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The nearest French gendarmerie joined in the pursuit, but a detachment from the Swiss centre fell upon these and destroyed them. They set off at once along the lane in, 27. Why was Paul so roughly manhandled when he visited the club in pursuit of Lucille? He heard the sounds of pursuit but was stuck upside down. Between himself and a son of his instructor there sprang up a close and affectionate friendship, and, unlike so many of the exquisite attachments of youth, this was not choked by the dust of life, nor parted by divergence of pursuit. 11 " To inquire into the form of a lion, of an oak, or gold, nay, even of water or air, is a vain pursuit; but to inquire the form of dense, rare, hot, cold, &c., as well configurations as motions, which in treating of physic I have in 6 Valerius Terminus, iii. The tracing out of this identity in diversity, whether regarded as evidence of blood-relationship or as a remarkable display of skill on the part of the Creator in varying the details whilst retaining the essential, became at this period a special pursuit, to which Goethe, the poet, who himself contributed importantly to it, gave the name " morphology.". Two classes of boats engage in the pursuit - a large size of from 1 2 to 14 tons, manned by ten or twelve hands, and a small size of 3 or 4 tons, with a crew of five or six. Now I am cringing at the thought of giving a blank check to the industry leadership that, in its blind pursuit of short-term profit and in the face of the gathering energy crisis, gave us this glut of albatross vehicles, thereby positioning a major sector of our economy for collapse. Had the Catholic reaction not fatally discouraged the pursuit of the natural sciences in Italy, had Leonardo even left behind him any one with zeal and knowledge enough to extract from the mass of his MSS. The rites included the " pursuit," possibly derived from the intentional opportunity of escape allowed the victim. Literature, however, was his favourite pursuit. "If I were to call for a reward," wrote Burke, "it would be for the services in which for fourteen years, without intermission, I showed the most industry and had the least success, I mean in the affairs of India; they are those on which I value myself the most; most for the importance; most for the labour; most for the judgment; most for constancy and perseverance in the pursuit.". the action of going after something or someone, The police officer is in pursuit of the escaped prisoner. The advantage to the animal of this imitation of surrounding objects is that it escapes the pursuit of (say) a bird which would, were it not deceived by the resemblance, attack and eat the caterpillar. Toby bit back a yell as he was launched over the treetops into the sky, in the direction of the Lake of Souls. Most people like playing classic board games, such as Monopoly, Cranium, or the Trivial Pursuit, but you can also have a good time with silly group games like Twister. Many things make us unhappy because "happiness" is not what we, 30. pursuit. His further pursuit of the legal profession seemed to be out of the question, and on his return to Boston he remained quietly at home. Here, for the first time, we find "moral good " and " natural good " or " happiness " treated separately as two essentially distinct objects of rational pursuit and investigation; the harmony between them being regarded as matter of religious faith, not moral knowledge. Owing to the rapidity of the French flight and the Russian pursuit and the consequent exhaustion of the horses, the chief means of approximately ascertaining the enemy's position--by cavalry scouting-- was not available. hunda, booty), the pursuit of game and wild animals, for profit or sport; equivalent to "chase" (like "catch," from Lat. Kutusov had been very slow in exploiting his success of the 24th and indeed had begun the pursuit in a false direction; but about the 2nd of November, headquarters of the French being at Vyazma, the Cossacks became so threatening that the emperor ordered the army to march (as in Egypt) in hollow square. From the aurochs (zimbru), in pursuit of which Dragosh first arrived on the banks of the Moldova, is derived the ox-head of the Moldavian national arms, and from his favourite hound who perished in the waters the name of the river. exhibited, not in the skilful pursuit, but in the rational disregard of pleasure, - in the clear apprehension of the intrinsic worthlessness of this and most other objects of men's ordinary desires and aims. Fabry in 1893; and the close orbital relationships of cometary groups, accentuated by the pursuit of each other along nearly the same track by the comets of 1843,1880 and 1882, singularly illustrated the probable vicissitudes of their careers. The pursuit of mechanical methods furnished a stimulus to the study of mechanical loci, for example, the locus of a point carried on a rod which is caused to move according to a definite rule. After all, the pursuit of. The waterbuck, Cobus, on the other hand, actually seek refuge from pursuit in the water. As soon as possible the army pressed on in pursuit, Ney being sent across the Elbe to turn the position of the allies at Dresden. 2. They fought with courage, but were no match for Roman discipline; it was, however, impossible to follow them into their mountain fortresses, nor were the difficulties of pursuit thoroughly overcome till after the battle of Culloden in 1746. pursuit of narrow donor self-interests would be diminished because of its broad and inclusive approach. Immediately after this proclamation Gdrgei disappeared with his army among the hills of Upper Hungary, and, despite the difficulties of a phenomenally severe winter and the constant pursuit of vastly superior forces, fought his way down to the valley of Hernad - and safety. Salinas 's zealous pursuit of ' free market ' policies made him a darling of the Western media. Although she remained for two days off the coast of Anglesey, there was no serious attempt at pursuit. For three-quarters of a century, then, philosophy was at a standstill; and, when in the second decade of the 4th century the pursuit of truth was resumed, it was plain that Zeno's paradox of predication must be disposed of before the problems which had occupied the earlier thinkers - the problem of knowledge and the problem of being - could be so much as attempted. The main honey-gathering time (lasting about six or seven weeks) is so brief that in no pursuit is it more important to " make hay while the sun shines," and if the bee-keeper example set by his bees. He seemed tireless in his work for HAT and in his pursuit of donations. shouted different people and the people dashed in pursuit of the trap. jilted groom has sent someone in pursuit of HER! The golden king gives pursuit. Paris Hilton later called Ryan Seacrest's radio show to explain that she was just "really hungry" and driving around in the pursuit of food. that he renewed the war against the Assyrians, in which his father Phraortes had perished, but was, while he besieged Nineveh, attacked by a great Scythian army under Madyas, son of Protothyes, which had come from the northern shores of the Black Sea in pursuit of the Cimmerians. sacrificed at the altar of Capote's ruthless pursuit of adulation. The Holy See, much dependent at that time on its Swiss mercenaries in the pursuit of its secular ends, expressed no resentment on this occasion. The period with which we are now dealing is the epoch of the despots, the signori, and in pursuit of expansion on the mainland Venice was brought into collision first with the Scaligeri of Verona, then with the Carraresi of Padua, and finally with the Visconti of Milan. Valleys and groves are under his protection, unless the epithets Napaeus and Hylates belong to a more primitive aspect of the god as supporting himself by the chase, and roaming the glades and forests in pursuit of prey. Donald Roy managed to evade pursuit and walked five miles without stopping, his wounded foot badly swollen and without a shoe. But however Oriental may have been the cast of mind that welcomed this theosophic asceticism, the forms of thought by which these views were philosophically reached are essentially Greek; and it is by a thoroughly intelligible process of natural development, in which the intensification of the moral consciousness represented by Stoicism plays an important part, that the Hellenic pursuit of knowledge culminates in a preparation for ecstasy, and the Hellenic idealization of man's natural life ends in a settled antipathy to the body and its works. In the distance, she heard the sounds of both fighting and pursuit. No charity shop bin, second hand record store or music fair is missed in their relentless pursuit of gems of forgotten music. The retreat was covered by the Vicenza battalion of Alpini, who fought a gallant rear-guard action, and a strong counter-attack by the group of Alpini from Marostica checked the Austrian pursuit. She travelled the world in pursuit of her dreams. The pursuit of narrow donor self-interests would be diminished because of its broad and inclusive approach. It had previously narrowly escaped absorption by Napoleon, who passed through the town during the pursuit of the Prussians after the battle of Jena in 1806, and was only dissuaded from abolishing the duchy by the tact and courage of the duchess Louisa. 20. In pursuit of historical study, Adam visited the Danish court during the reign of the well-informed monarch Svend Estridsson (1047-1076), and writes that the king "spoke of an island (or country) in that ocean discovered by many, which is called Vinland, because of the wild grapes [vites] that grow there, out of which a very good wine can be made. Knight jumped out of the truck in pursuit of Isaac, caught up to her, pushed her down, pulled a knife and began kicking her in the head. If the tax-payer declines to pay his due, he is brought before the proper authorities by the tahsildar; if he persists in his refusal, all his goods, except those indispensable for his dwelling and the pursuit of his trade, are sold by auction, without recourse to a judgment by tribunal. With the spring of 330 Alexander was prepared for further pursuit. If your talent combines with diligence, you can excel in your, 29. The extra-judicial killing of Sr de Menezes has all the problems in a nutshell - the pursuit was amateurish from start to finish. pursuit of excellence in our public services. A fast cruiser was immediately sent in pursuit, but only succeeded in overhauling the rebel ship after she was at her destination. They erred from ignorance, from a perverted moral sense rather than from any mean or selfish motive, and exhibited extraordinary courage and self-sacrifice in the pursuit of what seemed to them the cause of God and of their country. As an independent pursuit, live-stock breeding is carried on by the Russians in eastern Transbaikalia, by the Yakuts in the province of Yakutsk, and by the Buriats in Irkutsk and Trans- Lave baikalia, but elsewhere it is secondary to agriculture. loseople infected with HIV and those suffering the ravages of AIDS, are lost in the shuffle of this abstract pursuit ' . The Scots, however, crossed by a ford, and continued the pursuit of the enemy as far as Berwick. Translations. They don't really worry about whether playing polo or building orphanages or any other chosen pursuit can pay the bills, because they don't need it to pay the bills. On the one hand Empedocles and Anaxagoras, abandoning the pursuit of the One, gave themselves to the scientific study of the Many; on the other Zeno, abandoning the pursuit of the Many, gave himself to the dialectical study of the One. When closely pursued by the Athenians she escaped by the stratagem of attacking one of the Persian vessels, whereupon the Athenians concluded that she was an ally, and gave up the pursuit (Herod.

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