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Have you ever met a starving artist? It could be the art of even begging. All the actors have done justice to their roles, except at some points the nasal voice of Sanam Saeed becomes irritating. Subsequently, Jamal is unable to find work, as no employer is able to appreciate his literary ideals. The bustle of the city, the madness of sea waves in moonlight and Mir’s kalam in the background are a treat to both the eye and ear. The madness (wehshat) of Mir is renowned in Urdu literature, which further increases the love for the less written personality of Mir and his highest stature in Urdu poetry. Fahad addressed my queries at the film’s press conference earlier, where he said ‘you will leave the theatre with a question,’ and he was right. Bravo, The film itself is a piece of Art and not everybody is interested in art that much so yeah it won,t do very well commercially. This makes Mah i Mir a rather prescient work that anticipates its every challenge in the box office, yet refuses to pander to what sells. Pvt. The ghazals of Mir are used beautifully in the movie, in accordance with the situations. it's a 'movie' not masala or hotch-potch of several items that sell. The shots taken of Karachi give us a glimpse as to why it has been called the city of lights. Two things are clearly the movie’s strength: Mir’s poetry recitals (both in songs and background) and the cinematography of Karachi. I just watched the trailer but instantly fell in love. Mah e Mir (2016) Plot. Imaan Ali also plays two roles: one of Mir’s famous first love, Mehtab Begum and the second an unnamed and mysterious love of Jamal. So, he finds the time to write poetry - and in a new style, inspired by a chance encounter with a fellow poet (Iman Ali) whom he falls in love with at first sight. The two-and-a-half hour film tested the patience of its audience on the first day of the film's screening, as significant numbers left the halls at various points of the film. Beauty is the only word that can describe the movie. The film is thus framed as a damning comment on the commercialisation of the arts and its criticism. That is precisely the centre of the movie. I do hope that more filmmakers are interested in making something other than money: Classics. I am still waiting. Will be found at the gym if not in the office. Sarmad Sehbai. People left the movie midway; those who stayed back could be seen laughing and talking loudly, commenting on how they don’t get a word of what’s being said in the film. Manzar Sehbai, who plays Dr. Kaleem in the film, explains this with ease: a classic is a classic because of its timelessness, its ability to speak to an audience from any time era. What makes a classic a classic? Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver. In a key moment in Mah e Mir, Dr Kaleem, on handing Jamal a set of Mir's poetry, tells him: “You can’t drive without a rearview mirror.” The rest of the film drives this point home; we need to learn from our past mistakes, we need to retain elements of our culture that made us who we are even as we take steps forward. As he's advised to switch to novels from poetry, he brings to mind a sweeping preference for the tried-and-tested and a disdain for new (or old) ideas and experiments. The promos reveal an intensity and poetic beauty which is far above the commercial crap we get served by the worlds biggest film industry. 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Mah-e-Mir can mostly definitely be a film that can and will be discussed and studied in the future. He also explains that Mir or Ghalib didn’t speak to any one in particular, their writings are musings of their mind, as if they were trying to resolve their own issues by talking to themselves. It talks about new age media and how it’s affecting the quality of literature being produced. However, with Mah-e-Mir, both Shahi Hasan and Ahmad Jahanzaib have delivered one of the finest music albums of late. And his greatness proved by a single line:  Hum yeh nahi kehtay ke Mir kehta tha, hum kehtay haen ke Mir kehta hai. Awesome Movie for those having a nack for Urdu Adab.................... Greating acting by Sehbai, Fahad and Imaan Ali. Mah-e-Mir is a major step in the already rejuvenating Pakistani cinema. | Top Billed Cast. We all have heard the line “We’re making what the masses want and will pay money for,” but what ends up being produced on the screen is something half intelligent, and unimpressive. When a story has been constructed well, you can look past bad acting and average art direction. Through Mah e Mir, Sehbai is both reclaiming our history, and insisting on not catering to our unfortunately acquired taste for Hollywood and Bollywood formula films. However, with Mah-e-Mir, both Shahi Hasan and Ahmad Jahanzaib have delivered one of the finest music albums of late. As Jamal entreats his publisher to not underestimate readers, he brings to mind current-day film producers who do the same. I have seen it yesterday, its a treat for the art lovers. FM Qureshi says PM Khan highlights Kashmir issue at world level, Pakistan welcomes truce between Azerbaijan, Armenia. A modern poet Jamal who is against the traditional Urdu Poetry reads the biography of Mir Taqi Mir,one of the greatest poets of the 18th century. For Sarmad Sehbai, films like Mah e Mir seek to subvert Pakistan's contempt for itself, The question of who Mir is became the theme of our film, says Mah-i-Mir writer Sarmad Sehbai, Fahad Mustafa channels Mir Taqi Mir, Iman Ali makes a comeback in this new film. And sees Mir's reflection on his personality. The story shows the tussle between post-modernist poets and classical poetry. The music of movie has been arranged and composed by Shahi and Ahmed Jahanzeb. To address the first opinion, there were some factors in the movie that made me want to get up and leave too. Eagerly waiting to see this movie. a Very good movie to watch and you will lost in 18th century. Do critics only praise films that the masses don’t really like? Is Turkey remodeling Pakistan’s soft power? The movie is a great piece of art and can only be understood by those who read Urdu literature. Mah-e-Mir is a story that follows the struggle of a contemporary poet and draws parallels with events in Mir’s life. And these two things are the focus of the new Pakistani movie Mah-e-Mir. Can we make classics in this day as well? Story, Writer. The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute who has studied film and journalism from SZABIST. Plot Keywords This is how Jamal's story intersects with Mir's. With a dialogue-heavy script in archaic Urdu, a two-track story that audience may struggle to grasp, a mostly restrained romance and a deeply philosophical slant, the film has relied solely on the star power of Fahad Mustafa and Iman Ali to draw in the crowds. The strongest role of the film is played by Manzar Sehbai (Dr. Sajjad Kalim), a critic and true lover of classic Urdu poetry. The film talks about classic versus modern, shedding light on the dying appreciation for classical Urdu literature through the life of a writer, Jamal, played by Fahad, and his own personal struggles. I always thought I was most comfortable with Urdu, but watching Mah-e-Mir, made me cringe from within. The songs not only stay true to the story but also add character to the film. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. After long regarding Mir as a dated or irrelevant poet, Jamal finally delves into his work, and discovers many parallels between Mir's predicament and his own. I just watched the trailer but instantly fell in love. | Ltd. ( for Dawn. Well done. After a lengthy four-year production and several delays in release, the highly awaited Mah e Mir emerged as anything but conventional cinematic fare. I also hope that our masses are more accepting of films that challenge them to think and understand the world around them. a great combination of knowledge and entertainment. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Will the movie be released in Norway? The songs not only stay true to the story but also add character to the film. Showing all 1 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Summaries. Perhaps that is what makes their work relatable to all audiences. Mah-e-Mir is a major step in the already rejuvenating Pakistani cinema. This movie didnt release in the UK or USA why? A big boo-boo in casting Fahad Mustafa as the rebellious artist. Sanam Saeed has delivered a very one dimensional performance which was not believable or enjoyable. This movie is a befitting dedication to the Mir of Delhi, and a beautiful present for fans of Mir’s kalam and his madness. Many will see it on TV as this type of cinema is not mostly viewed in theaters. Jawani Phir Nai Aani may have made a lot of money on the box office, but ten years from now, will critics and students or simply cinema-goers be talking about the film? But instead of staying rooted to the somewhat obscure facts of his life, writer Sehbai imagines the poet's famed 'madness' and isolation and relates it to the woes of the modern-day artist or writer, who is weary of an increasing demand for easily digestible, mainstream art. Many people may not care about the enduring relevance of Mir, but it's a message that Sarmad Sehbai is bent on imparting. And so Mah e Mir is a film about obsession, about pursuing your passion, about hearing (and listening to) your inner voice, about staying true to the purest, most honest part of yourself while society around you brays at the gall of your non-conformity.

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