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It was growing rainforests, not humans, scientists say. The local Tiwi Buffalos take a strong game to a winning finish as fans flood the field. Sistergirl Vivian Warlapinni, 31, remembers the meeting as a pivotal turning point for equality within the community. Travelling in her recently renovated vintage Viscount caravan, along with her husband Thom, she's sharing the very best experiences from around her beloved sunburnt country. After the suicides, Kerinaiua and around 30 sistergirls attended a community meeting and demanded acceptance for transgender people. They wanted me to be saved," she says. In fact, they have 14 teams between the two islands and have created a handful of AFL’s biggest superstars. After joining in the traditional welcome ceremony in the morning you are free to enjoy the town of Wurrumiyanga at your own pace. Limited tickets are available for this one and they sell out every year, so make sure you get in early. Also known as tutini, the poles form part of an ancient Tiwi ceremony to ensure the spirit leaves the body. Ian Smith, who arrived to work at a new boarding school arrangement on Melville Island says the same. He definitely gets all the credit on this one, I literally said to him maybe I would like something yellow or orangey, and he created this beautiful colour combination. The Tuyu Buffalo players work through the pride and pain of being picked or left on the sidelines. The wide streets intersect large blocks full of colourfully painted brick homes. The local Tuyu Buffalo team is picked just half an hour before kick off, so some of these players will be bathed in glory, while others will watch on from the sidelines. The red earth gives way to soft powdery sand, and the smell of the ocean engulfs the car followed shortly by the stickiness of salt water blowing in from the Arafura Sea. "I told my parents, 'For you to accept me I have to go away', and I lived in Darwin with my aunty who accepted me. There are roughly 2,500 people living in the Tiwi Islands, comprised of Bathurst Island and Melville Island, and the sistergirls say there are currently around 80 yimpininni. Between poses Laura Orsto, 31, says she told her parents that she was a sistergirl in primary school. Faced with the prospect of traveling thousands of kilometres for treatment in the city, where Orsto feels discrimination is a very real reality, she says she'll remain in her Tiwi home for the moment, surrounded by family and friends: "I am a lady of the community and I am accepted as that. We stop at the foot of a dune and suddenly the frenzied laughter comes to an abrupt end as all the sistergirls begin loudly yelling out in the Tiwi language. This is what it tells us about the resilience of Aboriginal culture, A new film about ice freediving forgoes adventure to tell the story of an elite ice freediver’s battle with trauma, Planning an escape? Inclusions: In addition to all the guided tours on Tiwi Island, your tour also includes return ferry transfer between Darwin and Wurrumiyanga, morning tea and lunch, water and a take home screen print that you help to create. All opinions are, as always, our own. We don't want them picking up the pieces.". A lighthouse keeper came back from a night swim to see a koala scaling the tower. The twin cab then swings into the local cemetery, an arid, dusty graveyard dotted with sparse trees. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. Today Orsto is a much-loved and respected member of the community. And what’s really sad, when I lost her I said to myself, 'Why did she have to do that?' We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. "There were plenty of sistergirls back then; I used to go out with them and talk about things, like how to act like girls you know and be ladylike. The in-laws of the deceased are responsible for making them. We said we’ve had enough of what had happened to these girls who committed suicide. We [older sistergirls] just want up-and-coming sistergirls to go straight forward with no problems, no struggles. The Tuyu Buffalos are the all out favorites on their home turf, with young and old sporting their colours. Pandanus trees whisk by with their long, crooked leaves reaching toward earth at sharp right angles. Aboriginal people have occupied the area that became the Tiwi Islands for at least 40,000 years, with creation stories relating their presence on the islands at least 7,000 years before present. They can be quite difficult to figure out if you’re trying to plan a visit, with very little concrete information out there about how to visit or actually get to experience these islands.

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