peach faced lovebird mutations

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Matilda’s mask has still not completely colored out. The name Peach face lovebird often gets confused as being the birds Mutation (Aka color) when in fact it is the Species of Lovebird their scientific name is Agapornis roseicollis. Now the above birds are what are called “green series” mutations. She is about 7 months old here. At the moment they would be one of the most popular birds in Australia. They are from Africa. WARNING! The orange-faced mutation is STILL part of the peachfaced lovebird species – it is only a color mutation of that species. OPALINE MUTATION IN PEACHFACE LOVEBIRDS Opaline is a very new mutation in peachface lovebirds. … The lutino is a red-eyed mutation. They are also called Rosy Faced Lovebirds. 8 No. Peach Face Lovebird Mutations,Genetics,& General info. Despite the lovely, vibrant red, green and blue hues of this bird's natural colours, some breeders feel the need to develop colour variations in the Peach-faced Lovebirds' plumage. I have kept lovebirds for a number of years now and I breed them in Above are turquoise and blue (cobalt, a recessive gene). Every species of lovebird is capable of having mutations. There had been many mutations in peachface lovebirds previously, but they all created new color combinations except for the pied mutation, … Peach-faced Lovebird Mutations (The Avicultural Review November 1986 Vol. The lovely photos below featuring various peach-face lovebird mutations were kindly provided by: Terry Quinn - Talented Photographer and Breeder of Lovebirds, Conures and Canaries. If you read this text your browser is not capable to correctly use and display CSS. The name Peach face lovebird often gets confused as being the birds Mutation (Aka color) when in fact it is the Species of Lovebird their scientific name is Agapornis roseicollis. The average life span of a Peach Face lovebird is 15 Years. Peach-faced Lovebird - Mutations Agapornis roseicollis. The Peach-faced Lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis) are very popular in aviculture - besides being easy to keep and breed, there is a lot of excitement about the multitude of color mutations that have occurred in captivity - with variations of the mutations possibly numbering over 100,000.. No other parrot - other than the budgie - comes in a wider array of colors. 8) Lecture by Terry Atkinson INTRODUCTION: The members of the Agapornis family are the only true lovebird in the world. It was discoved in 1997. Some mutations are available for all of the species, for instance, Lutinoism can appear in the Fischer’s, Peach-Faced, and Black-Masked lovebirds, other times a mutation will be limited to only one or two species, such as Albinism only occurring in Fischer’s and Black-Masked lovebirds.

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