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And in this case, they used a cedar picket. Use Tin Cans to Create an entire birdie residential project. This birdhouse would be a great way to use up an old picket fence. DIY Nesting Shelf Skip to My Lou For beginner woodworkers, a birdhouse might be one of the first things they learn... Repurpose an Old Teapot and Drawer. Also Read: DIY Squirrel… By combining an old teapot with a drawer, this blogger created a whimsical birdhouse... Modern Birdhouse. Check out the tutorial at the Idea room! 15 DIY Birdhouse Plans and Ideas Basic Wooden Birdhouse. But you could use any picket you’d like and transform it into a beautiful and functional birdhouse. Or you could even do this one on a budget. The creative craft below resembles a … This double-duty birdhouse can be a planter as well. Basically, all you need is one fence picket. Build this birdhouse 46.

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