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It's not meant to dust your chair, if you see crumbs on your chair, it is only meant to blot your mouth. Basic Dining Etiquette – The Napkin. By using The Spruce, you accept our, Using Your Napkin at a Private Dinner Party, Avoid Common Etiquette Blunders in Restaurants, 10 Unique Etiquette Tips To Use Around the World. They are completely unfolded. Dining Etiquette. Not only is it handy for blotting spills and patting your mouth, but it is also essential when you need to clean your hands. Should you put it in your lap, and if so, when? Undoubtedly the trickiest part of dining etiquette is navigating the table setting—the prospect of which seems to fill nearly everyone on the planet but a pro like Whitmore with dread. I would like to talk with you today about using a napkin and how to place it, while you are dining. :), White, off-white, cream, shades of ivory, or shades of ecru, Must match the texture of the formal dining cloth. You should also blot your lips before taking a sip from your glass. Even though some dining etiquette may vary depending on the setting, basic napkin etiquette should generally stay the same regardless of the venue. Although, in a buffet-style setting you will wait until you have your food and then you may begin by placing your napkin in your lap before you start eating. I am going to unfold the napkin in half and until it's in half, and I am going to place it on my lap with the fold up to my waist. Whether your napkin is neatly placed to the left of your place setting or artfully set on you plate setting, you should maintain elegance by subtly unfolding your napkin and placing it on your lap. Originally, they were first used in the early 19th century in France, long before the invention of the washing machine. Host/hostess may replace your napkin with a dark colored one if you are wearing darker colors. For some place settings, the salad and dinner forks will be placed on top of the folded napkin, but some napkins may be folded in an upright, free-standing position on the table. This prevents the soiled part from touching your clothing. You may contact her at 918.970.4400 or visit her, information on her business etiquette services, Etiquette Mistakes at Retail Stores During Covid-19. It is not meant to touch your face in any other way it never touches your nose. However, if you think they give an added flair of personality to your table setting, consider using them only for casual dining or informal occasions. Never shake or snap open your napkin. This could be simply a need to use the restroom or signal that you are finished with your meal. Traditionally, the first toast is offered by the host as a welcome to guests. Nancy Mitchell. Then proceed to opening the napkin to place on your lap. Use the napkin to blot your lips as needed and before taking a drink. March 26, 2012 Guests should place the napkin ring to the top-left of the setting after the napkin is removed. The napkin ring was personalized and used after each use to signify who the napkin belonged to, so that person would use the same napkin again and again until wash day. © 2019 Yellowstone Publishing, LLC. Published: 06-16-2009 Views: 95,828. Wait until the meal is finished. You may also like to read  5 Foods Not to Order at a Business Lunch and  How to Dine with Your Boss. Modern tables may use cloth or paper napkins, but the napkin is always a regular attendee during cocktails and mealtimes. Once all the guests are at the table, it is acceptable etiquette to unfold the napkin and place it on one's lap. Even though some dining etiquette may vary depending on the setting, basic napkin etiquette should generally stay the same regardless of the venue. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Here are some tips: Whether you are dining in a fancy restaurant or at a friend's house, you should try to be courteous and neat as you eat, using your napkin as necessary. Do you put it on your plate, beside the plate, or over the back of your chair? When attending a private dinner party, your etiquette goal is to prevent calling attention to yourself. napkin use and etiquette The basic function of the napkin is to wipe your fingers and blot your mouth. quoted in local and national media outlets. Dining etiquette is more than just table manners. They should have a simple boarder and weave. Evaluating wine involves four basic steps – looking, swirling, smelling, and tasting. Expert. At such point, watch your host or hostess. Proper dining etiquette and table manners includes knowing how to use your napkin. If a guest needs to leave the table but will return, the napkin should be placed to the left or the right of the plate. She also has extensive experience writing SEO and alternative health articles, and has written published interviews and other pieces for the "Atlanta Tribune" and Jolt Marketing. :D, There are several reasons that this is a post to smile about. Not only is it handy for blotting spills and patting your mouth, but it is also essential when you need to clean your hands. This will allow the napkin to completely cover your lap, protecting your clothing from any crumbs or accidental dripping weather from food or drink. In American middle-class societies, the napkin ring tradition evolved to become a decorative piece for both casual and formal dining. In a formal dining setting, you will leave the napkin neatly in your lap, even after you finished your meal, until your host or hostess places his or her napkin in the finished position on the table. However, you can completely open a smaller luncheon napkin. Toasts offered by others start during the dessert course. If you need to leave the table briefly during the meal, place the napkin in the seat Then place your napkin on the seat of your chair. This prevents the soiled part from touching your clothing. Get kid-friendly recipes, fun activities plus parenting tips delivered right to your inbox. Also, if the napkin is folded into a triangle, unfold the napkin completely and refold it into a rectangle. Then with the invention of the hand-powered rotary washing machine in 1858 and the electric washing machine in 1908, the mid-20th century the role of napkin rings began to change. If there is no specific host or hostess, such as casual dining out or a business luncheon, you may place your napkin in your lap immediately after sitting down. It has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to blot your mouth between bites, between courses, when you feel that there is something on the outside of your mouth. The napkin is loosely folded at the end of the meal. Nancy R. Mitchell is an established protocol and etiquette consultant and advisor with more than 30 years of experience in the field. If the napkins are placed in the glasses for the table setting, the napkins will be on the right, as the cups or goblets should be situated to the right of the main plate. When the meal is completed, the napkin is folded loosely and placed to the left of your plate (or in the center of your place setting if your plate has been cleared). Nancy Mitchell. Rachel Wagner is a licensed business etiquette consultant, speaker and trainer. We should practice this at all times, not just during formal events. Napkins should have a texture to allow it to absorb moisture. If you are dining out, you should place your napkin in you lap immediately after you sit down. If at all possible, do not leave during the meal. The word napkin derives from the Old French word "nappe" from around the early 15th century meaning cloth and the Middle English word "kin" meaning small. Place it on the chair seat, before you stand, pick up the napkin at the center of the folded area. Where you place your napkin will give your server or host/hostess silence cues as to your intentions.  |  Even though some dining etiquette may vary depending on the setting, basic napkin etiquette should generally stay the same regardless of the venue. That's right, they would reuse the same napkin several times before washing. When it comes to breakfast or afternoon tea, only a 10" to 12" cloth napkin is used. If you must get up in the middle of your meal, leave your napkin in your chair. For dining settings with smaller napkins, such as breakfast, brunch, luncheons, or afternoon tea, you can unfold your napkin fully as you place it in your lap. Napkins should also be folded to the left of the plate at restaurants; this gives the waiter the indication that the plate can be taken away from the table. Fine textures work best for formal occassions. Rachel Wagner. Napkins are to be folded in half with the crease facing toward you. The key to proper napkin use is to avoid making it the focus of people's attention. Visit our table setting section for information on: For more etiquette tips and hundreds of toast examples... For almost all meals, if you are wondering what utensil to use, start from the outside and work your way in. Dining Etiquette 101. Thanks for putting this "everyone's guide to using napkins" together. You may contact her at 918.970.4400 or visit her website for additional information on her business etiquette services. Do not unfold the napkin until it reaches your lap, not in mid air. For casual dining, especially at restaurants, it is customary to place the napkin to the left of the place setting. Just as important as knowing how to use your napkin is knowing what you shouldn't do with it. Simply dip fingers in the water, one hand at a time, and dry your fingers on your napkin. Today's Napkins. It tells the wait staff that I am coming back please dont take my course away. If you have a large napkin, often served at formal dining scenarios, gently open the napkin halfway. Place the fold of the napkin toward the waist. In fact, there are some rules to consider when it is time to unfold your napkin. during the meal, place the napkin in the seat of your chair. All Rights Reserved. It is not proper etiquette to place the napkin on the seat or the back of the chair. If properly placed, the napkin held by a napkin ring should look as if it facing you, the guest. I just wish more people understood. So if you prefer the fold to face you, remember to still follow the etiquette of blotting your lips as just described. All of that needs to happen below the level of the table, so you are not flapping the napkin out here in midair. Business Etiquette Essential in Pandemic World. Nancy Mitchell of The Etiquette Advocate shows how to politely use a napkin. Napkin etiquette matters. Business Etiquette Virtual Presentations – New! Finger bowls may be provided between courses or after being served finger foods. Expert. Finger foods - If finger foods are served, be sure to discreetly use the napkin in your lap to gently wipe your fingers before reaching for your glass. Small napkins are used an informal meals. If there is a designated table host, wait for the host to place his or her napkin on the table at the end of the meal first. Be as inconspicuous as possible when putting your napkin in your lap at the start of the meal and then back on the table when it is over. Napkin “never evers”: Never tuck it into your shirt collar, wipe your brow with it or blow your nose on it! It is not necessary to refold the napkin completely, but the napkin should be semifolded, not wadded or crumpled. The purpose of the napkin ring was to signify whose napkin was whose between weekly washings, so as to display better hygiene practices.

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