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It has since inspired many films in France, such as Houda Benyamina’s Divines, or last year’s Jury Prize at Cannes, Ladj Ly’s Les Misérables, which also stems from a real case of police brutality. The officer, fearful, quickly draws his gun in Hubert’s face as well. The skinhead begs for mercy and Saïd tells Vinz to stop, but Hubert, knowing that deep down Vinz isn’t the tough guy that he tries to portray, tells Saïd to back off and encourages Vinz to shoot the racist. When Vincent dies at the end, that’s it. £2.00. Three plainclothes officers get out and begin harassing them, with one officer pinning Saïd down against the car and the other two beating up Vinz. As Hubert runs back to his friends in an attempt to stop the abuse, an officer places a gun against Vinz’s head as a scare tactic, which he then accidentally fires, killing Vinz instantly. La Haine is a French, black and white film directed and written by Mathieu Kassovitz. Once the train stops, he opens his eyes again, his expression blank. As the two joke and laugh, a car suddenly pulls up in front of Saïd and Vinz. However, I suspect that more is at play in this event. i'm sick of it, i have to leave here (hubert) Dans ton pays, on ramasse avec les pieds. It was produced by Christophe Rossingnon in 1995 with Canel plus. Preview. La Haine est un film dramatique français en noir et blanc écrit et réalisé par Mathieu Kassovitz, sorti en 1995.. L'histoire commence juste après une nuit d'émeutes opposant des jeunes d'une cité à la police en région parisienne. Now stuck in Paris until the next train arrives in the morning, the duo reunite with a visibly shaken Vinz on the platform and decide to walk around the city. We then see the three teenagers standing in an abandoned building as Vinz reaches into his jacket and pulls out a revolver — the same gun that news reports say a police officer dropped during last night’s riots. I decided that in my film (La Haine) when someone dies, he just dies. As Hubert and Saïd walk down the street with Vinz trailing behind, they encounter a group of racist skinheads that Saïd had been taunting from the rooftop earlier. However, as the film suggests, they are imprisoned within that cycle of hate. Created: Jun 29, 2017 | Updated: May 30, 2018. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. After a drug deal turns sour between the boys and a coke dealer named Snoopy who lives in a swanky condo, the loud commotion leads to the cops arresting Saïd and Hubert for marijuana possession as they try to leave the premises. The songs do not feature in the film itself, which has no musical soundtrack that isn’t diegetic—that is, all the songs heard during the film have their source within the images, such as a radio, and can be heard by the characters. Testing Vinz’s “manhood” in a sense, Hubert takes the gun from Vinz and asks what he plans on doing with it, pointing the barrel in his impulsive friend’s face. M’Bowole’s shooting death was later ruled as an accident. ( Log Out /  Diegetic sounds of the cameras flashing (creates neo-realism), Dialogue used shows the conflict between the police and the youth, as they are argumentative, Shot – reverse – shot from Saiid, who is torn between the police and his friends, shows his vulnerability. My introduction to the film was due to me renting it on a whim from my local library last year after being intrigued by its title. La représentation de la police dans la Haine / Representation of the police (AS/A Level French) 2 1 customer reviews. Vinz always pictures himself with the gun to create danger, but we never actually see him use it. I specialize in European cinema, in particular French film history. M’Bowole was accused of shoplifting and was reportedly handcuffed to a radiator when he was shot at point-blank range by a police officer. Vinz envisions himself with a gun, and trying to intimidate others. Hubert slowly walks up to the officer, pulls out the same gun that Vinz had given him less than a minute earlier and aims it right in front of the cop’s face, saying nothing and showing no emotion. in your country, we pick up with feet (la police au Hubert) avec ce truc-là, t'es le boss dans la cité. “I love the film Boyz n the Hood, but I don’t understand the ending where he (Ricky) gets shot and it takes three minutes in slow motion when this is a story where people get shot everyday,” Kassovitz said. Both—within their own cultural contexts—denounce discrimination and police brutality. As a member of the youth, Vinz sees his only escape from poverty through crime, where he can challenge the police further. Author: Created by madarun. La haine is the equivalent to Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing in France. ( Log Out /  This website and its content is subject to our Terms and La haine is the equivalent to Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing in France. Hubert smiles at Vinz’s macho facade, issues a word of warning and leaves with Saïd. The BFI will re-release the film in a 4K restoration in theaters later this year in the U.K. The camera begins to slowly zoom in on Saïd, who’s watching them from behind the car in terror. Regardless of Kassovitz’s intention in writing the scene, it’s an interesting concept to consider. (Photo by ... [+] Pool ARNAL/GARCIA/PICOT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images). La Haine centers around a day in the life of Hubert, Saïd and Vinz — three youths somewhere between the ages of 16–20. An officer chases after Vinz, who evades capture. Vinz quickly snatches the gun back and implies that if Abdel dies in the hospital that he plans on shooting a “pig” in retribution. ( Log Out /  Shots of the photographers stood opposite to the boys, with the police intervening in the middle, shows the power of the police. The news that La haine could be turned into a musical may surprise some. Paris in La Haine Mathieu Kassovitz ... As they leave Hubert and Saïd are arrested and taken to a police station, shown only as an interior. This scene creates dramatic impact. Once they arrive at the projects, Vinz hands Hubert the gun and the three bid each other farewell, with Hubert walking alone and Vinz accompanying Saïd. It’s how you land.”. La haine is a realistic and dramatic film which is composed of a variety of important scenes. In a brief moment between the two, Hubert tells Vinz a story about a man who, in the process of falling from a skyscraper that he leaped from, tells himself “So far, so good” on the way down. Having evaded arrest, Vinz spends his time at a movie theater but is unable to relax knowing that his friends have been captured. As Saïd and Vinz walk around to examine the damage, they spot Hubert wearing boxing gloves and swinging at a punching bag in the middle of what remains of his dimly-lit gym. After he quickly scarfs down breakfast while his grandmother chides him for not going to temple, the next scene shows Vinz brushing his teeth in the bathroom in one of the film’s most infamous moments. London WC1R 4HQ. ( Log Out /  The most recent film Kassovitz has gone on to direct is Rebellion in 2011 which is about dissidents in a French colony who attack a police station and take hostages. No resolution. Though never explicitly stated, an overarching theme of the film is how the racial differences among the residents of the projects — a mixture of mostly second-generation African and Middle Eastern immigrants — pale in comparison to their shared sense of frustration and alienation as the trio of Hubert, Saïd and Vinz (West African, Arab and Jewish, respectively) are each aware to some extent of the social stratification they face as members of France’s young, poor immigrant class. Next, during a particularly dark scene, two senior officers make a rookie cop observe as they racially mock and physically abuse a now-handcuffed Hubert and Saïd at a police station. Now in Paris, the characters run into more trouble. Angered, Hubert walks back to his apartment alone and Saïd follows Vinz back to his apartment. So far, so good. It’s shocking.”. Seconds pass until the officer, still in shock at what just happened, notices Hubert standing right behind him, silently staring at the body of his deceased friend. While Saïd and Vinz prattle on in excitement, Hubert sits in front of them with his back turned, gazing out of the window. Tes Global Ltd is 25 years after its release, La Haine stands as a riveting testament to France’s neglected underclass. With Saïd’s face now solely in the frame, he shuts his tear-filled eyes and we hear the sound of a gunshot. Hubert then joins Vinz and Saïd as they wander around the suburb talking with acquaintances, selling marijuana and ribbing each other as the hours tick by. Each individual track in this compilation album were thus inspired by the script and themes of the film. Riots soon followed in protest, just as the film shows in the opening documentary footage. in this essay, I will write about those which stand out most in my opinion. Saïd takes a look at it and awes in admiration. The screen cuts to black and the credits roll. Luckily, Hubert swats the gun away, delivers a knockout punch to the officer and the two meet back up with Saïd before boarding a train to Paris. Once Saïd and Hubert are about to be taken to the holding cell, the rookie’s nervous gaze falls to the floor. Hubert runs up behind Vinz and smacks the back of his head in anger, leading to yet another argument between the three friends. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. We then see Vinz sitting at a dining table with his sister, aunt and grandmother while Saïd joins them. No indication of who shot who. Appearing to be in his early twenties, Hubert is portrayed as the wise, elder, level-headed senior of the group. A gunshot goes off and one of the cops goes flying through a glass window. It featured big names from the French hip-hop scene, such as IAM, Assassin, Sens Unik, to name just three. The camera cuts back to Vinz and it’s made clear that he merely fantasized about shooting the officer and that the “gun” in his hand was just his fingers. La haine was not the first French film on the banlieue, but it was the first of such films to have such a hugely popular reception, achieving international acclaim.

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