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Producer Michael Schur told The AV Club that Andy was supposed to be gone after six episodes once Ann Perkins broke up with him. He told MTV News, "My role was intended for only two episodes, but then turned into a series regular." Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Jessica Capshaw, who played Arizona Robbins on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," said her character wasn't meant to be a long-standing one on the series. The characters still inspire TV today, for instance, in the form of Foxxy Love on "Drawn Together." TV Time has compiled data from the in-app voting of its 12 million registered global users this year to track which TV characters audiences have gravitated toward the most in particular episodes. 10 months ago However, it was the ultimate millennial show and love her or hate her, Hannah deserves a place on this list. The faces you will never forget from the last 10 years. Adrian R'Mante played Esteban, who was originally going to appear on just a few episodes of this Disney Channel show. Played by Jodie Comer, she moves with ease between charming chats and dry one-liners to cold, calculated assassin with a unique talent yet boredom for the job. If there was no Jesse Pinkman, Netflix's "Breaking Bad" special "El Camino" probably would not exist or, at the very least, it would be entirely different. 20 Best TV Shows of the Decade But none has stood out more or received greater praise than Uzo Aduba who played the role of Suzanne, nicknamed "Crazy Eyes". But before the first episode with Captain Hook even aired, producers made the decision to keep Colin O'Donoghue, who played Hook, as a regular. TV News His character would later appear on a few episodes of the spin-off "The Suite Life on Deck," too. Capshaw told "Build" that showrunner Shonda Rhimes wrote a part for her that was only meant to last for three episodes — but she ended up staying on the series for seven seasons. as well as other partner offers and accept our, Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Disney–ABC Domestic Television, The 50 best TV show seasons of all time, according to critics. A womanising, arrogant, cigarette-smoking, Old Fashioned drinking advertising mogul of the 1960s, Don Draper was a complex mess of a man at times but utterly captivating to watch. He was originally hired to replace Detective Monique Jeffries for a bit, but was such a hit that he stayed on. And doing it while battling through a bipolar disorder. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. 10 months ago The world and their mother knew who Jon Snow was after that shocking season finale of 'Game of Thrones' back in 2015 which left us questioning this character's fate for a year. Subscriber Daniel Gillies ended up getting cast as Elijah but still, the character almost got killed off early on. Sheen became a main cast member and he received multiple. She was a big deal. Executive producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly, "That's a character that presumably exists to die, and yet every time we start talking about that, we get very upset.". Who's to say time isn't a flat circle, huh? Here are 17 iconic TV characters who were only meant to be on a few episodes. Jokes. 10 months ago ", He added, "I did not know if the show would succeed on a network that had to sell commercial time.". She left her mark, quite literally, early on in the series when she urinated on the floor beside Piper. "[Coconut Head] was a very small role when I auditioned for it, in fact, it didn't even have any lines," actor Pinkston told MTV News. John Lynch. Jesse Pinkman from AMC's "Breaking Bad" was supposed to be killed off during season one. She even wrote that iconic pink dress into the script for season one. Lena Dunham may divide opinions but if 'Sex and the City' was the show that launched a thousand TV shows about women, 'Girls', created by Dunham, was the show that, eh, captained that first ship. Yes, they're all terrible people but brilliantly competent in their incompetence and hilarious in their delivery. 'Orange is the New Black' graced us with a fantastically diverse cast when it arrived on Netflix in 2013. He wrote that they ended up keeping Jack alive because the head of ABC Studios argued that viewers would not trust the show if they killed him. A selection of our best stories daily based on your reading preferences. An insanely smart but utterly strange fish, Sherlock Holmes is a character for the ages and one that will no doubt have many iterations. ", James Marsters, the actor behind Spike, told. In Graham's book "Talking As Fast As I Can," she wrote, "That part wasn't necessarily the inevitable love interest for Lorelai that it became. He explained, "But Pratt auditioned, and we were like, 'This guy's too funny to not use.' Even the name - Don Draper - has reached iconic levels at this stage, and Jon Hamm along with it as the man who played him. — so not any profound monologues for her to deliver. If we made a list of the most difficult shows to watch this decade, 'The Handmaid's Tale' would be top of it. The early seasons of "Dexter" cemented Michael C. Hall's character as an unforgettable morally grey character with equal appeal as a calculated serial killer and charming husband and father. since. There can only be one. Josiah Bartlet may have been the president on NBC's "The West Wing," but he wasn't supposed to be around for more than a few episodes. Posted on Jul 15, 2019. Games But which characters were the most popular? Movies. Rob Pinkston, who played Coconut Head on the show, said his character had no lines at first.

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