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The opening poem of that collection features a title that is anything but simple and direct. But then, his real work was accomplished when he talked. • Young King, The from ‘A House of Pomegranates’ He moved to Chelsea, an avant-garde neighborhood in London, but his father's death and the family's snowballing debts forced him to embark on a lecture tour of the United States in 1882. Preferring to explore his own thoughts about art and politics through idiosyncratic readings of Plato, Shakespeare, and contemporary painting, Wilde had a social circle which featured a diverse cast of characters, among them poets, painters, theater personalities, intellectuals, and London "rent boys" (male prostitutes). Oscar’s elder William Wilde was a leading to-ophthalmologic surgeon from Ireland and was consequently knighted in 1864 for his services. • Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, La • For Love of the King, a Burmese Masque A short play 712 ratings — • Easter Day published 1887, avg rating 4.38 — at Oxford, Wilde settled in London in 1879 and two years later published his first book, Poems. • Queen Henrietta Maria • Symphony In Yellow 1878 - Ravenna. 166 ratings — • Sphinx, The The problem with the novel in England, Wilde claims, is that writers do not lie enough; they do not have enough imagination in their works: “they find life crude, and leave it raw.” In this essay Wilde makes his seemingly outrageous statement that “life imitates Art far more than Art imitates life.” Though perhaps overstating the fact, Wilde convincingly discusses the many ways in which our perceptions of reality are affected by the art that we have experienced, an idea adapted from poet and critic, Wilde’s last important essay was written during his imprisonment. The imaginative sympathy of the giant is similar to that which Wilde ascribes to Christ in his later work, De Profundis (1905). A few of them are minor prose masterpieces, most notably “The Happy Prince,” “The Nightingale and the Rose,” “The Selfish Giant,” and “The Fisherman and His Soul.” But they should be taken seriously for another reason as well: they embody some of the conflicts and themes that run throughout Wilde’s work. published 1891, avg rating 3.92 — The audience rose in their seats and cheered and cheered again.” This time the critics were highly favorable in their reviews. Fiction/Novel Category • Libertatis Sacra Fames published 1888, avg rating 4.14 — Wilde entrusted the manuscript to the journalist Robert Ross. Quintus was careful to point out, however, that “Wilde’s tales are not ... designed to encourage faith or advocate Christianity.” As much as they sometimes seem to be moral exempla, his tales also have their uncertainties: love is complex, and sometimes unrequited; error is not always recognized; sin, in “The Fisherman and His Soul,” is the means by which harmony is achieved—Wilde’s version of the felix culpa, the fortunate fall. published 1896, avg rating 3.88 — • Model Millionaire, The • Les Silhouettes After earning his B.A. • Happy Prince, The • Lecture To Art Students • Portrait of Mr. W. H., The His works, from his Comedy of Manners plays to his verse compositions such as "Requiescat," have changed the landscape of literature since the late 1800s.... Oscar Wilde's one-act play, Salome, is a loose interpretation of the account of the beheading of St. John the Baptist in the 1st century A.D. as recorded in the New Testament (Gospel of Mark 6:15-29 and Gospel of Matthew 14:1-12). • Sainte Courtisane – A Fragment, La Wilde’s last work, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, was written shortly after his release from prison in 1897. published 1888, avg rating 3.68 — His most important critical essays were “The Decay of Lying,” “Pen, Pencil, and Poison,” “The Critic as Artist,” and “The Truth of Masks,” first published in, “Imaginative freedom is the key element in Wilde’s criticism. • At Verona • Endymion (For Music) 1,500 ratings — A Woman of No Importance and An Ideal Husband followed quickly on the success of Lady Windermere’s Fan and received similar acclaim from the audiences and similar disdain from the critics. 170 ratings — A collection of fairy tales that was published as a second collection for “The Happy Prince and Other Tales”. COMPLETE WORKS. Joyce Carol Oates in Critical Inquiry described the novel as a “parable of the fall” and identified Dorian’s sin in his practice of involving others, “without any emotion, ... in his life’s drama, simply as a method of procuring extraordinary sensations.” Miller struck a similar note, stating that “Dorian’s misfortune is not that he has lived deeply and well but that he loses the capacity to feel and with it the capacity to merge his life with others. The higher the imagination soars, both from the work of art and from reality, the better the criticism. • My Voice Oscar had later dedicated the poem Requiescat in her memory. published 1887, avg rating 3.49 — published 1893, avg rating 3.70 — “The Nightingale and the Rose” deals in a similar way with giving, but here the emphasis is on the need to sacrifice for love. For the novel’s hardcover edition, published the following year, Wilde made some changes, most important of which was the addition of six chapters and the famous epigrammatic preface. 1,115 ratings — At Reading Gaol, toward the end of his term, Wilde wrote the long letter to Lord Alfred Douglas that has come to be called De Profundis. This connection results as much from the lurid details of his life as from his considerable contributions to English literature. Wilde attended college at the Trinity College in Dublin from 1871 to 1874. Wilde advocates a nonauthoritarian socialism under which the individual would be freed from either the burden of poverty or the burdens of greed and guilt. $3.99 shipping. Before a group of listeners, especially if they were young and handsome and titled, he outdid himself. • Sonnet On Approaching Italy • House of Pomegranates, A Several volumes of the author’s letters have been published, including The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde, coedited by Wilde’s grandson, Merlin Holland, and published in 2000. The ballad tells a very moving story of a man condemned to death for the murder of his young wife and records the horror of his fellow prisoners as they watch him go through his last days. published 1887, avg rating 4.04 — • Canterville Ghost, The published 1880, avg rating 4.25 — Wilde had been introduced to “Bosie” Douglas, the son of the eighth Marquess of Queensberry, by the poet Lionel Johnson. A play which tells the Biblical story of Salome, stepdaughter of the tetrarch Herod Antipas, who requests the head of Jokanaan (John the Baptist) on a silver platter as a reward for dancing the dance of the seven veils. The Canterville Ghost was first published in 1887 in The Court and Society Review. The Importance of Being Earnest subsequently ran for a month with the author’s name removed from the playbills and the program; An Ideal Husband was canceled almost immediately. Wilde’s society friends must have been amused at his advocacy of socialism, but the conclusions of this essay are consistent with those of the other essays—if we accept his premises about socialism. 1,130 ratings — “I see you go directly for the soft underbelly, Cordelia Carstairs. In its first half Wilde recounts a previous relationship and extravagant lifestyle which eventually led to Wilde’s conviction and imprisonment for gross indecency. Most people exist, that is all.' • Reviews • Truth of Masks – A Note On Illusion, The Perhaps surprisingly, the reviews this time were more favorable. He wrote The Ballad of Reading Gaol in 1898 and published two letters on the poor conditions of prison. “I am an unspeakable of the Oscar Wilde sort.”, avg rating 4.08 — Just as the critic in this sense can be superior to the artist, so the artist is superior to the man of action. • Theoretikos Thereafter, he attended Magdalen College from 1874 to 1878. Lines such as “Why, I have met hundreds of good women. • Florentine Tragedy – A Fragment, A His only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891), is flawed as a work of art, but gained him much of his notoriety. 597 ratings — 45 $24.99 $24.99. His mother doted on him as a child and, according to Hyde, “insisted on dressing him in girl’s clothes.” Dr. William Wilde was a notorious philanderer, and, in an ironic foreshadowing of his son’s famous trials, suffered public condemnation when a libel case disclosed his sexual indiscretions with a young woman named Mary Travers.

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