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Legal commentator Kenneth White described the suit as “clearly vexatious and intended to silence dissent about an alleged scientist’s peer-reviewed article.”. When I informed Fox about Green Century’s ongoing investments in carbon-heavy industries, he said, “Well, I’m all for an investigation of those things on real grounds.”, In the same breath, Fox pivoted to another complaint about “Planet of the Humans”: “The film attacks Bill McKibben in ways that were unfair and untrue.”. Even if the ambitious agenda fails to deliver any substantial environmental good, it promises a growing class of green investors another opportunity to do well. As the Washington Post reported, “the Rockefeller Brothers fund’s assets grew at an annual average rate of 7.76 percent over the five-year period that ended Dec. 31, 2019.”. Christopher Ketcham, author of “This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the American West,” was among those unable to find a venue in which to defend the documentary. But the show was abruptly canceled after the Public accused Fox of violating the theater’s code of conduct through “a series of verbal abuses to the staff.”, Fox, who is Jewish, retaliated by accusing the theater’s directors of anti-Semitism. 633, This story has been shared 586 times. “We were unable to identify any factual errors in the film, and we’re open to the idea that we could be wrong about some things,” Zehner said. pic.twitter.com/6QFx2Y3iP4, — Basin & Range Watch (@BasinRange) September 6, 2020. “A growing number of investors representing a growing amount of capital do not want to be associated with this industry any longer,” Boeve stated. “Planet of the Humans” portrayed these technologies as anything but green, surveying the environmental damage already caused by solar and wind farms, which require heavy mining and smelting to produce, destroy swaths of pristine land, and sometimes demand natural gas to operate. Gibbs also toes the line on energy. “They know we have the greatest lithium reserves in the world [in a space of] 16,000 square kilometers.”. What we were trying to do was highlight the dangers of a consumption-based economic model.”. “We focus on the integration of doing good (for the planet) and doing well (financially).”. An author and journalist, Bryce has been writing about energy, politics, and the environment for more than 30 years. Many of those attacks painted the film’s presentation of solar and wind to present the documentary as out of date and filled with misinformation. Now, with the Biden campaign promising a new flood of renewable subsidies and tax breaks under the auspices of a “clean” energy plan, the public remains in the dark about what it is signing up for. It is hard to think of an American film that provoked a greater backlash in 2020 than “Planet of the Humans.” Focused on the theme of planetary extinction and fanciful proposals to ward it off, the documentary was released for free on YouTube on April 21. “We were extremely uncomfortable with the moral ambivalence of funding programs around the climate catastrophe while still being invested in the fossil fuels that were bringing us closer to that catastrophe,” Rockefeller Brothers Fund President Stephen Heintz said. And that is patently ridiculous,” Fox remarked to me. Solar panels work on rooftops. A civil engineer and co-founder of Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy, which advocates for renewables, Ingraffea is a former oil and gas industry insider who turned into a forceful opponent of fracking. This May, just days after Domini sponsored McKibben’s talk, the company purchased a second biomass plant. Much of that funding came courtesy of the Rockefeller Brothers Cultural Innovation Fund and Rockefeller MAP fund, as well as the Ford and Park Foundations. That’s not what today is about.”, In addition to McKibben, Gibbs also ridicules the Sierra Club, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Al Gore, Vinod Khosla, Elon Musk, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who declares that once you build a wind project, “it’s free energy forever.”, While Planet of the Humans provides a welcome – and much-needed exposé on the myths of “green” energy – in the end, it merely reprises a belief that has defined modern environmentalism for decades. But thanks to the campaign by Fox and his allies, much of the debate wound up focused on the film itself, and the credibility of its producers. But this film ain't it. Fox’s ties to the professional activists extend to the funding network centered around the Environmental Grantmakers Association. Uninspiring and just scientifically wrong. It began when the foundation incubated a group called 1Sky with a $1 million grant. “I can’t guess. A scientific projection by one of the closest allies of Josh Fox and Anthony Ingraffea was supposed to have answered that question and put all doubts to bed. Even after the Obama administration poured billions of dollars into solar projects, solar energy output increased between 2008 and 2016 by just .88% as a total of American energy production. He @MMFlint is receiving too much attention for a film which forgot to mention solar panel efficiency is 24% and mislead the viewer to believe its only 9%. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A Cast Guide To Netflix's Film Version of the Tony Award-Winning Play, Meet the Gay Pioneers Who Made 'The Boys in the Band' Happen, Real-Life Couple Ben Lewis and Blake Lee Cast in Lifetime's First LGBTQ Movie, Kate Winslet's Movie Love Interests (If They Were Sandwiches), Sorry, Lily Collins, Emily from 'Emily in Paris' is Definitely Not 22. However, the communities (or their designated NGO representatives) supposedly compensated through the New York State bill are not located in the regions that will be most impacted by the extraction necessary to manufacture so-called renewables. Klein’s 2015 book and documentary film on climate change, “This Changes Everything,” was initially launched as a project called “The Message.” It was supported with hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from a who’s who of major family foundations that help sustain McKibben’s political apparatus. The negative impact of massive wind farms on the environment and marginalized communities – an issue highlighted in “Planet of the Humans” – is also a serious concern, especially in the Global South. This story has been shared 2,363 times. https://t.co/G6pvuOsb0P, — Films For Action (@FilmsForAction) May 26, 2020. It was also central to the energy plan advanced by the  presidential campaigns of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who co-authored an op-ed with Jacobson that called for a full transition to “clean” energy by 2050. The outcome of the Rockefellers’ widely praised move established a clear precedent for other elite institutions: by allowing organizations like 350.org to lead them by the hand, they could greenwash their image, offload stocks in a fossil fuel industry described by financial analysts as a “chronic underperformer,” and protect their investments in growth industries like mining, oil services, and biomass. We’re not all crazy. The Michael Moore-produced ‘Planet of the Humans’ faced a coordinated suppression campaign led by professional climate activists backed by the same ‘green’ billionaires, Wall Street investors, industry insiders and family foundations skewered in the film. In 2014, following consultations with 350.org, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced that it was divesting from fossil fuels. In its first year, the massive plant produced less than half its of its planned energy goal while burning over 6000 birds to death. In the weeks ahead of the Democratic National Convention, climate justice organizations like the Sunrise Movement 501 c-4 which emerged in the shadow of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential run and condemned former Vice President Joseph Biden as a tool of the establishment suddenly changed their tune. The environmental leader praised the initiative as “an act of courage.”. Following an article at The Guardian branding the film as “dangerous,” Gibbs emailed the paper’s opinion editors requesting a right of reply. In total, this will damage over 10,000 acres of habitat for Threatened Desert Tortoise. Klein and other high-profile Green New Deal proponents have neglected to mention that this seeming benign component of the well-intentioned plan could represent a giant step on the way to the “high tech dystopia” of Silicon Valley barons and their national security state partners. During their conversation, the investor Blood pledged to mobilize “something in the order of $40 to $50 trillion of capital” in renewables, underscoring the massive profit center that a transition to “green” energy represents.

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