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a piece of text arranged in an image that shows how frequently different words are used in the text. Provides examples of the types of documents covered in APA PsycExtra, such as technical reports, conference papers, fact sheets, bibliographies, videos, magazines and newsletters. For example a birth certificate gives the official facts about your birth and a health certificate gives the facts about your state of health. an official document or record stating that particular facts are true. Free thesaurus definition of documents and types of document from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Please submit a sample document from your own organisation to share with the Mango Community. Please beware of simply copying and pasting these for your own use as they may not be appropriate for your purposes. For example a birth certificate gives the official facts about your birth and a health … a document that gives details of the financial activities of a company or other organization over the past year, British an official document containing information on a particular subject that is published by the British government. a very old document that writing was removed from and the surface written on again. Washington, DC 20036 a document signed by many people that asks someone in authority to do something, a document or computer program that you can use for planning something, a document produced by an organization, especially a political organization, that gives its opinion on something, in the US, a binding written agreement between the prosecution and the accused as part of a plea bargain, a standard document with questions or information on it, a document that tells you what will happen in a performance or event, British an official document that gives details of a vehicle and its owner, a spoken or written account that gives information about a particular subject, situation, or event, an official document on a particular subject, often made by a group of people after studying a problem or situation carefully, a contract that continues automatically unless someone decides to end it, a piece of writing or a drawing that is not finished, a document that you formally give to someone who will make a decision about it, a formal written offer to provide goods or services for a particular price, a written record of the words of a speech, lecture, programme, or play, the original written or typed document, not any of the copies made from it, a conversation, speech, or interview in written form, a film, broadcast, or piece of writing that describes someone’s experiences while travelling, cinemaliterature a short but interesting piece of writing or section of a film. Tel: (202) 509-0465, International Financial Reporting for Non Profit Organizations (#IFR4NPO), Discover new and accessible USAID training, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning, Conference Room and Co-Working Space (rental), What is wrong with Results based Management, Staff floats, advances and loans documents, Audited financial statements - examples not yet available: please, Internal audit report - examples not yet available: please, Strategic plan - examples not yet available: please. It also contains some templates that we have created based on our experience in the field. a report about a particular subject that is written in order to provide information for a discussion, rather than one that provides information that will not change. Please beware of simply copying and pasting these for your own use as they may not …

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