didn’t know me then, bet they checkin’ now Mob ties, I’ll prick your finger bеfore I connect you (Gang) Yeah, fifteen years straight, I was crack sellin’ Alc and Daringer already have a lot of placements on Tana Talk 4. Broke my flow down, they still can’t describe it in words Thought you want me (Uh), thought you wanted what’s best Description:- I Thought You Got Me Lyrics Russ are Provided in this article. But my minds on, “How were you fake to my face?” If you want to read all latest song lyrics, please stay connected with us. If I forgive you, but frankly, I never can some of you don't actually listen for substance you just like the aesthetic and its starting to show lol its not even a soft or generic sounding beat its just more clean. Light a J, grab a bottle, pour it up, drink it straight (Huh) That’s abusive to my name I know some niggas that rather kill you before they respect you (Ah) And my legacy, it’s like they want a fraction of both Conway basically did that this year leading up to FKTG. “What’s love? [Intro] Yo, uh, who can I depend on? I walked away with wounds, it wasn’t what I assumed They say it’s time to eat again on this Oyster Perpetual I'm not salty at all. Said I’ma be a legend soon, shit, I’m a legend now (Legend now) By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This Song will release on 16 October 2020. Labels, I passed ’em up, it’s like they after the flow My team got a will strong enough to beat cancer Your email address will not be published. So without wasting time lets jump on to Sly Green Song lyrics. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Kite from my man, he said I’m at where I deserve to be The Beats fire. Until then, I’ma follow these Bentley high beams (Let’s go) His brother kept under the bed, right in the room On this road to success and, yes, it came at a cost I think this video and Benny’s lyrics deserved sumn harder, This shit fire as fuck. BENNY THE BUTCHER – Trade It All lyrics. In fact in 2019 I was getting a little bit bored with all the releases and so much of the same plodding and dark sounds. I’d trade it all to get my n***** back, how real is that? I want my bouquet when I can smell it You was my O-Dog like Larenz Tate I was poor, for more shock, had a law watchin’ us live [Verse 1: Benny the Butcher] Congratulate me now, all this paper gon' change me how? If it make you feel I’m different from y’all, come get the paintings off the wall That can hold 'em over for a while. Sayin’, “Because of you, we ain’t been this comfortable in a minute” I mean Conway just did a whole EP with Alc like you said and another with Big Ghost who he hadn't done anything with since 2015. This Song will release on 15 October 2020. Yo, fifty thousand in the drawer, at the W with some bitches Yo You were never here for me (Facts), you were clearly here for you Sly Green Song Lyrics. This Song will release on 31st January 2020. I liked Hitboy’s production on Nas’ new album a lot. S***, ’cause all I got left is the scars, I still would trade it all. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That’s why every hundred bands I make, my clip grow a foot Description:- Legend Lyrics BENNY THE BUTCHER ft. Hit-Boy are Provided in this article.This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer BENNY THE BUTCHER.This song is from Burden of Proof album. When niggas’ traps was warmin’ up, mines was literally hot (Mines was hot) If you ain’t spendin’ half an M, ain’t no way to relatе yet 2 5 To 50 Mob Ties. Only rapper that would’ve thrived in the 2Pac era Never took the first off, got me shoppin’ in Bergdorf Thank You, Your email address will not be published. Description:- ​​​​Sly Green Lyrics BENNY THE BUTCHER are Provided in this article. It was all for the games, shoulda known what it was I live that life, but y’all only gangster on iTunes, I’d trade it all, give the cash back, the jewels and the cars This Song is from Album Shake The Snow Globe. Gave my life to the game, had my mama concerned BENNY THE BUTCHER – Trade It All lyrics Yo I’m product of the block I live and the Pacs, Nases and BIGs For raw, took my dough across the George […], I’m product of the block I live and the Pacs, Nases and BIGs Real talk, For the n***** in my position, take care of your daughters Nah Nah Nah Lyrics Kanye West | 2020 Song, Snowflower Lyrics Puma Blue | In Praise of Shadows, Pretending Lyrics Orla Gartland | 2020 Song. It was all for the games, shoulda known what it was Barely made it, we succeeded with the least chances One is breaking a code, one is actin’ in character For raw, took my dough across the George Washington Bridge And every time I score, it’s a W for the villains I broke bread in the middle of war, y’all took breaks Yeah, said I’ma be a legend soon but I’m a legend now And fuck rap, me and my niggas sold boy as professionals I’m down soldiers, all the members of the gang I done lost Required fields are marked *. I like hearing these guys over other shit. Thought you want me (Uh), thought you wanted what’s best Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m somewhere in the hood, elbow rubbin’ with all the dealers I’m eatin’, with a lot on my plate, so I chew faster Marry the game and death my in-laws ‘Cause I wore the same pair of kicks to school for a year, n**** If you are searching ​Sly Green Lyrics then you are on the right post. If the old Griselda heads don't like it let em go back and listen to the dozens of Daringer and Alchemist joints already out. Benny just gives you that underdog that came out on top feeling. On this track it’s more of an understated, glimmery, upbeat beat, something that would fit right into King’s disease. The plug ask you for an addy (Huh?) They say it’ll make me a better man More money, more problem, jealous n*****, stolen looks I promise this ain’t magic when you see me disappear from you This Song will release on 15 October 2020. I’m the Butcher so these new ratchets like two hatchets (Butcher comin’) Thought you got me, thought you not like the rest I Thought You Got Me Lyrics Russ | Benny The Butcher. [Chorus] If I saw you today, I think all I would say is This Song will release on 16 October 2020. You just evil, I’m the shit before the eighth letter (G) Y’all comparin’ me to niggas? Dope boy, made it out the hood, now that’s legend (Ah), [Chorus] If you are searching I Thought You Got Me Song Lyrics then you are on the right post. Fly nigga, all these diamond chains just weigh me down A broke nigga not my lady's style She quit work to f*ck me, count up and try this Mercedes 'round No emotions, I mastered pain with what we smokin' Raw made hustlers on my block stars like Billy Ocean Y’all niggas make threats (Huh), we take killers and take bets On the previous single it was a very epic, overstated luxurious beat that would fit right into a big Sean album. You in conversations talkin’ bout paper you never spend, uh Real shit, I’m a legend now I ain’t with no rap beef, it’s Fs on my rap sheet ‘Cause whoever don’t shoot first gon’ be carryin’ coffins If you pop out with that MAC is you airin’ or talkin’? What you know about bein’ out in the Valley? And Daringer and Beat Butcha basically did all of Who Made The Sun Shine. Uh-huh I need a long one in Vegas like I’m Don King (Uh) Scars on my body still (Still), they think I signed Illuminati deals (Illuminati deals) Now we gettin’ caught by them TMZ cameras Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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