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Adult Ulrich 2 and Adult Charlotte 2 begin their affair. (9) Scarred-Jonas meets his father on the 4 Nov 2019 only to realize that it is he who triggers the suicide. The Stranger meets Jonas and reveals that he’s his older self. -- Sept. 22 (Adam, Reality 1A): Adult Claudia 1 records the tapes that Teen Jonas 1 listens to in 2053. Child Mikkel 1/Michael 1 gets rubella. Teen Peter 1 and Teen Charlotte 1 meet. Adult Helge 1 tells Adult Claudia 1 to never trust Noah. ~ (Adam, Reality 1A) Adult Egon 1 and Adult Hannah 1 begin their affair. Erik 1 is transported to 1953 through the chair, but dies in the process. Adult Charlotte 1 calls in sick to work to go through all the time travel files. -- Sept. 25 (Adam, Reality 1A and Reality 1B): Teen Silja 1 leaves for 1890 in Adam's world. During one visit inside the bowels of the power plant, Jonas discovers an active but unstable wormhole. Adam, the mysterious leader of the time-traveling warriors known as Sic Mundus, lives in 1921. 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Slightly! “Just stories. Adult Mikkel 1/Michael 1 reveals to Teen Jonas 1 that it was a future version of Teen Jonas 1 that showed Child Mikkel 1/Michael 1 the passage to 1986 on the night he disappeared. He listens to 1986 Claudia Tiedemann's findings on the nature of the wormhole and learns it needs to be stabilized with the right amount of electricity. Adult Jonas 1 finds Teen Bartosz 1, Teen Magnus 1, and Teen Franziska 1 and uses the time machine to escape the apocalypse but they accidentally travel to 1888 in Adam's world. Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now. Teen Jonas 1 and Teen Martha 2 disappear as Adam and Eva's worlds are erased from existence. Because of Quantum Entanglement, Jonas splits into three instances. Teen Noah 1 kills Adult Bartosz 1 on Adam's orders because Adult Bartosz 1 has lost faith. Adult Hannah 1 abandons Adult Ulrich 1 and decides to stay in 1954. The two touch hands. Teen Jonas 1 introduces himself to Past Teen Martha 2. Each of the encircled numbers in the illustration maps to the description in the below text. Tannhaus to get his portable time machine fixed. Adult Aleksander 2 pays Jürgen 2 to get the radioactive waste out of the caves. Adult Jonas 1 shows Adult Hannah 1 the time machine and takes Adult Hannah 1 to 1987 in Adam's world to see Adult Ines 1 and Child Mikkel 1/Michae 1. Jonas manages to stabilize it for a moment but needs other supplies to make it stable for long enough to travel through. He works with Claudia and Young-Noah to stabilize the God Particle for time-travel. Adult Ulrich 2 follows Old Helge 2 into the caves and they travel to 1986 in Eva's world. Related: Dark Season 2 Review: German Time-Travel Series Takes Pleasure In Its Paradoxes. If you would prefer to not have the show spoiled, please go watch the show first. -- Sept. 22 (Adam, Reality 1A and Reality 1B): Teen Martha 2 arrives from 1888 in Adam's world. Teen Magnus 1, Teen Franziska 1, and Child Elisabeth 1 tell Adult Peter 1 and Adult Charlotte 1 about time travel, only to learn they already knew. Teen Jonas 1 is hanged but Adult Elisabeth 1 saves his life at the last second. Old Claudia 1 tells Adam the true origin is the third world. -- Nov. 12 (Adam, Reality 1A): Adult Claudia 1 hires Teen Aleksander 1 to weld the door between the power plant and the caves shut. Teen Jonas 1 and Adult Claudia 1 leave for 2020 in Adam's world. Very few have survived and those who have are now led by an older Elisabeth Doppler. Now that Dark season 2 has finally arrived on Netflix, we can finally lay out the full timeline so far. Adult Jonas 1 attempts to destroy the wormhole but only closes the passage and winds up helping to create the wormhole in the process. I’ve also tried to capture the three instances of Jonas created because of, Things And People Created Due To The Bootstrap Paradox, In case you’re new to my site, here’s how it works. Eva tricks Teen Jonas 1 into thinking she wants him to save both worlds and asks him to show Past Teen Martha 2 the truth about time travel. Child Elisabeth 1, Teen Franziska 1, Teen Magnus 1, and Teen Martha 1 go into the caves to get answers from Teen Bartosz 1, who tells them about the time machine. Netflix’s hit series Dark wrapped up for good several months ago after season three landed on the platform. Old Egon 1 returns to visit Old Ulrich 1 and Old Ulrich 1 reveals his name. -- June 21 (Adam, Reality 1A): Clausen 1 takes over the missing persons case after requesting it. The Sons kill Jasmin 1 and steal the master key to the plant. Dark Season 2's Shocking Ending, Explained. Adam instructs Adult Noah 1 to begin the experiments with Helge 1 and to find the missing Triquetra notebook pages. Back in 1986, Bernd confirmed that there was a “minor” spill at the plant and that barrels of nuclear waste were hidden in the caves underneath the facility. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question. You can find other films using the search option on top of this page. -- Nov. 10 (Adam, Reality 1A): Yasin 1 and Erik 1's bodies are discovered at the construction site. ~ (Adam, Reality 1A): Adult Ines 1 and Child Mikkel 1/Michael 1 leave town for a few months. Adult Jonas 1 arrives from 2052 in Adam's world and goes to stay at Adult Regina 1's hotel. Jonas from 2019 ends up here by pure accident but it ends up being an illuminating journey. ~ (Adam, Reality 1A): Adult Elisabeth 1 and Adult Charlotte 1 kidnap Baby Charlotte 1 after arriving from 2053 in Adam's world. 2019 Ulrich confirms he traveled through time to find his son and 1987 Egon, who got a picture of 2019 Mikkel from his adoptive mother Ines, shows the photo to Ulrich. Wöller 1 brings the radioactive waste back to the power plant. Adult Ulrich 1 leaves his phone at Adult H.G. Adam arrives from 1921 in Adam's world. -- Oct. 9 (Adam, Reality 1A): Mads 1 goes missing, having been kidnapped by Adult Helge 1. Additionally, since Martha and Jonas' son was never named, we refer to him as the Son(s) throughout. ~ (Adam, Reality 1A): Teen Silja 1 arrives from 2053 in Adam's world and meets Teen Bartosz 1, whom she begins a relationship with. -- Sept. 21 (Adam, Reality 1A and Reality 1B): The Sons kill Old Bernd Doppler 1 and steal the master key to the plant. The sheep and birds die. For simplicity's sake, in Adam's world the default Reality is 1A and in Eva's world the default reality is 1B, even though some of the events exist across realities. Adam kills Eva.~ Nov. 7 (Eva, Reality 2): Adam brings Teen Jonas 1 to Eva's world from 2020 in Adam's world.

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