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A red crosshairs appears on your character’s current target, which you can switch to another enemy simply by tapping on them. This is something helpful to consider on offense, too. I am also a hard-core gamer for almost 30 years, a husband and father of 2. We need to understand a few things about the setup to maximize synergies and combat attacks against us. A controller can “lock” a group of enemies by using status effects (debuffs). Hela is used in most game modes but this version is best for War Defence. You see, different characters have different traits based on their affiliation, skills, origin of power and/or whether they’re a hero or villain. A turn-based game, it brings together over 100 characters from the MARVEL universe including fan favourites like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Panther as well as characters that are known mostly by hardcore fans, like Crystal, Toad and Shuri. Because of all that, BlueMoonGame decided to help the community further and to implement the synergy option in our Best Teams Builder. Naturally, different players have their own ideas about who to pair with the standard Fantastic Four squad and while different characters have different benefits and drawbacks, Namor does a great job of boosting their abilities. I know Jessica Jones is a purger but its very annoying to use, single target high energy cost, to me she fits more inbetween purge and damage with utility as she gives energy like free candybars on a saturday and is by far the best cleanser. Basically, you will need to select a team and fill it with Heroes of your choosing. This is the top level of team-building, but one you’ll want to explore in more detail once you’ve been playing for a bit. However, the CD duration of these characters is quite long, so you have to use them at the right time. was the original met team when MARVEL Strike Force dropped a few years ago and they’ve gone through some ups and downs over the years, but remain a force to be reckoned with. Yondu’s first skill can be used to remove taunts and get to squishy targets and his AOE is ultimate is essential to softening things up for your Gamora, who excels at killing multiple targets thru her reset mechanic. Medic, S.H.I.E.L.D. Their healing powers are usually AOE (area of effect), so they can improve the whole team in one go. Happy gaming! In this game, you will come across innumerable characters that you get to watch in Marvel movies. Moreover, the higher your victory score, the greater the amount of prizes you get. Healers’ own health points are unfortunately very low. A.I.M. I am having trouble with the assignment calculator. That said, we want you to get the most bang for your buck, or even better, bang for no bucks. Quake and Black Widow are the best controller characters in the game. Scientist Supreme is easily the head of the team and is even utilised in Dark Dimension III by some. Moreover, not... Like with most Gacha games, the one game mode that truly tests your team in Marvel Strike Force is PvP. Crossbones will blow up if left alone, making him a priority target, but if they want to get to Yondu before he fires off his AOE ultimate on turn two, they’ll need to go through Drax instead, leaving Crossbones that much more time to get his nuke off. It’s a turn-based strategy RPG that has you gather five Marvel superheroes, villains, or in some cases, a mixture of both, and pit them against the teams of other players (asynchronously, alas) or waves of AI opponents from the movies and comics. Your team in MARVEL Strike Force can hold up to 5 members. Windows 10 is recommended. To make this harder for your opponent, try to stick your tanks opposite each other on the far ends of the lineup. Technically, there are a few different ways to challenge other players in MSF, all of which reward you with yummy currencies, new heroes, and gear.But before you get fill your reserves with all kinds of Credit, you must first put together a noteworthy team of characters. You must have Windows 7 or higher. A team with low power, but has good synergy, has a good chance at beating a much higher power team with poor or no synergy at all. They cannot survive for long and cannot cause serious damage to their enemies. They’re far from unbeatable on War Defence, but significantly better on War Offence where they’re the meta. You need to build your team in a balanced way and give each member a different task. Each character on both sides of a fight has a blue bar under his or her health, and when it fills up, it’s their turn to act. Assaulter, Deadpool, Bullseye, Hand Archer, Hydra Grenadier, Hydra Rifle Trooper, Hydra Sniper, Iron Man, Kree Cyborg, Korath the Pursuer, Mercenary Soldier, Mercenary Sniper, Punisher, Ravager Boomer, Rocket Raccoon, S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.4.1 Blitz infographic data from Khasino. Every character has one basic attack, which will be the first icon. You might see Cyclops replacing one of the members in the team now and again, but these five characters in these positions tend to be the most well-rounded of the bunch. We only have the four main Marauders listed here because you can pick just about anyone for the fifth position for good impact. Share ‘em with us in the comments below! Except for some specific scenarios where you must keep an NPC alive, activate a machine or survive for a specified number of turns, battles in Marvel Strike Force proceed until one side or the other is completely eliminated. If you make random choices, you cannot win any battles. Each character on both sides of … MARVEL Strike Force was introduced to the world in March of 2018 and its popularity remains at a high today, with the game changing from season to season with new characters. Black Bolt was an addition to the game that had a huge impact a few months ago and is genuinely irreplaceable here. A.I.M. Daredevil and Elektra are reliable and easy to acquire, so they are solid options to replace Quake in your defense lineup. What you’ll often see is people swapping out Security for a hybrid Ultron-housing team for what has been dubbed AIMtron, but the version of the team listed above is by far the most popular set up around. This forces the enemy to make some painful choices. You want to build your team considering the order in which your AI defenders will execute their moves and their position on your roster. The other icons represent additional attacks or abilities, which can include heals, buffs or debuffs, taunts which force enemies to attack them or multi-target attacks. If you make random choices, you cannot win any battles. That’s because Venom is able to take most of the damage from a Brawler’s chain skill. Their special skills have lower CD duration than the other roles and they can team up with other characters to make their attacks more effective. We can say that her healing powers are effective enough for every mission other than the raid missions. If you don’t want to put Hero who has synergy with selected Hero simply click on synergy button again and you will see the list of all other Heroes who can be further filtered by their role and traits. PvP is often really just PvE vs. another player’s team and this is true in Marvel Strike Force as well. Heimdall boasts the most health/armour, so putting him near Sif works well. Since Quake doesn’t apply her slow until turn two, she’s not such a great pick to have on defense, but she can still be included if you field multiple tanks. Marvel Strike Force (Free) is the kind of game that you would have assumed already existed. If you are looking to build a team for the Raid or Arena events in Marvel Strike Force then here are some suggestions for strong matchups that will help you succeed. Marvel Strike Force uses a turn-based system where the order of actions in combat is determined by the characters’ speed. This team didn’t quite crack the top ten because of how one-dimensional it is with most of its value in War, but it didn’t feel correct not to mention Hydra in any kind of MARVEL Strike Force list. When setting up your team members, you must choose according to the roles they can take and place at least one character in each role. In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your phone or tablet. In this setup, Drax is adjacent to Yondu and Crossbones is adjacent to Rocket. Along the lines of my other tool, the MSF Raid Lane Assignment Calculator for which there was an incredible response, I also have the MSF Team Builder, which utilizes the data provided by the wonderful /u/CasinoOwner and others.

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