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Publications Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members like you! All Rights Reserved. PTAs may select the current California State PTA or National PTA theme. Purchase Membership: Does your unit already use Totem? MEMBERSHIP DUES. Dues may differ in amount in each PTA. In each instance the amount of per-capita forwarded must be according to the council, district State and National PTA amounts. Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit: Learn to keep volunteers motivated by putting an achievable plan together for the year. For example, a gold donor/patron could be $100; a silver donor/patron could be $50, etc. See if your company is on the corporate matching list. Newsletters, Yearbooks If you have any questions or would like to request a field service, please email We appreciate all the feedback we have received from our leaders at all levels. When you complete this course, you will be able to print a completed Membership Plan tailored to your PTA’s needs in your area (~20 minutes). National PTA Convention Delegates A good rule of thumb for membership dues is to specify an amount that will cover per capita for the constituent organizations—National PTA, California State PTA, the district PTA and council PTA (if in council)—and a small portion of each membership for liability insurance premiums. Also, your council leaders are able to activate your President and Treasurer (or others) so you can get started. An individual who pays dues to a local PTA automatically becomes a member of the state and national PTA's. If you can’t find your local PTA unit, please ask about PTA membership at your school. Membership Dues Versus Donations Parent Education, Study Groups Contact your council PTA president, treasurer and/or parliamentarian if in council. If a PTA unit chooses to include a different membership dues structure for students, the bylaws must reflect this structure. With schools in LA County being remote only, in person membership drives at registration, back to school events, or any other on campus time is not possible. Insurance Congratulations to all our PTA units that have signed up to use the electronic membership system TOTEM! School Information. We remain committed to getting it right for you and for our members across the state. Your local PTA dues stay with your school site, and a portion is sent up to support the work of your council PTA (if in council), district PTA, California State PTA and National PTA. writing/preparing an invitation to join with the e-membership link; preparing invitations to join for teachers, staff and administrators; sharing responsibilities at membership kick-off or promotional events; preparing promotional fliers, banners, posters, social media postings, etc. THE UNIT LEVEL Don't forget to ask your employer to match your donation. 15: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act, Proposition 16: Repeal Proposition 209 – Restore Affirmative Action, Tips for Parents of Students with Special Needs, Parents' Guide to the Visual and Performing Arts, COVID-19 Resources for Parents, Families and Educators, Resource Library Frequently Asked Questions. Programs Emergency Student Assistance Now, members can quickly and securely join your units. The more memberships we have, the more lawmakers hear us speak with one voice on topics critical to families and children: education, safety, health, equity, and more. New Online Officer/Board Member Contact System, November/December Orange Leaves – Membership, California State PTA Legislative Conference. Directory Donations, including your Willow Grove PTA membership dues, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please feel free to send any questions or feedback to In each instance the amount of per-capita forwarded must be according to the council, district State and National PTA amounts. A Note on Dues: How Much is Enough? calendars events and activities throughout the school year, submits a budget to support the membership program, and. Leadership Training and Projects Your annual membership allows us to speak with one united voice on behalf of our children locally as well as nationally. Publications and Supplies Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen California State PTA Toolkit Each faculty member of the association shall pay annual per capita dues of ____dollars and ____ cents ($_____) to the association. California State PTA Convention If your unit is not yet activated in the electronic membership system, you can review the instructions here to get started. Check this recording out to see how it all works. We will use your membership and donations towards repainting the blacktop, supporting teachers, replacing playground equipment (i.e. Check out the list of all activated units above – and JOIN ONLINE NOW! Reimbursement: Officers, Chairs & Legislative Committee Each adult in your household may become a member. Emergency Student Assistance Hospitality Building Membership and Marketing PTA Toolkit, Developing Your Marketing P.L.A.N. tracking membership progress for incentive rewards; staffing a membership promotion booth or table at school or community events; writing/preparing special invitations to community leaders, local business leaders, elected officials, community members, after school program providers, past PTA leaders, past Honorary Service Award recipients, retired teachers, administrators or staff members. Administrative Reimbursement: Officers, Chairmen Dues Breakdown $0.25 // Fresno Unified Council of PTAs $0.50 // 11th District PTA $2.00 // California State PTA $2.25 // National PTA $5.00 // Malloch Elementary PTA There are numerous parent groups out there, but there is only one PTA. We will keep you posted as we progress in this important work to build membership and strengthen PTA. Annual membership dues include per capita dues to your council (if in council), PTA district, California State PTA, and National PTA. If out of council, contact your district PTA president, treasurer and/or parliamentarian.

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