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Both Capped Bust and Seated Liberty half dimes were minted in 1837.[9][10].
The series is divided into several subtypes. VERY BEAUTIFUL COLORS, 1947-S ROOSEVELT 10c MS68 FANTASTIC BEAUTIFUL TONING.

54,757 half dimes of this design were minted. This design stayed in place through the end of the series. The introduction of the copper-nickel three and five-cent pieces made the silver coins of the same denomination redundant, and both silver denominations were discontinued in 1873. Our ever growing US Dimes inventory is loaded with early Mercury Dimes, Liberty Dimes & Modern Day Proof & Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes. [5], The Flowing Hair half dime was designed by Robert Scot and this same design was also used for half dollar and dollar silver coins minted during the same period. This denomination was authorized under the Act of April 2, 1792, which established the US Mint and coinage. The first official US dimes were struck by the mint in 1796 and, for more than 220 years, they have remained a staple in American commerce! Silver dimes were issued from 1946-1964. NGC F12, RARE, 1952 ROOSEVELT 10c MS65 .. No denomination or mintmark appears on the coins; all were minted in Philadelphia. Original MS62 Never dipped ...great coin! US Dimes – small in size, big on history.

Please refine your selection. But how do you know what old dimes are valuable and which ones you can spend? The first design found on dimes of the US featured a bust of Liberty with her hair tied in a ribbon. Obsolete United States currency and coinage, Canceled denominations of United States currency, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Half_dime&oldid=977564355, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 16:11. [6], The obverse of the Draped Bust half dime was based on a sketch by artist Gilbert Stuart, with the dies engraved by Robert Scot and John Eckstein. The obverse remained essentially the same as the prior version, but the reverse was revised substantially. Dimes. Eustis Road, Littleton, NH 03561. Suggested site content and search history menu. © 1998-document.write(year) Littleton Coin Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

The high circulating mintage in the series was in 1835, when 2,760,000 were struck, and the low of 871,000 was in 1837. Although it's the smallest US coin minted today, the US dime has an impressive history.This denomination was authorized under the Act of April 2, 1792, which established the US Mint and coinage. In 1965, owing to the rising cost of that precious metal, the US dime was changed to a copper-nickel clad composition. 1935-S MERCURY DIME AU ... Good eye appeal! United States Coins  ). Because of his association with the March of Dimes (Roosevelt had been afflicted with polio as an adult), the dime was a natural choice on which to feature a portrait of the 32nd US president. "History of U.S. Follow the steps to determine how much your silver dimes are worth. In 1978 a coin collector surprised the coin collecting community with an 1870–S (San Francisco) half dime, believed to have been found in a dealer's box of cheap coins at a coin show. At an auction later that same year, the 1870-S half dime sold for $425,000. UNITED STATES: 1916 Barber 10C MS66+ NGC. Dimes (Coins For Sale) - Wondercoins is your one-stop shop for some of the greatest and rarest U.S. coins. The eagle on the reverse now had outstretched wings, heraldic style. US Half Dime information by year and type. In 1853, small arrows were added to each side of the date to reflect a reduction in weight due to rising silver prices, and the arrows remained in place through 1855. 1937 Mercury Dime graded MS-66 FB by PCGS, 1941 D Mercury Dime 10C, NGC MS 66 FB Full Bands. This was followed by the 1837-1891 Liberty Seated dime, the 1892-1916 Barber dime and, finally, the 1916-1945 Mercury dime. Some numismatists consider the denomination to be the first business strike coin minted by the United States Mint under the Coinage Act of 1792, with production beginning on or about July 1792. Although it's the smallest US coin minted today, the US dime has an impressive history. Minimum silver Roosevelt dime values are $1.70 each for most circulated coins. It appears that Javascript is disabled in your browser, so many features will not function correctly. North & Central American and Caribbean Coins.

These coins were issued for about a decade before making way for a new Liberty – the Capped Bust design of 1809-1837.
All dime coins are fully detailed with hand written stats, current melt values, both instrinsic & numismatic, prices,production numbers, and all other stats are current values that represent average marketplace or based off current silver or gold spot. Coins. This item has been successfully added to your list. We are your free online coin book.

In 1797, fifteen and sixteen star varieties were produced – the sixteenth star representing newly admitted Tennessee – as well as a thirteen star variety after the mint realized that it could not continue to add more stars as additional states joined the union. We offer a variety of complete sets to make collecting and accumulating these dimes easy and consistent. This revered leader had guided our nation through the Great Depression and World War II, and there were immediate calls to honor him on a US coin design. In 1838 a semicircle of 13 stars was added around the obverse border, and this basic design was used through 1859. Liberty Seated Half Dime. By the time production of half dismes resumed in 1794, the "s" had been dropped. I’ve also included a list of their approximate values, too. Close to View Results Subcategories Hide subcategories Show subcategories Dimes. NGC Census: (34/6). Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. The arrows were dropped in 1856, with the earlier design resumed through 1859. Canada also once used silver coins of five-cent denomination; they were colloquially referred to as "fish scales" because they were very thin (the term "half dime" never having been used in Canada), and were produced until Canada also switched to nickel five-cent pieces in 1922. Copyright © 1998-2020, VHobbies.com, LLC. 1870-S Breen-3128. These coins were much smaller than dimes in diameter and thickness, appearing to be "half dimes".

This reverse design first appeared on gold quarter and half eagles and then dimes and dollars in the 1790s.

All US dimes have featured a reeded edge, and until 1964, the coins were, of course, silver dimes.

(  All rights reserved. It is believed that another example may exist—along with other denominations minted that year in San Francisco—in the cornerstone of the old San Francisco Mint. Our building is temporarily closed to the public. Today, the Roosevelt dime stands as the longest-running US dime design. These were the last silver half dimes produced.

For many years, the US dime designs featured a theme that was popular on early US coinage – Lady Liberty. 1309 Mt.

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