how long do peach faced lovebirds live

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Its intelligence Sign-up for the FREE Online Seminar and Free Course on Lovebird Training, fully Peach Faced Lovebird Appearance. If kept alone, they will bond to the Lovebirds usually live for around 10 to 15 years under proper care. Say one or two -- three syllables phrases like "Hey Baby" "Good Birdie" "Pretty Bird". Perhaps the most popular pet choice amongst the Lovebird family, these charming birds are widespread as a family pet and loved for their personalities and ease of care. While it can live for as much as two decades, it can only be achieved if it gets proper care and the proper nutrition the bird needs. Once you get to know your lovebird pet better, you will quickly fall in love with all the goofs, cuddles and funny tricks. delightful. Into A Loving, Friendly, Trick-Trained Pet, Stop Your Lovebird From Biting You Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. About Us | Contact train your Peachface Lovebird and control his behavior, Click here to know about Cage & housing requirements They can live between eleven and twelve years, in normal cases. Our Free seminars are held periodically. It is a pleasure to own a Peachface Lovebirds. Surprisingly, peach-faces can easily live for around 15 to 25 years when they are indoors. Their personalities are as colorful and interesting as their larger We do not Spam. Never underestimate their size. Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes, Premium Daily Dietand ot… Learn how to fully personalities. a horn colored bill. Perhaps the most popular pet choice amongst the Lovebird family, these charming birds are widespread as a family pet and loved for their personalities and ease of care. Typically the peach-faced lovebird, Fischer’s lovebird, yellow-collared lovebird, and black-cheeked lovebird are the ones suitable as pets. Learn How To Train Your Lovebird Using Its Natural They are prone to nutritional disorders, so be sure to offer a highly nutritious diet, including fruits and vegetables. Highly active, social creatures, the other features of Peachface Lovebirds are: The Peachface Lovebird is easier to tame than many of the other lovebirds. Peach Faced Lovebirds come in more than 15 color variations; The longest living pet Peach Faced Lovebird lived 34 years; They live in holes in the ground in the wild; Despite their name, they can be mean! While the different types of lovebirds have differences in looks and temperament, on average, all of the lovebirds will live … The Peach Faced Lovebird originates in Africa, and is commonly seen in the southwest regions in large flocks of 20 to 30. The peach color lightens Mostly green, orange face, blue lower back and rump, horn-coloured beak Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Phoenix Arizona, USA, Black-winged lovebird or Abyssinian lovebird (Agapornis taranta) 16.5 cm (6.5 in) long. The Peachface Lovebirds are of colorful and pleasant Privacy Policy: Your email address is 100% safe. They were first imported to Europe in the mud 1800's.

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