novigrad, closed city ii

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Head back to Novigrad and -if you go through one of the gates to reach the city - you’ll be accosted by a guard, who’ll demand your papers. Head to either of the available map markers to find the keys. There's only like 10 quests or so, right? Sure but is this one in particular a good quest? Novigrad, Closed City II (after 1.10 now marked as failed. There is another version of this quest called Novigrad: Closed City which is begun by speaking with Lissi, another NPC in another part of town. Side quests, including monster contracts and treasure hunts for obtaining powerful Witcher sets. Loot the barrels in the fork room before you run off, as they can be quite lucrative. Once in the sewers continue south, then west, where you’ll encounter some Drowners (level fifteen). Either way head through a door to the east to find the hiding mages. I just started playing after half a year again, and much has happened with the ui and layout. You most likely completed this quest successfully - prior to the patch, there wasn't a part II. Avenge poor Walter by picking a fight with the Witch Hunters, then loot one of their bodies to obtain a “Warrant” . Backtrack to the north and continue on in that direction into a new room where you can blast the wall to the west with Aard to reach a hidden library. Before returning to Triss, though, another quest should have opened up in the city, and… well, why not take care of it now? Note: Getting to far away from this quest area will fail the quest. Continue west into a chamber and loot the parcels and barrels along the western wall, then head down a passage to the south, where Triss will whine. Kill them (Triss will offer magical support) then loot a chest along the southern wall, an top of a wooden structure. But now one has appeared. ©Copyright 2008-2020 Almar's Guides. There's one more quest you can do, bearing the same name as the last, although altogether more trivial. There is another version of this quest called Novigrad: Closed City which is begun by speaking with Lissi, another NPC in another part of town. I just started playing after half a year again, and much has happened with the ui and layout. Go visit Triss in her apartment, near which you’ll notice that some guards are outside, which Geralt recognizes as yet another bad sign. Quest "Novigrad Closed City II" marked as failed after applying 1.10 patch Just noticed that the quest Novigrad Closed City || was marked as failed after applying patch 1.10 SpecificallyI get the cross mark on Follow the missing man's trail using your Witcher senses in the quest log. Yeah, same here. If you continue up some stairs to the east you can kill a trio of Drowners (level fifteen) and loot the room to find some containers with a few useful crafting components in them, and a lot of junk. Is there a way to start this over? Looks like you need to find all three keys to unlock the treasure here. Novigrad, Closed City, quest walkthrough and hints. Reading the Warrant will start the quest “Novigrad, Closed City” . Area: Novigrad Investigate it, then head upstairs and light a torch on a support pillar and go into the secret room that opens up to the west, where you’ll find a “Letter About Treasure” and a “Key” on the desk. same here, i've completed this quest long time ago (it's buged but i somehow make it)... but now it's marked as failed. Either leave the Witch Hunter to his fate or fight the bandits on his behalf. Continue west, then follow the tunnel north and investigate the western wall to identify some claw marks. To start this quest, talk to Lussi, who you will find on the bridge leading to the temple island. Can someone tell me without spoiling anything, what have i missed? You start the one with the 3 keys by helping a woman on the bridge area. Same here, as posted on this thread for PC: Same for me. Archived. Alternatively, he can rescue a man named Wallter from witch hunters behind Crippled Kate's. Inside the house Triss is arguing with her landlords; make a timed decision to stand by, or interfere on Triss’ behalf. When it falls, loot it, and the room, then head through a gate and up some stairs to the east. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to help him hunt down a friend of his who is in trouble. © Valve Corporation. After the fight, the witch hunter, which is seriously injured, will ask you to take him to a medic. Same here. Novigrad, Closed City II. Area: Novigrad Location: Novigrad Quest Giver: Bandits Other Requirements: Don't stray too far from the quest area otherwise you'll fail. Sadly, I don't think I will ever play this game again. Unlike Keira, Triss is more than eager to toast the buggers. The whole Quen-and-counter routine probably won’t get you anyways this time, unless you like both Geralt AND the vampire to remain at full health.

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