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Yippee!" Whether that was because the show should have been extended or bad writing (I feel it's a bit of both) it felt either too fast or too slow. Out on the Sky House grounds, Ji-woon broods. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); How could he know when he signed on that it would be so horrible? "You mean he won't wake up in a few minutes from his month long coma, and after 10 hour surgery?? If all the questionaire of why, how, what happen, where are put into the drama, it will definitely come to be 60 odd episodes. Asian Comedy Drama, Asian Romance Drama. Especially why it feels that he was filming a different drama from everyone else in the first half of the series. This drama was meh and yes, too many plot-holes to be filled.... No rewatching for me. Bodyguard Lee has also found another road to walk, teaching at a taekwondo dojo. So many could have beens with this show. Oh darn. Fate for a cameo to make the OTP's relationship more "epic". Ah, an imperfect, but still fun show! Yeah, I finished this drama but I wouldn't mind asking my 16 hrs back. Plus that dam***@@@##*d repetitive song made me want to scream and go running out of the room...not unlike listening to "It's A Small Small World" on the Disneyland ride. Hyun-min meets Ha-won, bringing the rest of her things from Sky House. If it leads to performances like Cinderella's we can very well do without it. She spends her days making her customers look beautiful but doesn’t pay much attention to her own appearance. Both Ha won and Jiwoon's mother died in the fire. When Ha-won’s real family calls for help, it comes down to her to decide whether to stand by the family she’s made, or the one she was born into. But it got boring after Hyun Min suddenly changed interest. I wish the second half of the drama could have just been Ji-Woon and Ha-Won having lots of lovely kisses instead of all of the tropes thrown in there. Plus, Grandpa called him a good-for-nothing when he was a top star, what happens now that he’s gone back to singing on the street for chump change? We always knew what to expect, and it always delivered - annoying second female leads, pointless power struggles, inheritance plots, noble idiocy, exaggeratedly evil family members and all. So you thought your wife had and affair and you raised the child for what, eighteen years without any affection and just couldn't wait to ditch her when she turned legal? The two meet in the middle, and Ji-woon opens his hand to reveal Little Ha-won’s mourning hair ribbon, and Ha-won holds out Little Ji-woon’s mourning band. 1. I might be in the minority on this, but I could feel the chemistry between the characters right from the beginning. What happened to choosing an heir? However it was fluffy and cute in places and the chemistry between Park Sodam and Jung Ilwoo is no joke! Twelve points, douze points for staying true to yourself till the end, girl! Will Sakura revel in the attention of the handsome but dangerous Hiroto or notice the constant interest of her hard-talking and hard-drinking salon manager, Rintaro (Naohito Fujiki)? I enjoyed this drama so much that I went to the trouble of watching it live and I haven't been doing that ever since YAB. I didn't hate the show, but I also never expected it to be anything other than what it was...a cute, somewhat throwback, piece of fluff that pretty much communicated every plot twist miles in advance. I also really liked the music in this show. I'm done willing myself through nose-diving shows. Grandpa tells Hwa-ja that he made a mistake with his own children, believing that he always knew best, and almost made the same mistake with his grandchildren. I’m not even sure what was going through Grandpa Kang’s head when he decided to take Hwa-ja back – can a liver transplant affect your reasoning skills? Grandpa doesn’t push, but he does say that Ha-won is welcome to come back to Sky House whenever she wants. Sure, we knew that their mothers had a connection, but to introduce a childhood meeting where they promised to find each other one day in the last episode was just distracting. They smile at each other, then Ji-woon reaches out and pulls Ha-won in for a deep kiss. Sakura is a single 39-year-old woman. It's so good to be out in the fresh air again! I hate it when people who've had organ transplants -either donor or recipient - get up out of bed, get dressed and go home after a couple of days in k-dramas. But I had faith that he would not betray the boys. Sakura makes customers pretty, but she isn't interested in making herself pretty. She remembers Grandpa’s words about choosing Ji-woon over money and realizes that, with her family in financial trouble, she can’t choose Ji-woon. Like, #[email protected])@)@)@)@!!! Like when Hawon and Jiwoon got caught dating by Grandfather Kang it the SAME EPISODE! Yes. After a royal murder shakes things up at the palace, Oh Sunny attempts to search for true love and happiness while bringing down the imperial family. Other than that CandidClown and chickachunga deserve an award for recapping it. It did have its flaws, a lot at that but all the same I enjoyed it cos it was a drama I looked forward to every week. I think the characters and their dynamics were interesting and had the potential for a feel good longer family drama, but I was never in denial that this was just a fluffy and predictable romcom and in that case I think it delivered. Well, no, idiot, I'm not OK and I'm not lying here to make YOU feel This was a cute drama and I think I could have forgiven everything if they gave me my love triangle and erased Hye Ji, that was a totally unnecessary character that did nothing meaningful and was totally useless. Connect with Facebook Done. He playfully snarks at her that it isn’t like she committed some grave sin, yet she left her room empty and made him bring her belongings. The two recognize each other from the bus stop the other day. (I'm pretty new to watching korean dramas.) I think what must have happened was that the production company finally watched all the middle episodes, realized the writer and director were up a creek without a paddle, and threw other people at it to create an ending, any ending, please just make this end. And then he dares to ask her to come back? Still hope to see PSD and JIW in another drama cause they seriously have amazing chemistry and look super good together. Ji-woon and Ha-won became kinda cute, Seo-woo was always cute, I liked Yoon-sung and his smile, and there are some scenes I'll probably re-watch, but overall I’m disappointed with this drama. Sheeeeesh, I barely passed high school chemistry and even I know this sh*t is wrong. Except then she went broke and had to live with them. The ring is #2,317 of things that don't make sense in this show. You’ve always approached me first, and yet…”. Haha aww thanks @lunatic4kd. Same, went in with somewhat low expectations (just wanted light and fluffy to end my week), and got it. Ugh, really? ? This drama had so many problems there were many unanswered questions and plot lines. I think I would've liked him more as a second lead than Hyun Min, who wasn't really much of a second lead...since he basically did everything to forget Hye Ji or make her jealous. Ha-won and her dad get off the bus together, right where Ji-woon is waiting for his wayward Cinderella. Smiling gently, Grandpa says that it’s all up to the two of them now: He gives them his blessing. The most hilarious thing for me in this drama was back in episode 3, Ha won was skyping with Grandpa and he was holding his cell phone one minute, but the next it was floating! I'll just say that I enjoyed the fluff for what it was and overall, it was a feel-good show. Maybe even the decade. Hwa-ja agrees, but asks him to keep hating just her, and not blame her son for her wrongdoings. or Looks like Grandpa will remain as Chairman. Lee bows deeply to Grandpa and leaves. - how truly geeeeenius is Hyun-Min and how does he become a true heir ? Goes to show how lacking it is), i am always back for more each week. Jiwoon was a character I also had a problem with, his constant coldness and unwillingness to open up was grating 'cause it went on for too long and when he suddenly went from emo to sunshine it was jarring because there was no consistent development as to why he would feel that way. Not only did Shin Eun Kyung do her best to make her co-stars less nervous, but she thoughtfully observed their acting and offered warm, detailed advice during rehearsals. Ji-woon figures out pretty quickly who would suffer more and darts after his lady love. It's about 26:45 into the episode! Much of Ji-woon's earlier scenes showed him brooding in his batcave and pretending to sort through random boxes there!

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