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They will also have access to classes that are specifically designed for an IR education, taught by leading researchers and educators in the field. PSSA is committed to this mission, as it is the only non-partisan group on campus and open to people of all political views and beliefs. English isn’t just any other native language, it’s the international language that connects people around the world, so that they may communicate in a common language. The student-teacher ratio is 7:1 and 74 percent of its classes have fewer than 20 students. Students must submit a proposal and explain how the disciplines relate to or complement each other. Listing online classes on your resume is a definite do. Foreign Policy magazine, in … Located just a few minutes away from downtown Washington, DC, its setting is urban. For global affairs students specifically, the Office hosts networking trips to NYC, offers mock interview sessions, and organizes small-group meetings with career speakers. The university is one of the foremost institutions for studying international relations: it has been ranked the best school in the world for graduate studies in international affairs. It has a total undergraduate population of around 7,450 students. True to this goal, the school includes IR as one of its four required subfields and students must take at least one course in it for this concentration. Another pleasant aspect of Columbia is that it provides its undergraduates with a lot of support in considering political science as a major. Below are some of E-learning's advantages. Students are also required to complete a hands-on capstone project rather than a senior thesis. Its student-teacher ratio is 11:1, and about 61% of the classes have fewer than 20 students. Think about whether you want to specialize your IR education in a way that involves other degrees. Lastly, it is a mere two-hour train or car ride to Boston and New York City, so you can easily take a weekend trip to these cities when you want a more urban feel. Columbia is in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and possesses all the usual trappings of a bustling, metropolitan city: phenomenal food, culture, theatres and museums, and a sense of cosmopolitanism. The international relations faculty at Princeton takes pride in remaining connected with “scholars in other areas of political science and other disciplines.”. Harvard is one of the schools that does not have an official international relations major – but this is an easy fact to overlook because it has many resources that point to its credibility as a quality IR school. There are some schools that will not have an official international studies major – but do not let that deter you from attending it, if it is otherwise a good choice. Multiple Start Dates: Other online colleges offer programs with up to six start dates annually, or around every two months, with accelerated seven or eight week terms. As we have written before, we are big proponents of choosing a college or university based on your individual lifestyle and learning needs, rather than off arbitrary rankings. AU students do particularly well in the workforce: results of the Graduation Census from 2015-2017 show that 90 percent of undergraduates are working, attending graduate school, or doing both. Georgetown University is a private research institution. The educational and occupational implications of an IR major are broader than some other majors, which makes it an extremely versatile degree. in international studies, may apply for a joint degree program. There are debates to be had about this model—how the pipeline can become more affordable, for instance, to ensure greater diversity among government hires. Lastly, check to see if these schools offer the option of creating your own major. It is another school on this list that belongs in the Ivy League. UofM’s belief in the importance of an interdisciplinary IR education is expressed in other ways too. This includes a three-year BA, a combined BA/MA, and a joint degree with the Ritsumeikan University in Japan. Besides a comprehensive course list, students are required to demonstrate L5, advanced proficiency in a language other than English. There is really nothing to worry about as a student. Harvard College states that one of the aims of this concentration is to teach about the “interaction among international actors” and “international relations.”. The education IR students receive here is guaranteed to not be solipsistic; it is up-to-date and informed by other, relevant fields. You know you’re surrounded by experts in the field when the university you’re attending publishes a national peer-review journal in your major of study, the Journal of International Relations. The drive to Baltimore and Philadelphia is under three hours long, and the drive to NYC is under five hours. Its closeness to Boston provides students with both a “small-school” setting, as well as a real urban city. Students take courses across departments and the major draws on methods developed in other disciplines, like sociology, political science, literature, economics, and many others. American University has an entire school dedicated to IR – the School of International Service (SIS) – and it is the largest institution of its kind in the United States. The most recent IR subfield guide lists over 15 such courses. So which schools prepare students best? American politics, comparative politics, and political theory are the other three. The school is expansive enough that students may easily make/join smaller pockets communities centered around their personal interests. Through this method, professors can tell whether or not the same student is typing during a test. In fact, Princeton is home to the Woodrow Wilson School, which is renowned for its highly ranked graduate programs in public policy and international affairs. UofM is definitely the school to be if you want to combine your passion for IR with another completely unrelated (or related) field! Its location is a plus for the diversity in the student population: 50 percent of undergraduates at Columbia identify as a student of color. If you’re certain about your passion for international relations, the University of Chicago has an opportunity for you to get a joint degree in the topic.

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