best marvel strikeforce fighters

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Feeling unfulfilled, she left him and began training with a group of ninja’s known as The Hand. Without it, I don’t think he would be nearly the fighter he is today. He is a master of stealth, disguise etc. In sensing a weak point, his martial arts training allows him to strike with pinpoint accuracy, disabling any adversary. The daughter of notorious criminal Willy “Crazy Horse” Lincoln, Maya Lopez was raised by his partner in crime (and unknown to her, murderer) Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. As a result of the training, Natasha Romanov was given the title of best recruit, called Black Widow and sent out on some of the most dangerous missions…ever. Who do you believe to be the greatest martial artist in the Marvel Universe? This allows him to perfectly imitate any physical action he has ever seen in his life. This ended up being a horse race between Captain America and Black Panther. Opponents that heroes fight repeatedly will often get used to their styles and be prepared for them. During his time training to be a samurai in Japan, Wolverine became a master in multiple martial arts. Elektra was born into a very rich and important family, the assassination of her father left her seeking revenge. Keeping her from a higher spot, however, is the reason for her being. He has also defeated various hand-to-hand experts without using his claws. The more I thought about it, the more I became entertained by my thoughts. Daredevil has separately fought Captain America, Wolverine, and Black Panther to a stand still. She uses her skills as a martial artist, arcobat, and spy to further enhance her skills as an assassin. I then wondered, if some of the best fighters in Marvel Comics fought against each other, who would come out on top. During his time under the guise of “Ronin,” he gave up archery for a spell and relied on a combination of swords, nun chucks, and conventional firearms. 24 Mar. Though Moon Knight is known for his use of moon-themed weapons, he is also skilled in the use of many traditional throwing weapons such as darts and throwing stars. However her over reliance on weapons drags her down on a list where hand-to-hand fighting skills are the most important factor. Murdock is well-educated in the functioning of the human body as well as martial arts techniques that target pressure points, enabling him to paralyze limbs or an individual's entire body altogether. He is regarded as a better hand-to-hand combatant than Iron Fist, though Iron Fist is arguably more powerful. Elektra Natchios holds the reputation of being one of the most skilled assassins in all of Marvel. Ninjutsu, Aikido, Kendo, Karate and is proficient in most martial arts originating in China, Thailand, and Japan. Boxing (Mastered), Ninjutsu (Mastered),  Jujutsu, Aiki-jutsu, Savate, Krav Maga, Capoeria, *Escrima stick fighting (he has demonstrated proficiency with this weapon and can throw it with superb precision. She trained under Stick like Daredevil. I'll explain why. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Not only is Captain America one of the most decorated characters in Marvel history, he is also a survivor of multiple wars, battles, fights, and skirmishes. Wolverine - Wolvy is definitely a free agent and thus would be an easy fit here. If his skills are to be taken seriously he must have a very high spot on this list. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he leads one of the most powerful teams in comics. Find out by clicking the link. Marvel Strike Force is filled with plenty of heroes and villains, all coming from the classic comics. Scorned by the death of her father, Elektra left her life in New York behind to train with the same man who trained Daredevil. Interestingly, that could apply to Deadpool too...another hero or two with mutant synergies could tie Deadpool, Wolverine and DP together with our new heroes. Over the years, her skills have grown, and despite being killed at the hands of the assassin Bullseye, she was resurrected (as she likely will be on the small screen) and is now more lethal than ever. During a fight sight is what combatants rely on but Matt Murdoch uses his other senses in unison. He is a grandmaster in all forms of Chinese martial arts with training that started at birth. But who is the best in terms of sheer skill and training? And what did he do afterward? That in itself is a huge feat. T'Challa earned the right of Black Panther through. During his association with The Avengers, he has trained with Captain America and the two men have learned many of each other’s skills. This is due to his "photographic reflexes". He has mastered many martial arts in his lifetime, but his fighting style mainly consists of Boxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, and acrobatics ( his acrobatics are either on the level of Daredevil or most likely higher). This is deceptive however. Conversely, other characters like Black Panther and Iron Fist will more often engage targets up close and personal. But that doesn't mean much on its own considering the company she's up against. As a consequence, his reflexes are razor sharp. Who’d make your list? For a time, he also used the Ebony Blade, which previously belonged to the Black Knight. This could however be due to Shang Chi holding back, as he did not want to kill The Cat, whereas Shen Kuei may have been fighting at his limits. Years spent training in an Inhuman monastery focused his mind and body to a razor edge. The Cat tends to favor unarmed combat, but he's beyond lethal with a wide assortment of weaponry. Even The Cat, his fiercest rival, respects Shang Chi’s incredible skills. Well, this is the right question that we are going to answer in today’s article. Not only is he the greatest fighter hailing from a remote group who prides themselves on their intelligence and ability to fight, he has learned just about every fighting style known to man. Does he even belong on this list? The leaders on this list sit where they are due to abilities that, fair or not, gives them an edge in a fight. Her mastery in acrobatics allows her to perfom a vast array of agility-based feats. Could something similar be in the works on the big screen? By far, of the all the characters, Shang-Chi is number one in the Top 10 Best Fighters in Marvel Comics list. Indeed, many of these guys have thrown down with the biggest and baddest that the Marvel Universe has to offer, and have often come out on top. But odds are that you're using both of those characters in teams currently, and I'm guessing that moving both of those to this team would likely seriously reduce the effectiveness of those existing teams - which is why I suggested Daredevil, due to his availability and the fact that moving him won't hurt any strong teams. Iron Fist even complemented his skill. He has held his own and even beaten many of the people on this list. None of them jump out at me. Iron Fist (Danny Rand) is the son of Wendell Rand, a wealthy industrialist who as a young man discovered the mystical city of K’un-L’un. Oh, and it helps that because of his ability to heal, he doesn’t really age. Top 10 Best fighters in the Marvel Universe. With that in mind Taskmaster is one bad ass opponent. Upon taking the name Echo, she battles Daredevil. A veritable expert in nearly all known forms of combat and some that are unique to him. What about our fifth? It's pointless to point out particular fights between characters or their outcomes. His drawback is that he, like Punisher, relies primarily on weaponry. Oh, and Ultimus (lawl). The Importance of Darkseid and Why He’s DC’s Adolf Hitler, Alfred Pennyworth (Origin) – Comic Basics. His fearless approach to battle removes any hesitancy and his lightning speed is entirely too much for most opponents to handle. Like Iron Fist he can use chi energy. Before sending him into combat on the front-lines, they trained him with the best soldiers the allies had, including masters in martial arts such as Judo. MM, Spidey, and Black Panther are the must haves. He has defeated a multitude of highly skilled and superhuman opponents at a single time with ease. Send it over to [email protected]. He has fought, happily, all of the great fighters of the world. One would ask "how can you remove strength from the equation and not enhanced reflexes?" Fred is a freelance entertainment writer based in the U.K. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He is considered to be one of the best martial artists to have ever walked the Earth. The genius mind of Tony Stark in the body of Steve Rogers would be considered a perfect combination by many, and it summarizes the Black Panther perfectly. The more I thought about it, the more I became entertained by my thoughts. "Comic Vine - Comic Reviews, Videos, Forums and Wiki." T'Challa is a Titan. He is a master of most forms of unarmed combat and certainly proficient in all of them. I sat in my office a few days ago fantasizing about different “who would win between” battles. T'Challa, with his speed and agility, is such a potent combatant and has such deep reserves he had to take the second spot. Simply put, the more fights you have the better you get. At one time, he was also able to hold on his own against a large group of Super-Soldiers with ease. His martial arts skills, coupled with his powers and Adamantium claws, make him one of the most dangerous men alive. He is a master in all martial arts including the secret ones native to Wakanda. What makes Wolverine different is not that he uses each style to his advantage, but rather he has something called a berzerker rage. This list is my personal opinions (based off feats and defining battles about who the Best fighters are in the Marvel Universe. Spidey, Gamora, Woverine, Ms Marvel, DareDevil, Cut wolverine for dp. The final two spots (9 & 10) were actually the most difficult. Couple that with the fact he ingested a herb that takes his abilities to just under superhuman and you have a recipe for unrivaled. Without bragging too much, this list includes Thanos, Red Skull, Winter Soldier, and The Incredible Hulk. Not only is Iron Fist prolifically trained in nearly every style of martial art, ninjitsu, and combat, he can channel his Chi down to his fist and into a ball of fire. His skill set means he learns new moves whenever his enemies do. And while you’re at it, check out the Top 10 Best Fighters In DC Comics over here. While his skills in Kung Fu do not rival Shang Chi’s, the two are of equal enough skill set to spar with each other and learn from each other.

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