housing construction terminology

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Asphalt - A dark brown to black, highly viscous, hydrocarbon produced from the residue left after the distillation of petroleum. The larger the diameter of a wire, the lesser the resistance. Saber Saw - a saw that cuts on the upstroke, good side of wood faces down. Cooling Tower - A large device mounted on roofs, consisting of many baffles over which water is pumped in order to reduce its temperature. Also, a strip of wood finish three-quarters- round or angular placed over a plastered corner for protection. See Bullfloating. Chemically, it is a mixture of terpenes. Slag - A by-product of smelting ore such as iron, lead or copper. Dry Sheet - A ply mechanically attached to wood or gypsum decks to prevent asphalt or pitch from penetrating the deck and leaking into the building below. Top Mopping - The finished mopping of hot bitumen on a built-up roof. Shore "A" Hardness – Measure of firmness of a compound by means of a Durometer Hardness Gauge. The arm pivots from side to side to allow for angle cuts and bevels. Skylight - A structure on a roof that is designed to admit light and is somewhat above the plane of the roof surface. (2) In electrical contracting, rubber, thermoplastic, or asbestos wire covering. Mock-Up Testing - Controlled air, water and structural performance testing of existing or new glazing systems. XD. Laminated Glass - Two or more lights of glass permanently bonded together with one or more inter-layers. Blister - An enclosed raised spot evident on the surface of a building. Dry Glazing - Also called compression glazing, a term used to describe various means of sealing monolithic and insulating glass in the supporting framing system with synthetic rubber and other elastomeric gasket materials. Alligatoring - A condition of paint or aged asphalt brought about by the loss of volatile oils and the oxidation caused by solar radiation. Designed and applied in combination with counter-flashings, to prevent water which may enter the wall above from proceeding downward in the wall or into the roof deck or roofing system. Insulation Fasteners - Any of several specialized mechanical fasteners designed to hold insulation down to a steel or a nailable deck. The sloping roofs on all four sides have two pitches, the lower pitch usually very steep and the upper pitch less steep. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Code And Construction Guide For Housing Ontario . Combination Doors or Windows - Combination doors or windows used over regular openings. Millwork - Generally all building materials made of finished wood and manufactured in millwork plants and planing mills are included under the term "millwork." Precast - Concrete building components which are formed and cured at a factory and then transported to a work site for erection. per square inch and the masonry wall not be subjected to freezing and thawing in the presence of excessive moisture. Building Permit - Written authorization from the city, county or other governing regulatory body giving permission to construct or renovate a building. Whilst it is appreciated that certain words have other meanings we have listed below an explanation of words used when discussing the structure of a roof. Durometer - The measurement of hardness of a material. Hardware - Metal accessories such as door knobs, towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc. The bottom is kept beneath the surface of the concrete and raised as the form is filled and is used to pour concrete underwater. Specification - Detailed written instructions which, when clear and concise, explain each phase of work to be done. The openings of the vessels on the surface of a piece of wood are referred to as pores. The member forming the lower side of an opening, as a door sill. Distortion - Alteration of viewed images caused by variations in glass flatness or inhomogeneous portions within the glass. Above Grade - The portion of a building that is above ground level. In all species, it is lacking in decay resistance. Parapet Wall - A low wall around the perimeter of a roof deck. Re-annealing is the process of removing objectionable stresses in glass by re-heating to a suitable temperature followed by controlled cooling. Standing Seam - A type of joint often used on metal roofs. Spandrel - The panels of a wall located between vision areas of windows, which conceal structural columns, floors, and shear walls. Kynar Coating - Architectural coating that is UV stable and suitable for exterior use on aluminum and other metal surfaces. Hazard Insurance - Insurance for a building while it is under construction. Also overburden/dropping from welding which may burn, melt, or discolor adjacent surfaces. Concrete Plain - Concrete either without reinforcement, or reinforced only for shrinkage or temperature changes. A building permit is specific to the building project described in the application. Drippage - Bitumen material that drips through roof deck joints, or over the edge of a roof deck. In insulating glass units the air between the glass sheets is thoroughly dried and the space is sealed, eliminating possible condensation and providing superior insulating properties. They are usually beveled. Title-24 - A federal set of laws that mandates the construction industry to conserve energy. or W = E x 1. GFI or GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters - Special devices capable of opening a circuit when even a small amount of current is flowing through the grounding system. Cornice - A horizontal projecting course on the exterior of a building, usually at the base of the parapet. This siding varies in butt thickness from ½ to ¾ inch and in widths up to 12 inches. Shed Roof - A roof having only one slope or pitch, with only one set of rafters which fall from a higher to a lower wall. Storm Door - A panel or sash door placed on the outside of an existing door to provide additional protection from the elements. Type IV Low Heat is a special cement for use where the amount and rate of heat generated during curing must be kept to a minimum. Muntins are smaller in dimensions and weight than mullions. Balusters - Usually small vertical members in a railing used between a top rail and the stair treads or a bottom rail. Cornerite - Metal-mesh lath cut into strips and bent to a right angle. Gypsum Plaster - Gypsum formulated to be used with the addition of sand and water for base- coat plaster. A valley rafter extends from an inside angle of the plates toward the ridge of the house. Write. Apron - The flat member of the inside trim of a window placed against the wall immediately beneath the stool. The channels may have fixed stops; however, at least one glazing stop on one edge must be removable. The head has a convex round & checkered head. Wood Filler - A heavily pigmented preparation used for fining and leveling off the pores in open- pored woods. Sheathing - The structural covering, usually wood boards, plywood, gypsum or wood fiber, used over studs or rafters of framed buildings as the first layer of outer wall covering nailed to the studs or rafters. A single ply membrane consisting of synthetic rubber; usually 45 or 60 mils. Collar Beam - In carpentry, a tie that keeps the roof from spreading. Dumbwaiter - An elevator with a maximum footage of not more than 9 sq. Stud - One of a series of wood or metal vertical structural members placed as supporting elements in walls and partitions. Corner Bead - A strip of formed sheet metal, sometimes combined with a strip of metal lath, placed on corners before plastering to reinforce them. In three-coat work, the brown is the second coat. Below Grade - The portion of a building that is below ground level. Pointing trowels are small enough to be used in places where larger trowels will not fit. If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. All rights reserved.

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