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If you’re jealous, that’s great I don’t have any reason to see you again, this is my last goodbye, 할 말도 없어 사과도 하지 마 neone mal mal josim. However, drawing in the smoke may cause bouts of coughing. Good luck, 더 볼 일 없어 마지막 인사야 geodeuphaeseo ssibeojulge seutaui jeonyeoge, World businet haeksim Fighting~ :3. Please do after September 30, 2017. Exclusively bred by The Clone Zone, the genetic heritage of Lodi Dodi is undefined and closely guarded. Bad smell on a good scent is against the rules jigeum jugeodo nan gaehaengbok As far as a better way to use this produce; I recommend looking up "how to infuse coconut oil with Cannabis". 너무 busy 내 온몸이 모잘라. I’ll take care of the parents well instead of you who couldn’t do it. neoui gakmak kkamjjak nollaji Once you make a batch you can figure out how much you need to take at regular intervals to manage your pain. We’re sharp tasting, like coke I’m so sorry for being too successful, mommy  혹 배가 아프다면 고소해 If you’re jealous, then sue me Not only that, but it also promotes a keener sensitivity as well as heightened focus. You guys watch your words words, These are totally words for you I was anxious to read your ramblings.. 우리 콘서트 절대 없어 포도 Steve Aoki Remix: Spotify | Apple Music | Music Video, Yeah 누가 내 수저 더럽대 (Maybe they were hungry when they wrote these lyrics? Lodi dodi, ah I’m so busy Bright light, step forward There’s no need to meet again, this is final goodbye watch your foot foot can i have your permission to translate this into Greek? Sue it, Did you see my bag Spoon class theory refers to the idea that individuals can be classified into different socioeconomic classes (spoon classes) based on the income or assets of their parents and that one’s success in life depends entirely on being born into a wealthy family. I’m so firin’ firin’ seonghwabongsong Live a life, man We collapse on the stage neomu busy nae onmomi mojalla. ”. Not only that, but it also promotes a keener sensitivity as well as … There are never empty spots at our concerts. MIC Drop I’ve read translations like “serves you right” which is fairly good too. As a Sativa-dominant strain, its effects center largely on the mind. I’m so firin’ firin’, relaying the torch 너네 말 말 조심, 이거 완전 네 글자 Please take your time, and keep translating. For the duties you missed as a good child, In our concert we never have no empty seat, I DO IT. Completely comfortable, most users end up falling asleep. Aesop’s Fables always end by encouraging good and punishing evil. I did the translations in a rush when I was tired so I’m hoping to clean things up a bit/proof-read by then. 새끼 means (i) a baby (animal; also can be used to a human to mean a baby when used by parents or grandparents) or (ii) a bugger, jerk, or little shit. Your translations help me a lot to understand what the actual meaning the boys wanted to get across to us. deo bol il eopseo majimak insaya MIC Drop MIC Drop baam, Lodi dodi oh I’m so busy I’ll chew them repeatedly at the star’s dinner (3). This strain has a flowering period of 10 to 12 weeks indoors. Although sour citrus piques the palate, it is balanced by sweet notes of honey. 할 말도 없어 사과도 하지 마 How you dare The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Robert Bergman, is a marijuana growing expert that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. Although it has a relatively less Indica side, recreational users should not underestimate its capability. It seems like they lyrics used 각막 (corneas; gakmak) instead of 동공 (pupils; donggong) because -k sounds stronger/fiercer than -ng. Not quite how to translate it – there is no exact equivalent in English. “No grapes” mean that they’re sold out..and sold out so fast that most people can’t even see these purple dots. Drop with exhaustion on stage ” (Side note: “Lodi dodi” has been used by many hip hop artists including Korean ones. You’re hurriedly hurriedly running away shongshong I had a stroke 10yrs ago that left me with a migraine like headache 24/7 and complete body nerve damage I take very high doses of narcotics everyday just to get up and do my thing. In instances when some people do end up using too much, then all bets are off. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Did you see my bag “Undercooked” could refer to “steaks” but could also mean “unripe” –> the actual phrase is more like “failed to ripen well.”  The term seems to imply “failed to mature well/immature”. Wordpla: (1) When something is refreshing or extremely delightful in a slowly-progressing situation, Koreans say “it feels like a sprite,” which is in line with “we taste sharp like cola). Suddenly yelling out in anger Too busy, I’m running out of myself Aesop’s fables fly You guys watch your words words Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I knew that south-eastern writing can be interpreted in many different ways, and I did catch some of the deeper meanings from the translations but woah your hard work in ramblings really brings out a deeper level of the whole song. Composition: Pdogg, Supreme Boi, 방시혁, 제이홉, 랩몬스터 How you think bout that I hope you write your ramblings of the other songs as well – even if you say they are straight foward, it is so nice to read your interpretation. It is the creation of Smokey Point Productions, a group of Washington state-based breeders who supply area dispensaries with strains like Dirty Girl.Although Lodi Dodi’s genetics are kept proprietary by Smokey Point, it is known to impart a creative, thoughtful high. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. BTS, coming from a small entertainment agency in an industry that is dominated and almost governed by few big agencies, has been going through unfair treatments and unnecessary hardships. I’m so firin’ firin’, torchbearing, 너는 황급히 황급히 도망 숑숑 사귀필정 (事必歸正) ah. You’re just hurriedly hurriedly running, shong shong (kinda…cute sound effects of running) “Worldwide” manghal geo gatassgessjiman I’m fine, sorry TIP: Looking to buy Lodi Dodi seeds? Sue it. This contrasts beautifully with the orange pistil hairs and iridescent amber trichomes surrounding the round nugs. Mic Drop Last updated: September 18, 2017 by ilyricsbuzz, Album: LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ It may be quite intense but rather than crippling users, it helps clear the mind. this is a commonly used expression, like wishing they had additional self, so they can get more things done. Users of Lodi Dodi may have to brace themselves for headaches, dizziness, and maybe anxiety. Mic Drop It probably seemed like we were gonna fail, I’m fine, sorry His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more]. World Business headline I had no clue this song has so many word plays. “Billboard” Meh. It’s too heavy, my hands aren’t enough Idk, I just haven’t seen this fact in any explanations and I’ve been disappointed because I really like the possible meaning behind it. I’m so firin’ firin’ 성화봉송 Lodi dodi, ah I’m so busy, 더 볼 일 없어 마지막 인사야 But less is lost with translations like these. It can also work as a sedative. I’m so firin’ firin’ torch relay 꽤 꽤 폼나지 포 포 폼나지, Yeah nuga nae sujeo deoreopdae I think something that should also be acknowledged in the lyrics is the like “you are a tasteless ratatouille.” I think it’s worth noting that ratatouille is traditionally viewed as a peasant dish; it’s like saying, the only people who are interested in you, in digesting you and your opinions, are peasants, are “lesser”. Good luck. Players gon’ play Lodi Dodi [Explicit] by Snoop Doggy Dogg from the Album Doggystyle [Explicit] Lodi by Jeffrey Foucault from the Album Stripping Cane. sapilgwijeong ah ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  This blog is incredible and I never realized how much effort our boys put into their lyrics. Required fields are marked *. Aesop’s fable Fly I don’t care I grab the mic, I got several golden spoons Lodi Dodi is a mysterious, sativa-dominant hybrid with a uniquely sweet flavor and well-balanced, therapeutic high. Lodi dodi a neomu bappa. Lodi dodi, Ah too busy (3) 씹다 can mean (i) to chew or (ii) to speak ill of someone. Live a life. General CommentThis song is a kinda cover of a Slick Rick song; just a little dirtier.Just a classic rap song. (1) 잘 못 익은 것들 can be undercooked stuff or unripe stuff as 익다 can mean (i) to be cooked and (ii) to ripen. And I’m pretty sure Rap Mon wrote this line since he also mentions Doggystyle in Hip Hop Lover and Lodi Dodi is a track in that album. Lodi dodi, Ah too busy Snoop Dogg has a song called Lodi Dodi (thanks Anony in comments) Too busy, I’m running out of myself this is a commonly used expression, like wishing they had additional self, so they can get more things done. 좋은 향기에 악췬 반칙 There’s an idiom “벼는 익을수록 고개를 숙인다 (As it ripens, the rice lowers its head),” which is similar to “the nobler, the humbler.” So the undercooked steaks can be interpreted as arrogant and immature people. Greetings from Brazil! Your corneas will get surprised For this reason, it can be of great help to those with trouble sleeping. 미안해 worldwide 버럭해 잘 못 익은 것들 스테끼 여러 개 MIC Drop teuropideullo baegi gadeukhae For inquiries and feedback, please use this form. How you think bout that Nonetheless, the psychedelic effects combined with its fruity aroma makes it a promising strain. 할 말도 없어 사과도 하지 마, 잘 봐 넌 그 꼴 나지 A week or two into the blooming phase, Lodi Dodi’s buds turn forest green in color. We taste sharp like cola seoboe 1sunwi maejin MIC trop baam, Haters gon’ hate Sorry Billboard I-it’s cool, c-c-cool, Rom: iLyricsBuzz The word “lodi” means idol, it is a slang word in the Philippiness. No, that word is “ommo.” It does not have the “a” sound that “eomma” has. It is […], Kerry, In the case of Soulshine, they used Trainwreck and Haze. It is a simple process using a "sous vide" cooker (water bath) for a few days and following a process that allows you to ingest the finished product for pain, or use it topically for pain. Look at your reality, serves, serves your right They’re saying they’re sorry, but they’re on Billboard. Based on its aroma that is reminiscent of the tropics, some people think the Hawaiian Sativa may be one of its predecessors. man ( Log Out /  I’m sorry that we’re on Billboard despite your predicting/hoping our failure, 미안해 worldwide bal bal josim. Fulfill the fillial duty that you didn’t do I wonder the hidden meanings since some lines were really confusing for me. man Good luck. Written by:  Pdogg, Supreme Boi, Bang PD, J-Hope, Rap Monster.

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