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I would tell them all the benefits of the course ad the burden it lifts while trying to study for the MCAT. I used Kaplan’s self-paced study program to prep for my first MCAT attempt and scored a 499. The study plan was really nice because I need a schedule to keep me on track. Nothing like being relaxed! From the very beginning of the course, Next Step really drove home that a carefully kept lessons learned journal and a thorough review of all practice material, especially full-length practice tests, was crucial for success. By allocating time to review where I went wrong, I was able to learn from my mistakes and make corrections. Well Next Step does a fantastic job in familiarizing you with the exact format of the test. No, I wanted to do it once and do it right. The secret to the MCAT is practice, practice, practice. Name: Pablo C. While I enjoyed the structure and the presentation of the course the aspect I found most valuable was the advice going beyond the content of how to approach the MCAT and the questions within. I looked through basically all the brand name prep courses but decided to go with Blueprint due to both its presentation of material and cost. Sign up for our live MCAT webinars here! Our articles are written by the same MCAT experts who write our MCAT books, MCAT practice exams, and our MCAT course materials. I’ve taken the official MCAT 3 times, and I felt the first two scores (a 504 in 2015 and a 505 in 2016) were not the best reflection of my abilities. Get the best of Next Step and Blueprint MCAT combined! If something wasn’t working for me, all I had to do was let my tutor know and we adjusted as necessary. That reduces test anxiety by a large factor and, when dealing with a test like the MCAT, peace of mind certainly has a large effect on your score. Score Increase: +9. You won’t regret signing up for Next Step! Score Increase: +11. Our questions follow the same structure and format of the AAMC questions, with an extra focus on the post-2015 updates. Mrs. Bedford @Bedford_Mrs. I scored in the 98th percentile on CARS. In addition, having access to so many practice questions, practice passages, and full length practice tests really helped prepare me for the test day environment. I keep saying this, but the more modern interface convinced me because yes, of course substance is most important, but I’m materialistic and somewhat superficial and I love when things look nice. I don’t think there’s anything like it. The course testimonials below reference the Next Step Online MCAT Course. Discover proven stress management strategies for the MCAT from someone who has been in your shoes! Get the most representative MCAT practice possible when you sign up for our free MCAT Blueprint Prep (formerly Next Step) hosts regularly scheduled live-online MCAT public office hours and live-online pre-med webinars. Hard, but not impossible! Of course, I also took FLs by Kaplan and some by Next Step. If so, why do you feel Next Step (now Blueprint MCAT) worked where the others had failed? However, I would only recommend the Next Step course if you are self-motivated; Next Step gives you all the tools and resources to be successful, but it is up to you to use them. Ultimately, it was a combination of his recommendation, as well as the fact that Next Step offered everything I wanted in a prep program that led me to choose Next Step. MCAT Prep Course: Online MCAT Course I learned what to look for when reading through the passage and HOW to read passages in the most effective way for myself. @DPCDSB_BFA . I did a fair amount of research before deciding to go with Next Step. – I really liked the Next Step study sheets that went along with the lessons. At times it didn’t really feel like I was studying but rather going over a couple things with a tutor or just a regular college class. I had previously taken the MCAT and attempted another company’s course. Why did you choose Next Step (now Blueprint MCAT)? What changed my score the most was practice. As far as the scores go, I got a 500 or 501 on my diagnostic MCAT at the beginning of the program. I knew I had the talent to do well on the exam, and I really just needed some guidance. Should I Apply to Caribbean Medical Schools? I chose the Blueprint MCAT course for a variety of reasons. Blueprint worked better for me because it provided more structure to my study plan. Should I Take A Gap Year Before Applying To Medical School? If you prefer in-classroom hours and a strict schedule with a professor keeping you accountable, maybe this isn’t the course for you. I’ll be honest and I say that I spent both of those prep cycles studying very passively. MCAT Prep Course: Online MCAT Course Helping learn All About Me w @my_Blueprint Never too early to start planning your future! We are really busy people and Next Step lays out a study plan for you can change to fit your schedule. The Next Step review videos that went passage-by-passage, question-by-question, really helped me examine each question thoroughly and guided me through why the right answer choice was right and even why the wrong answers were wrong. MCAT Prep Course: Online MCAT Course If you’re stuck on how to start, here’s the general idea of how to use a QBank: I did not, though I did use the AAMC materials toward the end of my prep. I would definitely recommend Next Step to anyone. Check out this video with our MCAT experts to discover some new MCAT study strategies! Since every person studies a little differently, there is something in Next Step’s course that is valuable to everyone. I would advise them to know their studying style and pick a course that fits your needs. I would, and I have recommended to both my friends and former co-workers. For me, the course perfectly accommodated my busy lab schedule, extracurriculars, and my move to another city. (e.g. MCAT Prep Course: Online MCAT Course Blueprint MCAT’s Qbank includes: “The content and format was seamless compared to what I actually experienced on test day. It is very helpful as a busy college student to have someone helping to plan a test prep schedule and keep you on track. Next Step helped me prepare for the MCAT in many different ways. But with the Next Step course, I was able to increase my score by 10 points to 515 within a few months. MCAT Prep Course: Online MCAT Course I decided on Next Step because of the positive testimonials from fellow premedical students and because of the flexible study schedule. Our MCAT blog was created to reflect this value. Score Increase: +11. Check out some of our students who achieved life-changing MCAT score increases from the best MCAT prep course! I wanted the flexibility of self-pacing, but also liked having the structure of discrete, bite-sized videos to tackle at a time, as opposed to hours-long lectures. Working full-time as an active-duty servicemember, my schedule is not always 9 to 5, and it is not set in stone. If so, why do you feel Next Step (now Blueprint MCAT) worked where the others had failed? I was looking for a program that offered in-depth content review, an extensive bank of practice questions, passages, and tests, and the opportunity for tutoring sessions with content experts.

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