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They’re just a different interpretation of stats we’ve been using forever. Looking at these numbers alone fails to account for both tempo and quality of competition. There was no way that team could have gained more than 35 yards on that play, even if the ballcarrier was 15 yards clear of the closest defender. But what if defenses accept that trade? You’ve seen us reference them in many of our stories. But Oklahoma only had the ball eight times and ran just 40 plays because Army controlled the ball with its triple option. How did their 4-2-5 fare against Urban Meyer and Ryan Day’s vaunted spread attack? But how an oblong ball bounces after a fumble, or where it flies after a tipped pass, is random on a given play or in a given game. Explosiveness: Coaches talk about it all the time now. Cutting edge defensive coordinators like Brent Venables have been building their defenses around mobile hybrids that can relocate to wherever offenses try to create space and run/pass conflicts with hybrid tight ends. The best sports betting newsletter with trends, insights and news - condensed in a two-minute read. Two years ago, Oklahoma gained only 355 yards against Army in a 28-21 Sooners overtime win. Army gave up three sacks last season because it never throws. The exact formula for this aggregation is not public. So, what exactly are these factors and why do they matter? The 2018 advanced college football stats glossary New, 1 comment Here is a glossary for the terms used in the 2018 college football season previews at SB Nation. under the age of 21. We have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. College football advanced stats aren’t as far along as the NFL’s. All Rights Reserved. There are ways to find value on overs and unders using pace metrics. As you’ve likely noticed by now, advanced college football stats and ranking systems center around questions of efficiency and explosiveness. According to the creator himself, the team who dominates each of the factors in any game wins the following percentage of the time (based off data from 2013 NCAA FBS season): These numbers explain why explosiveness and efficiency are such valuable assets for any football team. The Latest . Connelly has continually improved the formula over time, and it now includes a variety of inputs focused on the variables most important to team success. Pump fake Purdy and Iowa State’s improving infrastructure, This is probably Bill Belichick’s game plan to beat the Rams, The numbers that tell us who will win the Super Bowl, Oklahoma State hired Princeton’s offensive coordinator, and I am *psyched*, Revisiting the 2015 college football season with advanced box scores, Revisiting the 2014 college football season with advanced box scores, Revisiting the 2013 college football season with advanced box scores. Identifying value bets requires comparing the probabilities of each outcome suggested by the odds with your own calculated probabilities. So if you have an offensive line that ranks low in opportunity rate and a defense that’s great in stuff rate, you have a mismatch in favor of the defense. Some of the “advanced” stats college football bettors use aren’t all that advanced. Printed from - © 2005-2020 Team Rankings, LLC. The SEC’s rebound began with an all-SEC national title game, and it’s like S&P+ was redesigned specifically to punish UCF. But success in college football betting is all about finding even the smallest edge. Kevin Steele broke against type and tried to utilize a few different tricks, including one borrowed from Bill Belichik, to bust up Joe Moorhead’s option offense at Mississippi State. All stat categories broken down by game location, game result, playing surface, opponent, and month. These factors come together to make S&P+, which rates FBS teams from 1-130 based on play-by-play performance and not wins and losses. OFEI Offense ratings (OFEI) and DFEI Defense ratings (DFEI) represent the per-possession scoring advantages for each team unit. Connelly and Football Outsiders have boiled down the success of a football team into five factors. The five factors contributing to Connelly’s SP+ ratings can be highly predictive on their own. Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy   |   Cookie Policy, © 2020 EdjSports, LLC // Partner of USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties. We are not a sportsbook and non-garbage possessions in FBS vs. FBS games. The 2018 advanced college football stats glossary. Rushing, passing, and receiving broken down by half, quarter, down and distance, field position, and score. Liberty does not have a better offense than Oklahoma. No matter your relationship to college football, the future of analytics will make at least one of the items listed below better for you. We dive into the most important stats, how to interpret them, and where to find them. Opponent-adjusted offense ratings (OFEI), opponent-adjusted defense ratings (DFEI), and opponent-adjusted special teams ratings (SFEI) are calculated in a similar manner as overall FEI ratings. You just need to recondition yourself to love great punts, three consecutive running plays that go for 11 yards and turnovers in the red zone, and you will too. Give it a try, it's free! Many of these statistics are housed under “Advanced Metrics by Team” at The Washington Huskies have had their rival’s number over the last few years in the Apple Cup. And nowhere near MLB. Advanced stats in college football aren’t as complicated as they seem. College football rankings are arguably the most controversial in sports. Before we dive into the specifics, it’s worth sharing a word of caution every bettor should hear before throwing cash down on a college football game. By Bill Connelly. But despite their value, properly using stats to handicap college football matchups is undeniably difficult due to the huge disparities between conferences, programs, and styles of play. If you’re constantly causing havoc, you’ll force more turnovers. Either before the season with new coaches/scheme or for a specific game. Texas A&M transitioned to the SEC in 2012 and had a huge first season, winning 11 games, upsetting Alabama, and watching freshman QB Johnny Manziel garner a Heisman trophy. Picks for football and March Madness pools, Red Zone Scoring Percentage (TDs and FGs), Offensive Point Share Percentage (Estimated), Average Time of Possession (Excluding OT), Time of Possession Percentage (Net of OT), Opponent Red Zone Scoring Attempts per Game, Opponent Red Zone Scores per Game (TDs & FGs), Opponent Red Zone Scoring Percentage (TDs & FGs), Opponent Offensive Points per Game (Estimated), Opponent Fourth Down Conversions per Game, Opponent Average Time of Possession (Net of OT), Opponent Time of Possession Percentage (Net of OT), Opponent Third Down Conversion Percentage, Opponent Fourth Down Conversion Percentage, Opponent Giveaway Fumble Recovery Percentage, Opponent Takeaway Fumble Recovery Percentage. College football’s balance of power shifted pretty dramatically, on and off the field, in 2011. Team who plays more efficiently wins 83% of the time, Team who plays more explosively wins 86% of the time, Team who finishes more drives wins 75% of the time, Team who achieves better field position wins 72% of the time, Team who has the better turnover margin wins 73% of the time. Everyone will remember the 2017 season when UCF went undefeated and claimed a national championship, but the program broke through and really proved themselves back in 2013 with a league title and Fiesta Bowl upset. strictly for entertainment purposes. OFEI Offense ratings (OFEI) and DFEI Defense ratings (DFEI) represent the per-possession scoring advantages for each team unit. Adjusted Sack Rate vs. Statistical data provided by Gracenote. College football programs are very unique, In terms of both quality and style of play, the delta between teams is significantly bigger than it is in the NFL. Conversely, there are certain defenses that teams like to pass against on first down. When betting unders, I like teams that run the ball. DISCLAIMER: This site is 100% for entertainment purposes only and does not involve real money betting. for details. TCU’s next offensive adjustment. But you can use certain advanced statistics to find matchups where one team excels and one team struggles and make a bet in part based on that. They also worked to create a single metric Football Outsiders could use as a “final” college football ranking system. Alabama’s RPO spread offense is designed to make defenses choose to yield space for their running game. Comprehensive ranking systems are helpful for high-level comparisons. See live odds and the best lines for every game. But bettors should also look at how teams perform in specific situations. The 2014 season saw more plot twists than normal, and the best teams in the middle of the season very much weren’t the best at the end. Stuff rate is how often a defense tackles a player at or behind the line of scrimmage. Ratings are based on a combination of opponent-adjusted results to date and … Furthermore, the unique odds we produce in select news does not target any individuals But don’t fret. By Ian Boyd June 4, 2019 2 comments / new. It can be difficult to know which situational stats you should compare when handicapping an upcoming matchup. Connelly and Football Outsiders have boiled down the success of a football team into five factors. An amazing September, a Game of the Century, and a pretty good set of BCS bowls masked a boring October and that whole "The rematch no one wanted" thing.

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