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الإنتزاع Translations in context of "an extraction" in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: an extraction team The Egyptian President, Gamal Abdel Nasser, supported the republicans with as many as 70,000 troops. Peninsular Arabs trace their lineage to Qahtan, who was reportedly based in Yemen. However, some reefs were destroyed in the Persian Gulf, mostly caused by phosphate water pollution and resultant increase in algae growth as well as oil pollution from ships and pipeline leakage. In: Student Research Workshop, EACL 2009, Athens, Greece, pp. https://www.definitions.net/translate/extracting/EN, extractive industries transparency initiative. Most areas are drained by ephemeral watercourses called wadis, which are dry except during the rainy season. [36] The Ottomans used the term Arabistan in a broad sense for the region starting from Cilicia, where the Euphrates river makes its descent into Syria, through Palestine, and on through the remainder of the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas. A.S. Alsharhan, Z. bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar. Some areas have a summer humid tropical monsoon climate, in particular the Dhofar and Al Mahrah areas of Oman and Yemen. Please report examples to be edited or not to be displayed. All rights reserved. For other uses, see, AR-Arabian Plate, velocities with respect to Africa in millimeters per year, Coconut palms line corniches of Al-Hafa, Oman, The Arab Revolt and the foundation of Saudi Arabia, Also regarded as being of the Western Hajar, Highest mountain in the UAE, but the peak is in Oman, Due to the peak of Jebel Jais being in Oman, this mountain has the highest confirmed peak in the UAE, Highest confirmed peak in the Arabian Peninsula, Geopolitics of the World System – Page 337, Saul Bernard Cohen – 2003. However, from the 10th century (and, in fact, until the 20th century) the Hashemite Sharifs of Mecca maintained a state in the most developed part of the region, the Hejaz. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. What does Extraction mean? Higher elevations are made temperate by their altitude, and the Arabian Sea coastline can receive surprisingly cool, humid breezes in summer due to cold upwelling offshore. [citation needed], The fertile soils of Yemen have encouraged settlement of almost all of the land from sea level up to the mountains at 10,000 feet (3,000 m). The plains usually have either a tropical or subtropical arid desert climate or arid steppe climate. This area was also called Arabia and not sharply distinguished from the peninsula. The Arabian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world, at 3,237,500 km2 (1,250,000 sq mi). It was originally planned to reach the holy city of Mecca, but due to the interruption of the construction works caused by the outbreak of World War I, it eventually only reached Medina. [38][39], The history of the Arabian Peninsula goes back to the beginnings of human habitation in Arabia up to 130,000 years ago. The sea surrounding the Arabian Peninsula is generally tropical sea with a very rich tropical sea life and some of the world's largest, undestroyed and most pristine coral reefs. Desert-adapted wildlife is present throughout the region. see History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey, Stanford J. Shaw, Ezel Kural Shaw, Cambridge University Press, 1977, As cited by R, John and S. Hadawi's, Palestine Diary, pp. Urdu Translation is Journal of Local and Global Health Perspectives (2013): p 4, see Review of Reviews and World's Work: An International Magazine, Albert Shaw ed., The Review of Reviews Corporation, 1919, page 408], Philip Khuri Hitti (2002), History of the Arabs, Revised: 10th Edition, See: Holt (1977a), p.57, Hourani (2003), p.22, Lapidus (2002), p.32, Madelung (1996), p.43, Tabatabaei (1979), p.30–50, Farah, Caesar (1994). Cite as. The North Yemen Civil War was fought in North Yemen between royalists of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen and factions of the Yemen Arab Republic from 1962 to 1970. Eastern Arabia was home to the Dilmun civilization. Qatar, a small peninsula in the Persian Gulf on the larger peninsula, is home to the Arabic-language television station Al Jazeera and its English-language subsidiary Al Jazeera English. Coordinates: 23°N 46°E / 23°N 46°E / 23; 46, The Arabian Peninsula[1] (/əˈreɪbiən ... /; Arabic: شِبْهُ الْجَزِيرَةِ الْعَرَبِيَّة‎, shibhu l-jazīrati l-ʿarabiyyah, "Arabian Peninsula" or جَزِيرَةُ الْعَرَب, jazīratu l-ʿarab, "Island of the Arabs")[2] is a peninsula of Western Asia, situated northeast of Africa on the Arabian Plate. استخراج Arabic Discuss this extracting English translation with the community: With Muhammad's death in 632 AD, disagreement broke out over who would succeed him as leader of the Muslim community. meaning in Arabic is [67], People of Yemen took to the street demonstrating against three decades of rule by President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Abu Bakr's immediate task was to avenge a recent defeat by Byzantine (or Eastern Roman Empire) forces, although he first had to put down a rebellion by Arab tribes in an episode known as the Ridda wars, or "Wars of Apostasy".

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