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"I've never felt much attraction to the opposite sex, either," he continues with a roguish grin. Well, let me tell you that you've only seen the tiniest part of what an average wizard is capable of. "We both lost our parents at an early age, and were abused as children. You have the audacity to call me filthy and expect me to just let it go?”. held the first shrivelfig securely between your hand, about to cut it “Why?” You asked meekly and this seemed to for lack of a better word, brighten Tom’s mood - you’d sparked his interest, finally. “Y/N, pay attention.” Tom ordered and you smiled broadly at him, “Go on.”. The Quickly shaking off the Bowtruckle on your hand, you leaned forward and rolled up Tom’s sleeves, folding them securely "Well, if you're up and about I have a list of chores for you to do. It turned my stomach to see you pining after that weak-willed, blubbering fool. You were not about to walk bare-footed through the castle in front of dozens of students. Harry asked with mounting panic. "I'm going to start working hard, and become the wizard I need to be to defeat Voldemort," Harry said resolutely. (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine). “I wouldn’t ever be caught in such vulnerable positions.” “You always give them a source of entertainment.”. I trust you won’t be distracted by some Ravenclaw or another.”, It took all of your willpower not to shout in anger and so you stood there, sweating and shaking at his petty jab. “What are you While my darkness might have a very minor change on your attitude and morals, my consciousness will be scattered amongst yours," Riddle explained. One was batshit insane, one married a "Malfoy" (those quotation marks make me giggle), and one fell in love with a Muggleborn. Third year students aren't meant to be able to cast a Patronus Charm, you know, but you did it anyway. Have you really not figured out what happened to you?" If you'd have embraced your more Slytherin side, Harry, I expect Dolores Umbridge would be in Azkaban, the prophecy would have been retrieved without risk to you or your friends, and your godfather would still be alive.". “Wait here.” You muttered, making your way up the spiral staircase and into your dorm, glaring at your all too inviting bed. “I find it distasteful.” You nearly stopped mid-step. he growled. His smile faltered as he took in the state of the place. "Okay, this is all good advice," Harry admitted with a sigh. Good friends, people who would risk their lives for you and who you could trust with your darkest secrets. Why did he suddenly know so much about subjects he'd never studied? You remembered the day you received her, a tiny hairless creature with oversized ears that whined for attention as soon as she knew she was yours. "Besides, I think this would be a good thing for you. ", "Ah, now we come to the interesting part," Riddle grinned. swiping through the pages until you found the correct one. "Now, I want you to listen carefully, as I'm about to tell you all I know regarding the Horcruxes. “Come on, Y/N. “You and the Ravenclaw boy, Mathers.” He tutted and you raised your brows, “What about him?” The two of you turned into the potions classroom and you blinked, everything was already set up. Fanfiction sans magie. » tom riddle & abraxas malfoy (inspired by the rpg i played a couple of years ago and our headcanons for modern AUs). Shame you picked such a wet blanket, but still. As painful as they were, however, he couldn't deny them. Clenching his fists in determination, he returned to his open trunk and began to retrieve his school books. If you are killed, and if things continue the way they have been going I fear that is a certainty, a similar fate will greet me. toute à l'heure, en voyant mes bleus, ils ont décidés d'envoyer un hibou à mon père ! I'll listen to my friends and take advice from my betters, but I'll also start taking responsibility for my actions. Harry demanded. Share via Email Report Story PDV Harry. #hp about in your pocket, clutching onto your finger immediately as you You needed to tell Dumbledore that you knew who the culprit behind the hex was. Découvrez maintenant. You could cut the tension with a knife it was so thick and he asked the bird affectionately while stroking her head in a way he knew she enjoyed. “Y/N, is something the matter?” A calm voice asked from behind your hunched back. As he did so, however, he realized that he saw something else there, something he'd never noticed before. Harry: I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a dress. You weren’t sure if it was for staff use or not and didn’t really stop to think about it, content with how the morning was going until you returned. You have shown bravery, persistence, ingenuity and strength. If he was going to be such a know-it-all you were The question was: how much of Tom Riddle was still there? "Oh, I might risk expulsion from Hogwarts if I did use magic on you, but I'm sure I could convince the Ministry that it was in self-defense. Professor Dumbledore has asked me to escort you to all of your classes for the time being.”. Shuffling from foot to foot to the library, you sat down on the nearest chair and rested your head against your folded arms, allowing yourself a moment’s rest. Furrowing your brows as you looked from him back to the page, you scanned over the text carefully, intrigued by the contents within the book. “That’s enough, Malfoy.” Slughorn barked, and large hands pulled you into a sitting position, where your head lolled to your front. four leeches, a rat speen and a little bit of cowbane - in that order.”. "I have to get my arse in gear and start taking things seriously.". #tomione "Oooooh! You gave him an inquisitive look but he simply ignored you as he passed and you sighed. No, Harry, Dumbledore knew that you had to die for Lord Voldemort to be defeated, and that the power to vanquish him would be your own sacrifice.". Tomarry / Tom Sr. + Tom Jr. sketches inspired by this FIC, Tom Riddle x reader - Harry Pottersong for tha mood: G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I // Request- Hello, can I please request a tom riddle imagine? Meanwhile Abraxas is fascinated with Hermione and she can't help it. I need to start thinking and use whatever intelligence that I have. Books and empty crisp packets littered the floor, as did random items of dirty clothing. So basically, Harry travels back in time, lands himself in diagon alley, and decides to go exploring. Laying stiffly in your, bed watching the sun rise would have been soothing to anyone who got more than four hours of undisturbed sleep, but you were exhausted - glassy eyed and bitter about having to stay the night in the hospital wing at all. "I suspect that it's a year earlier than you Muggles do because of the greater responsibility placed on our shoulders. A gentle hoot suggested Hedwig was in agreement with Harry's plan. He'd realized that he had to knuckle down and do better, but equally he'd known that it would take time and dedication to achieve his goals. Did you have a good night?" Harry asked suddenly, cutting off her expect tirade. Riddle's words hit Harry like a slap in the face. around his elbows before leaning back, noting the purple tint on his “He’s very easy to manipulate, but so are you.” You frowned, brows furrowed and lips pursed. "I've got to stop being a child and learn to become a man. "But perhaps a more detailed explanation is in order. You went through my clothes?”, The ghost of a smirk revealed itself for a brief moment before the prefect spoke again, “Your dorm-mates didn’t seem to mind.”.

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