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I'm glad to be, 28.

After getting rid of his brothers Pantagnotus and Syloson, who had at first shared his power, he established a despotism which is of great importance in the history of the island.

Should I get rid of the gravel first, or can I put topsoil over it? Finding the United Provinces hampered by a war with England, he seized the opportunity to try to get rid of the impediments placed upon Belgian development by the Barrier and other treaties with Holland. The duke of Ferrara remained his friend, nor is it known what motive Sigismondo could have for wishing to get rid of his wife. Get rid of pedestrian subways and bridges and replace them with surface level crossings. But when we remember the value of the helots from a military and agricultural point of view we shall not readily believe that the crypteia was really, as some authors represent it, an organized system of massacre; we shall see in it "a good police training, inculcating hardihood and vigour in the young," while at the same time getting rid of any helots who were found to be plotting against the state (see further Crypteia). By now, he had to be desperate to get rid of her. The former was nicknamed Guastafamiglia, because, although at first willing to let his brother share his power, he rid himself by violence and treachery of other kinsmen who claimed their just rights to a portion of the state. I have some hanging plants I've been trying to get rid of that would look great on your front porch. Joan calls Dennis and Meg a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites for trying to get rid of her. His prime objective was to get rid of post war german reparations. As the majority of Frenchmen wanted to be rid of them, they could achieve their purpose only by extraordinary means.

By what precedes it appears that there exists a function of the n 2 elements, linear as regards the terms of each column (or say, for shortness, linear as to each column), and such that only the sign is altered when any two columns are interchanged; these properties completely determine the function, except as to a common factor which may multiply all the terms. Hutchinson mourned this trend, and was dismayed that young girls were attempting to rid themselves of their roundness. And delighted to be finally rid of the last hosting company we were with. I thought I got rid of you. And as if in order not to offend Sonya and to get rid of her, she turned her face to the window, looked out in such a way that it was evident that she could not see anything, and again settled down in her former attitude. As the Austrian influence increased Panin found a fresh enemy in Joseph II., and the efforts of the old statesman to prevent a matrimonial alliance between the Russian and Austrian courts determined Catherine to get rid of a counsellor of whom, for some mysterious reason, she was secretly afraid. Whether this was out of love or out of a desire to be rid of me I can only make an educated guess. good-for-nothing teachers, Are rid of you & me! Example sentences with the word rid.

In primitive cults the distinction between sacred and unclean is far from complete or well defined (see Taboo); consequently we find two types of cathartic sacrifice - (i.) We want to make Ireland loyal and contented; we want to get rid of pauperism in this country; we want to fight against a class which is more to be dreaded than the holders of a 7 franchise - I mean the dangerous class in our large towns. Here it is only necessary to state that the Voortrekkers were animated by an intense desire to be altogether rid of British control, and to be allowed to set up independent communities and govern the natives in such fashion as they saw fit. You'll have to get rid of the person who's supposed to be there.

In his character as preserver of men Vishnu has from time to time become incarnate to rid the world of some great evil (see also Brahmanism and Hinduism). Thus in many cases the difficulty of supposing that selection has acted on minute and imperceptible initial variations, so small as to have no selective value, may be got rid of.

Leo endeavoured to rid himself of the pope by violence, but Gregory, supported by the people of Rome and also by the Lombards, succeeded in eluding the emperor's attacks, and died peacefully on the 11th of February 731. Q: Why don't anti-dandruff shampoos get rid of dandruff forever? The gland evidently excretes, or at any rate gets rid of, a certain waste product of a proteid nature, which otherwise tends to accumulate in the tissues and to excite certain nervous and tissue phenomena. Presbytery was rapidly growing in that country, and the English parliament sought the alliance of the assembly, while the Independents, though in the event Presbytery was as little to their liking as Episcopacy, joined in the wish to get rid of the episcopal system. During this time he joined a secret society formed by Ali Rubi with the object of getting rid of Turkish officers from the Egyptian army. Maine was in general well governed as a part of Massachusetts, but a geographical separation, a desire to be rid of the burden of a large state debt, and a difference of economic interests as well as of politics (Maine was largely Democratic and Massachusetts was largely Federalist) created a desire for an independent commonwealth.

The method of § 71 then shows that, by taking a (4L 0 - L 2) as the value of the arc, we get rid of terms in 0 2. CK 1 3327122 Get rid of them. But small little-known groups of hunt saboteurs and campaigners are also doing their bit to rid us of fox hunt saboteurs and campaigners are also doing their bit to rid us of fox hunting. Use this as an excuse to get rid of any old junk. An attempt is made to get rid of the distinctive nature of miracle when the exceptionalness of the events so regarded is reduced to a new subjective mode of regarding natural phenomena.


It is certain that Henry was tired and wanted to get rid of her; but if she were innocent, why were charges brought against her which were not brought against Catherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleves? Sp Burn not your house to rid it of the mouse.

Getting rid of Bowyer should be the priority, you could do without racist thugs who fight their own teammates. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Rid of the affair of Lothair, king of Lorraine, by the death of that prince (869), he endeavoured in vain to mediate between the Frankish princes with a view to assuring to the emperor, Louis II., the heritage of the king of Lorraine. 24. She was almost ready to say whatever he wanted to get rid of him. First of all living things was Re; rid told how he arose as a naked babe from a lotus-flower floated on the primeval ocean Nun. Hence the need to get rid of the rubbish in my room.

Get rid of in a sentence 1. In the earlier years of his reign he set himself to get rid of ~.

If his family wanted him to come back, they would have to get rid of his current responsibilities. it is the passing away so that no passion remains, the giving up, the getting rid of, the being emancipated from, the harbouring no longer of this craving thirst. The weakest passages in Der fliegende Hollander are not so helpless as the original recitatives of Venus in the first act; or Tannhauser's song, which was too far involved in the whole scheme to be ousted by the mature " New Venusberg music " with which Wagner fifteen years later got rid both of the end of the overture and what he called his " Palais-Royal " Venus. The first part, under Peter the Hermit, he got rid of by sending them on to Asia Minor, where they were massacred by the Turks (1096). Getting rid of rubbish can cost 4.

behold when they returned there are no weapons left he's got rid of them they are gone. In the progress of science and enlightenment it has no positive significance, except as a necessary transition which the race had to make in order to get rid of nature-religion, and that undervaluing of the spiritual life which formed an insuperable obstacle to the advance of human knowledge.

That some symbols are like Persian only shows that Mesrob was not able to rid himself of the influences under which he lived. 2. got rid of his fathers old councillors, and had chosen for himself a minister as ambitious and energetic as himself, the celebrated Thomas Wolsey, whom he had just made archbishop of York, and who obtained the rank of cardinal from the pope in the succeeding year. Antiochus rid himself of Hermeias by assassination and returned to Syria (220). You may also be able to tell if a diaper rash is caused by yeast when attempts to get rid of it are not helpful. He said in 1856, "I think we must get rid of slavery, or we must get rid of freedom.". accusative endings were the first attempts to dissociate Jesus from Elymas by effectively getting rid of the " of " . 195+20 sentence examples: 1. The next kings mentioned are Sigaf rid and Halfdane, who were sons of the great Viking leader Ragnarr Loobrok.

Stanton and other members of his cabinet and General Grant became hostile to him, the president attempted to remove Stanton without regard to the Tenure of Office Act, and, finally, to get rid of the president, Congress in 1868 (February-May) made an attempt to impeach and remove him, his disregard of the Tenure of Office Act being the principal charge against him.

Ulti- Second mately, in -1748, she was able to conclude an honorable ~~t~~sii peace at Aix-la-Chapelle; but she had been forced, as before, to rid herself of Frederick by confirming him in the sovereignty of the territory he had seized.

Perfection lies in getting rid of self-hood altogether - in never thinking of ourselves, or even of the relation in which God stands to us.

"9 To have realized the Truths, and traversed the Path; to have broken the Bonds, put an end to the Intoxications, and got rid of the Hindrances, is to have attained the ideal, the Fruit, as it is called, of Arahatship. In those days if you wanted to get rid of a leader you did n't impeach him or hold a vote of no confidence. The pope was anxious to get rid of the Hussite king of Bohemia, George Podebrad, as the first step towards the formation of a league against the Turk. Nerva seems nevertheless to have soon wearied of the uncongenial task of governing, and his anxiety to be rid of it was quickened by the discovery that not even his blameless life and mild rule protected him against intrigue and disaffection. While constipation remedies will probably get rid of the problem, reverting to bad habits may see constipation come back again.

Get rid of unsightly toenail fungus by soaking your toes in Listerine mouthwash. If she could see and hear, I suppose she would get rid of her superfluous energy in ways which would not, perhaps, tax her brain so much, although I suspect that the ordinary child takes his play pretty seriously. Over the past few years this anxious opposition has made several attempts to get rid of Chávez, with the tacit encouragement of Washington.


The first is that getting rid of the Iraqi strongman is necessary to take the war against terrorism to its next phase. When he looked too fast, he still saw the jagged, deep scars that the Healer had gotten rid of.

The people that sell tickets on eBay can range from ticket brokers to the actual venues selling tickets to people who have had a change in plans and need to get rid of the tickets.

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