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So why are they not being restituted? I used to be strong. Sao Tome and Principe Similarly, the so-called Hiedelberg Declaration of German ethnologists also presupposes further detention of the objects in Germany. Austria He said he told the king what was happening to Egypt, that the situation was very bad, but the king never listened. Guernsey I was so afraid, because I have never been a politician. Comoros “I wanted to support Ibrahim, I wanted him to be good, but he is not doing anything,” he insists. Weber also asserted that Dr. Hawass did not attend the shooting, which occurred in New York City. Burkina Faso But western museums have never been known to overcome their greed and selfishness in matters of artefacts. Swaziland While I may never see this dream come to fruition, thank you for keeping my dream alive. Why Was a Miami Museum the Site of a Trump Town Hall? Costa Rica Does Tarzan Still Rule The Western Imagination Of Africa? Senegal Australia Sudan The presence of the two African queens, iconic figures from Egypt and Nigeria, will recall constantly the demands of Egypt and Nigeria for restitution of their artefacts held in Berlin,where the scramble for African territories was officially estsablished by European States in 1885 with the disastrous colonial systems that prevailed on our Continent and left us magnifold problems that defy efforts at resolution. Netherlands Antilles Latvia Burundi Qatar I wanted to make a demonstration, so I went to the police and told them that a group of Arabs, Egyptians, wanted to make a demonstration. Poland Sierra Leone It is not as dramatic as the collapse of an ancient Egyptian dynasty, but the abrupt fall of Zahi Hawass is sending ripples around the planet. Zahi Hawass: This all happened exactly 4,200 years ago. USA Minor Outlying Islands I saw an old man who had lost his memory, could not concentrate. Western Sahara Bosnia and Herzegovina ZH: But you have to work. Golden Cross On Humboldt Forum: Arrogance, Stubbornness, Provocation And Defianc... British Museum Supports Aims And Objectives Of Black Lives Matter? The souvenir vendors that attack tourists would have to remain in the desert. Norway With his Indiana Jones hat, his lispy voice laced with saliva (delight in hearing him say Hatshepsut), and heroically massive hips, Hawass unearths tombs and hurtles up and down modest-size pyramids, lending his occupation all the glamour and excitement of a game show. “Are the King Tut artifacts safe?” Safe. United Arab Emirates Zahi Hawass, long chided as publicity loving and short on scientific knowledge, lost his job along with about a dozen other ministers in a Cabinet reshuffle meant to ease pressure from protesters seeking to purge remnants of Mubarak's regime. Should the interests of Africans be subjected to the needs of scholars? Existing laws can be changed if there is a will for change. Vote Now! When the revolution came, I was the only Egyptian official who went to the Cairo museum on January 28 and 29, the only Egyptian official who was in Tahrir Square. ZH: I have to tell you, I am still seen by every Egyptian — ask anyone in the street who the antiquities leader is. Dominican Republic Equatorial Guinea The magic is back. It belongs to Egypt. We need him back. Luxembourg I have a big name in America, and everywhere. Turks and Caicos Islands Democratic Republic of the Congo Kiribati Power accumulates around you, whether you’re the ruler or the antiquities director. Myanmar Recently, Zahi Hawass gave NBC’s Today Show a tour inside Egyptian pyramids, watch the video below. Gibraltar Mayotte Lacovara says that the new director of antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, “is well respected and has done an excellent job....He has restored stability [and] things are running smoothly.” But Hawass says that Lacovara, who has ongoing projects in Egypt, may be reluctant to criticize the new boss. He was so weak and dishonest. At 3:30, I go to the gym. Curacao Maldives Mubarak is the one who tried to make a democracy. UL: People obviously have very strong feelings about you. The African Diaspora and European and American youths have become active and vociferous in their demands for clean sweep of questionable museum relations. Anything that I did for Egypt, they wrote against it. Italy He was frequently present in Tahrir Square during the protests. When you rule for so long, there is deterioration. Guam Continue Tunisia Provenance is now more that the history of the various ownerships of the object and is extended to include practically every piece of information about the objects the museums have been holding for more than hundred years. Bangladesh Many museums have only one or two curators charged with provenance research and with thousands of artefacts in the museums,it is not difficult to guess how long it will take to do provenance research on looted artefacts in Western museums. The lady that used to have to look in the water to see her face, now she has a mirror. There was a king called Pepi II. Isle of Man Dietrich Wildung was in charge of the museum in Berlin, and he was a really difficult man. Zahi Hawass was scared of inflicting more damage to it when the first ever CT scan of King Tut’s mummy for an accurate forensic reconstruction was arranged. Panama Marshall Islands Burundi ZH: Now I am writing a book. Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hawass is now returning to an international scene that is ,generally, more favourable to restitution than it was in 2011 and earlier when one faced opponents such as Neil McGregor, Philippe de Montebello and James Cuno, high priests of the so-called ‘universal museums’ who declared flatly that the looted artefacts in their museums have become part of the cultures of the countries in which they were located and thus barred the way to any general restitution and particularly formed a bullwark against restitution of the Parthenon Marbles, Nefertiti and Benin artefacts. Ursula, if you go to this museum you will see that it is the best thing in Egypt. You can do anything in the streets. Can objects wrenched with such violence ever became shared heritage of oppressor and victim? ZH: You know, I have to tell you, Egypt was ruled by pharaohs for five thousand years, until Mubarak. Iraq I really enjoy the love of the Egyptians. Denmark I put Egypt on the top of the world. Montserrat I always wanted to change the pyramids from a zoo into an open-air museum. Cambodia ZH: In Italy, they call me the last pharaoh. Dominica It is unique, it is not to be repeated. It was a great lecture this week at the Warren County Public... Painting from the tomb of King Tuthmosis III, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty... Buy your tickets at www.hawasslectures.com  ... Country: By using saws, jacks, scissors and gunpower for explosion. Gambia Denmark Now, the guy who took my place, to save himself, he gave jobs to 10,000 people. Tuvalu Togo Kiribati They are really mafia, they can kill me. “People became envious of how high his profile became.” Others say that his blustering style and sometimes belittling manner, as well as his utter misreading of the public mood on the eve of Mubarak’s overthrow, all but assured his downfall. The Rosetta Stone has been in the British Museum since 1802 and in July 2003 Zahi Hawass, then Secretary-General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, requested its return to Egypt. I never talked about this in the press: I stopped the Ring Road that was threatening the pyramids. We never would have sat a model down in a 3,000 year old artifact. Lao People's Democratic Republic “Usually, there are no cameras permitted inside the museum space. Keep up-to-date on: © 2020 Smithsonian Magazine. Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands But he didn’t. I always look to the future. Protesters called him “the Mubarak of Antiquities” and accused him of corruption. Turks & Caicos Islands San Marino Antarctica Iran I left antiquities for one year in 1994 because of the jealousy of the head of antiquities. Belgium And this why I’m not going to answer people who say things against me; the books that I have written will remain, they are taller than these idiots. Also, on the list of the Egyptian archaeologist are, the statue of Great Pyramid architect Hemiun in Hildesheim’s Pelizaeus Museum, the bust of Prince Ankhhaf in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, and the statue of King Ramses II in the Egyptian Museum, Turin, Italy. French Southern Territories A New Film Celebrates Dolly Parton's Career, Through Clairvoyance, Artists Forged Their Own Paths and Networks. I’m from Egypt! They never seem to have enough. South Africa Today, the Office of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities, released a statement referencing the interview. Hungary El Salvador Some days ago I lost my great friend Omar Sharif. Number one, the president should concentrate on the return of security with a strong hand. An ardent nationalist, he battles with the museums of the world over important Egyptian holdings. We need to tell people: Egypt is back. All of the camels and horses would stay in the desert.

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