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Written by the much celebrated Matt Haigh – an author perhaps better known for his honest conversations about mental health – this book captured my imagination in a way that one hasn’t for a very long time. Growing up on an estate in North-West London, Tracey is a talented and popular dancer, whilst our narrator seems a little lost; a bit of an outsider. Taking the incident personally (more personally than Emira), Alix vows to get to know Emira ‘properly’ and see ‘past her colour’; proving to herself and the world that she is  liberal and open-minded. A consummate story teller, start, if you can, with Light a Penny Candle, which follows the friendship of two young women through two decades, with all the joy, heartbreak and laughter that entails. Since it looks like the nationwide lockdown won't be ending for a while now, it could be the perfect opportunity to get stuck into some truly excellent book series. All rights reserved. Following a group of powerful families who live in Westeros, the first novel focuses on Ned Stark, a family man who is honour-bound to serve as the Hand of the King to his old friend King Robert Baratheon after the previous Hand Jon Arryn's untimely death. The way that the story unfolds feels cinematic, so it’s not surprising that Waithe has snapped up the television rights. Now, thanks to Covid-19, I’ve fallen in love all over again, An updating list of online treats for bibliophiles of all ages, including Hogwarts quizzes, Simon Armitage and a star-packed reading of James and the Giant Peach, Survey of 1,000 people reports time spent with books has almost doubled, with thrillers and crime the favoured genres, From Les Misérables to the Neapolitan quartet, Viv Groskop picks the best series and sagas to get stuck into, Poems chosen from Carol Ann Duffy’s shelves to comfort and inspire us in isolation. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Is there a better time to read a 900-page treatise on the machinations of King Henry VIII’s court in Tudor England than in the middle of lockdown? Instead, it is unapologetically a story of race, friendship, love and what ‘bettering your life’ really means. 10 best uplifting books to read during lockdown Need a boost? Don't have an account? All times AEDT (GMT +11). I hope that they’ll not only spirit you away from talk of pandemics and the state of the nation’s lungs, but will fill your world with unforgettable characters, absorbing storylines and a much needed break from reality. Which is why we want to recommend her latest book The Glass Hotel, released just last month. On the one hand, ‘American Dirt’ is a heart-stopping, desperate tale of escape, as two ‘migrants’ seek safety from one of Mexico’s most violent cities, Acapulco. Normal People, Sally Rooney. Picture: Supplied.Source:Supplied. The book talks about a woman and how her habits are questioned by the people around her. 9. I’ve just finished American Dirt and loved it- unputdownable!!! © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. The series follows Lyra, a young girl who grows up as an orphan at Jordan college in Oxford, living a happy and wild life with her daemon (her soul in animal form), Pantalaimon. TryA Theatre For Dreamers by Polly Samson, a very sexy novel that mostly takes place on the sun-drenched Greek island of Hydra in the 1960s, where a young Leonard Cohen has fallen in with a crew of bohemians misbehaving long into those lazy, hazy summer nights. Sense and Sensibility is another one of the much-loved books by Jane Austen. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Unwittingly, and too afraid to visit town, Kya becomes intwined with local folklore; as stories and myths circulate about this mysterious ‘marsh girl’. Thanks to the fact that this book was recommended by none other than everyone’s favourite guru, Oprah (and thanks to the cultural debate that’s now ensued), most people seem to have an opinion on, or have at least heard of, Jeanine Cummin’s novel, ‘American Dirt’. A louding voice, it seems, is what this entire novel turns upon and the pursuit of it is what drives our narrative, story and indeed our lead character, Adunni. Consequently, when an apparently orphaned baby washes up on the shores of their island in a boat, Isabel is desperate to keep the little girl. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Join Our Newsletter & Receive Latest Updates About World of Literature! Becoming a writer exposed my dirty secret: I’d stopped reading. Acutely aware of this, and what she feels is her own failure to progress, Emira spends her days both lost and anxious; embroiled in thoughts of what she ‘should’ be doing. What are you reading in lockdown? Coraline by Neil Gaiman is one of the books that is much-spoken about because of the way the story unfolds. Oh enjoy!! The story of this novel deals with two women and how they deal with their love lives. When reading a few of her others – ‘White Teeth’ and ‘NW’ in particular – I felt as though I was just ‘getting through them’, rather than really enjoying the books (a little like reading something for A-Level English, if I’m honest). There are eight books in the Shetland series, all stand-alone first class murder mysteries, and all featuring Detective Jimmy Perez, whose complicated and sometime tragic love life plays as large a part in the books and the reader's interest, as the crimes he has to investigate. During a time when we can’t (alas) travel, this book transported me to a world I knew little about: the vibrant, nature-filled marshlands of North Carolina. For the first few weeks, I spent the majority of my days caught in what outwardly seemed to be some sort of frenzied masterclass in productivity – washing, cleaning and organising everything in sight – all while achieving absolutely nothing. The result is a story that is hopeful, rather than grim, but we understand if you feel like now isn’t the right time to dive into that sort of narrative. While visiting Harry, the body of a young girl is found on his property – the same girl who went missing some 33 years earlier. ET March 28, 2020 | Updated 9:09 p.m. Let’s be honest, what else are you going to be doing with your time? When you’ve hit your screen time maximum but you’re still in need of entertainment during lockdown, it might be time to switch to a book. These 10 titles will keep you occupied during isolation. Got time on your hands? Not only are they compulsive page turners, but May's vivid descriptions of the wild landscape are breathtaking. For Tom, who is powerless to help or console her, things feel even more desperate. On the other hand, it is also a tale of love, resilience and a fierce determination of one mother, Lydia, to keep her son, Luca, alive. What follows is the tale of Kya’s growing maturity and confidence, intertwined with the story of a local murder. Whilst ostensibly the book is about a ‘Miniaturist’ – the maker of precisely made and incredibly true-to-life miniature items – the novel’s real plot revolves around the members of just one Dutch household, living in 17th century Amsterdam. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. As with ‘American Dirt’, ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ is already a popular book to read for escapism during lockdown – and one that came highly recommended by our Instagram community. Holidays might be off the table for the moment, and rightly so, but you can still armchair travel with the help of a good book. Remember those? Whilst this storyline progresses, another arcs over it. Looking for things to pass the time? 9. In fact, it might just have been an event that was decades in the making. I read this book early last year and nearly 18 months on, it’s a story that I still daydream about. Thanks for sharing! From Blyton to Bryson: comfort reading to enjoy during lockdown From the romance of the English countryside to a chronicle of American small-town life, Jenny Colgan picks books that are kind at heart Today it has been announced today that the lockdown will be continuing for a few more days. This smart and perfectly plotted mystery is for anyone looking for a true page-turner. “Our customers have clearly turned to reading during lockdown as a way to relax, stay entertained and develop themselves,” said Simon Johnson, Director of Amazon EU Books. After all just one book isn't going to be enough while we have all of this time on your hands! I found the style of ‘NW’ maybe a little too experimental, to the point that I found it jarring and difficult to follow. The best shows to watch, the funniest videos, the best hacks and home workouts? From Tales from the Loop to Orphan Black. It’s beautiful, heartbreaking and gut-wrenching; the sort of book that makes you pray for a happy ending, even when the evidence suggests otherwise.

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