pride of baltimore sinking

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The freak accident occurred at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, according to Pride officials who talked by radio with the rescued crew members. The ship returned to port under motor power for repairs. It included Schack, who, according to a friend, had tried to get on the sailing team at Cornell University and was turned down because "they needed someone with more experience." The 137-foot replica of a 19th century schooner sank about 280 miles north of Puerto Rico. [Ship builder Randy HANFORD - praises crew.] Yesterday, Mayor William Donald Schaefer said the ship represented "a little bit of pride that you had in your city, your state and your nation." She crossed the days off her calendar when she learned she was going to go.". The captain is a former Navy man who had taught at the prestigious oceanography school in Woods Hole, Mass., and held a "master of sail license, one of the top licenses you can get," according to Jim Milinger, dean of the Sea Education Association. The captain and the first mate dove several times under water and cut loose two life rafts, but one raft got caught in the rigging and exploded. Former Mayor, Governor and Comptroller William Donald Schaefer credits then city Housing Commissioner Robert "Bob" Embrey with the idea "Let's build a ship in the Inner Harbor to draw folks downtown." It also tapped into her maritime heritage since "Pride of Baltimore" was the nickname of the "Chasseur", the largest and boldest of the legendary, Baltimore-built topsail schooners known as "Baltimore clippers" that participated in the War of 1812, the second conflict with the British, that first launched the city as a commercial and maritime center. Satellite photos taken about 90 minutes after the sinking May 14 show a gust front in the area - a wall of wind sweeping across the surface of the sea without warning, said Dr. Alan E. Strong of the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service. [Mayor William SCHAEFER - laments crew's loss.] The Pride of Baltimore was built as an authentic reproduction of an early nineteenth-century "Baltimore clipper" topsail schooner. U.S. Representative (Congresswoman) Barbara Mikulski of Baltimore, (who grew up in Fells Point, the nearby waterfront neighborhood where many Baltimore clippers were built 180 years earlier), performed the launching ceremonies on February 27, 1977, only 10 months after the start of construction. Four crew members were missing and eight were rescued yesterday from a life raft on their fifth grueling day at sea after the schooner Pride of Baltimore sank in hurricane-force winds in the Atlantic Ocean 240 miles north of Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard launched an intensive search for the four missing crew members, whom it identified as Armin E. Elsaesser III, the 42-year-old captain, from South Dartmouth, Mass. This air plunges downward in a phenomenon known as a downburst or microburst - a vertical column of wind that has been associated with tragic aircraft accidents including the crash of a Delta Airlines flight last year in Dallas and of a Pan American aircraft in New Orleans in 1982. ", Washington Post Staff Writers; staff writers Lyle V. Harris. "Accidents happen, and you know they happen," said the senior McGeady. These winds can occur without clouds overhead, developing in thunderstorms that may be nearby or a few miles away. The Pride, a fast-sailing replica of a historic 19th century Baltimore clipper, was built beginning in 1976 by the City of Baltimore, which owns the ship and used it to promote trade and economic development. On May 14, 1986, the first Pride of Baltimore was lost at sea in the Caribbean Sea, and her captain and three of the crew died. "He was very businesslike, very matter-of-fact, but I was shaking all over," she told a reporter. Desktop notifications are on   | Turn off, Get breaking news alerts from The Washington Post. That sideways movement can carry great power, more than enough to topple a ship. "Anyone on a ship knows that it is part of the peril of the sea.". [5], In 1975, the City of Baltimore adopted a proposal from Charles Center-Inner Harbor Management for the construction of a replica sailing vessel as a centerpiece of the redevelopment of its Inner Harbor. The tragedy Wednesday came during the final leg of a 15-month good will tour of Europe that was cut short because of increased tension and terrorism in the Mediterranean Sea. It has been a long time, but the water is not cold and that helps a little.". [1], After the sinking of the original Pride in May 1986, the Board of Directors of the non-profit public / private agency that operated Pride for the City were reluctant to build a replacement, but an outpouring of unsolicited financial support from the public encouraged the Board into going forward with a new ship. The Pride of Baltimore II was commissioned as the successor and memorial to the Pride in 1988, sailing in the same Goodwill Ambassador role for the city of Baltimore, but its role has now expanded to also representing the State of Maryland and the "Land of Pleasant Living" in the Chesapeake Bay region. The satellite photos of the area indicate that the wind would probably have struck the sailing vessel on the starboard - from the right - said Strong, whose agency operates weather satellites for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. [8], Thomas Gillmer was once again commissioned as designer and supervising architect. Peter Boudreau, one of the builders and captains of the original vessel, was named as master shipwright and builder. I'm just learning how to walk. Winds of 80 knots (150 km/h; 92 mph) hit the vessel, capsizing and sinking her. Aboard the tanker Toro, they were heading toward the western coast of Puerto Rico and were scheduled to be flown by helicopter early today to the Coast Guard station at Borinquen, Puerto Rico, when the ship is about 20 miles offshore, Simpson said. Commissioned on May 1, 1977 by the 44th Mayor of Baltimore, William Donald Schaefer, in an elaborate public ceremony in the historic Inner Harbor watched by thousands of Baltimoreans and Marylanders, she spent nine years at sea logging over 150,000 miles, equivalent to six times around the globe. "[1][6], A topsail schooner design by Thomas Gillmer was chosen, and master shipwright Melbourne Smith oversaw the construction of the vessel next to the Maryland Science Center on the western shoreline of the Inner Harbor (the historic former "Basin" of the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River / Baltimore Harbor and Port). [4], In 1975, after many years of slow decay and decline, Baltimore was struggling to reinvent itself as the center of business and commerce that the city had been previously. Ownership was transferred to the ship's nonprofit operator with unanimous approval by Maryland's state governmental Board of Public Works on June 9, 2010. The caption read, “The Pride of Baltimore, the city’s publicity clipper ship, undergoes repairs in St. Michael’s after being damaged in a storm off … "[1] Built in the iconic "Baltimore Clipper" style, Pride II has heavily raked masts, and has 10 sails, she carries two large gaff sails (one on a boom and one loose-footed), a main gaff topsail, three headsails, and a square topsail and flying topgallant on the foremast. . According to Eamonn McGeady, there was no time to use either piece of equipment when the sudden gust of 60 to 80 knots -- the equivalent of at least 72 miles an hour -- struck. Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. Pride officials said they were encouraged by the fact that survivors saw an inflatable dinghy, several life rings and some debris floating free in the chaos after the sinking. Apparently an intense desire to be part of the Pride drove all the crew members to seek the assignment, and the crew was made up of people with widely varying experience.

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