i need a sentence using the word an

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He slid an arm under her and gently took her hand in his, planting a warm moist kiss in the center of the palm. It was always exciting in an alarming way. Below we have laid out some of the general and specific rules about using A, AN, and THE. Use "the" the second time you use that same noun in the same paragraph. I'd never killed an adult before tonight but he deserved to die. Holdings hands like an old world family; we were committing our lives together like marriage vows. It can be directional or it can indicate time, among its numerous other uses. A university. Betsy was alone on the porch but as we approached, Martha opened the screen door, her arm around a frail looking man, about five-seven, who wore an off-center toupee and a fragile smile. Say the word out loud. Carmen refrained from looking at Alex or displaying the shock she felt at the introduction of two more siblings he had never mentioned - an entire family. Example: I ate breakfast, and then I went to school. "It's unfair to Martha to leave her alone with an infant," I answered. "She and I" is actually incorrect if you're using it in the predicate, or the end of the sentence that is being acted upon by the noun. His gaze dropped to her waist and an eyebrow shot up. Yet he too was an excellent dancer - or maybe everyone's dancing skills were so much better than hers that it only appeared so to her. "Are they real?" What's one to do? She was taller than Howie but rail thin and possessed an engaging smile, long blond hair and arresting blue eyes. Sarah made an excuse of putting Tammy down for a nap and left them alone. "We've had an incident a few hours ago," he said, with a tremor in his voice. It's time for an evening of conversation. It did sound like an interesting job, and she wasn't likely to see Brandon anyway. Use "they're" to make a contraction of "they" and "are." "Thank you for clearly explaining the use of this word.". So they filled a small boat with the things that he would need the most--an ax, a hoe, a kettle, and some other things. In English, word order is very important: subject + verb + object. No, there's no need for you to make an extra trip. There is an urgent need for improved living conditions. Use "the" with any noun when the meaning is specific; for example, when the noun names the only one (or one) of a kind. If it fits, "whom" is the correct word to use. "Sit still and I'll go get an ace bandage," he barked. Well, not always. How to use i in a sentence. Maybe there's some way to have both; retain our privacy and have an escape identity in case the need ever arises. Generally, this will mean that if the word starts with a vowel you should use “an,” but it is important to remember that this is not true all of the time. I tried to call you on your cell phone, but I didn't get an answer. English Center CoordinatorChristopher Heuer, Professor EnglishChristopher.Heuer@gallaudet.edu, Math Center CoordinatorSusanna Henderson, Lecturer II STEMsusanna.henderson@gallaudet.edu, ASL Center CoordinatorRobin Massey, ASL Departmentaslcenter@gallaudet.edu. In fact, at the party he had spent an unnecessary amount of time with the woman he almost married – and hadn't even introduced her. They fastened each of these wheels to the end of an iron rod which they passed through the boat from side to side. An hour ago I saw chaos that resulted from lies, half-truths and secrets. . As we said above, this rule also applies to acronyms and initialisms. I think you need to spend a little more time on your homework. Example: It's their house. Some of the most common grammar mistakes are just misspellings. Have you heard about an organization called After? Loose and Lose: Another common misspelling, "loose" and "lose" have unrelated meanings. For this type of sentence, you can choose any other person/persons and use the proper form of to be: Look at the table to see how to form sentences in the present simple tense using the verb to be. It sounds like a vowel. Check out our ultimate guide to learning English grammar. Here the conversation seemed interesting and he stood waiting for an opportunity to express his own views, as young people are fond of doing. “A” and “an” are indefinite articles, which are used to indicate how many of a certain noun you’re talking about. Quint hesitated a moment, watching Lisa with an uncertain expression. I trudged through a boring day, knowing I'd return to an empty apartment as Betsy was off to Los Angeles for the entire week. An iced cake sat on the counter, decorating icing and tips beside it. If you need to form a negative sentence, use the adverb not after the connecting verb: I am not a student. "Wish I had an axe," said Zeb, who by now had unhitched the horse. There was no point making an issue of it. On the other hand, you would not say “an CT scan” because the “C” in “CT” does not make a vowel sound. The real rule is that you have to use “an” in a sentence when a word has a vowel sound at the beginning. Successes were limited for the week with one found child, accidently trapped in a locked room of an empty house and one spousal abduction, in the face of a restraining order. I don't want you to give that number to anyone unless it's an emergency, you understand? Pierre suddenly saw an outlet for his excitement. "Then" tends to indicate time or subsequent action. An elderly man in bib overhauls alighted and went in the building. (For a list of vowel examples, see below.). Then and Than: "Then" and "than" may sound very similar, but they are different parts of speech with dissimilar functions. Howie stayed with him through most of an uneventful meal before waking back to the present. Such vowel examples include the “u” in “university” or the “E” in “European.”. It is a custom in the South to build a small house near the homestead as an annex to be used on occasion. She counted the seconds in tense silence, waiting for the sound of an explosion, but the only sound was a car approaching from below. While my new vehicle is far less accommodating to my needs as my precious motor home, now resting in an airport parking lot, this van is satisfying my temporary needs. Last Updated: August 23, 2019 He slept an hour. It doesn't matter to me one way or another, but I wish you would at least make an effort at seeing his side of it. One was Mr. Webster's horse; the other was an old gray nag with a lady's sidesaddle on its back. You can write your sentences in the comments. It's an old piano. An elegantly dressed man in his sixties identified as Assistant Director Carlton Summerfield had taken charge. Here’s a surprise: both “a unicorn” and “an umbrella” are correct. A man ran into the street. The service lasted just under an hour and consisted mostly of Reverend Humphries preaching against giving in to the devil's temptation for wicked bodily desires. It should have been an exciting discovery. Unlike other verbs in English, to be is conjugated (in other words, it changes) according to grammatical person and number. On the whole, I think that it cannot be maintained that dressing has in this or any country risen to the dignity of an art. I'm writing this book and you're an important part of what I have to say. Like an Avon notice on a doorknob, the tracks in the mud were proof of an unobserved visit. Age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth, for it has not profited so much as it has lost. When you're riding an ATV you can cover more territory, and the animals have grown used to the sound of them. You only have four choices: “a,” “an,” “the” and “some.” “A” and “an” are used with singular nouns, and they are indefinite, meaning they don’t refer to a particular noun. When you pronounce vowels, your mouth and throat stay open, but consonants are formed by the different ways you stop or close that air passage with your teeth, tongue and lips. Remember, in order to use A, AN, and THE properly, you must know whether or not a noun is a Count or Non-Count Noun. The other indefinite article is "a." If you are trying to describe a current state of being for you, someone else, or an object, you start with a personal pronoun. 16. The basic rule for using a in a sentence is. School of Education, Business and Human Services, Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging (BL2), Petitto Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging, Translation in the Science of Learning Lab (TL2), Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2), Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center, Gallaudet Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, Strategies for Taking Cloze Reading Tests, Names of Oceans, Rivers, Seas, Deserts, Forests, Canals, Names of Monuments, Memorials, Parks, and National Shrines, Names of Colleges, Universities, and Other Schools, Names of Buildings on Gallaudet University Campus. We've been asked a number of times, by the press and everyone else if we're an adjunct to the tipster person. A university. Deputy Baxton had called in after seeing the plate number of a car listed on an all-points bulletin. Read and Listen To Sentences Using the Word "An" He's an author. The important part is the sound of the word that follows, not necessarily the letter with which it starts. It had taken more than an hour to get to school on the bus, making any after-school activities rare. He received his MA in Education from the University of Florida in 2017. "There wasn't an inch of skid marks," he said, shaking his head. I wouldn't deny one's right to fulfill love, but doing so will have serious consequences on an untold number of lives, even those you're saving. A utopia. We must put an end to this killing of lambs. Even the slickest grammarian struggles with proper comma use, so we compiled a list of the places in a sentence you'll need one — using ducks.

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