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“Dad would brag to all his friends in the bars that his sons would be world champions someday,” recalled Jimmy. My father made me a fighter. “We were poor, all we knew was dirt floors and throwing crap into the street. That fight and the Ellis fight still hang there out in the ether! “Before the fight, Jerry said his back was hurting him,” he explained. Jimmy died of lung cancer three years after Jerry, and Mike passed away at the age of 55 in June 2006. Jack said he didn’t specifically recall that incident, but offered an ambiguous explanation nonetheless. On this day he was lamenting over his misplacing of a lawn edger. In later years he also became his father’s biggest critic, telling anyone who would listen about Jack’s mistreatment of the family. professional boxing licenses in the various states that he fought. Shortly after Christmas 1999, news began circulating that Jerry was on life support and hovering near death. Robert is now back in school. Sad but not expected. In my view if Norton had been in the other corner in 1970 instead of Mac Foster he would have suffered the same fate and would not have had the great career that he did. He is missed. Oddly enough, Mike said that Jerry was even more sickly than he was as a child, but that never precluded Jack from taking a greater interest in Jerry’s career. Robert Neil Quarry (born November 20, 1962), known as Bobby Quarry, is a former boxer and the youngest brother of Jerry and Mike Quarry. You did mention the abolution ( you probably meant abolition of boxing ) which may give some insight into your post, because you are completely out of step with all the other posts on the article.!!!!! #19 {main}. Jerry was real hurt. He began boxing professionally in 1982. #15 /var/www/html/v3/media/includes/WebStart.php(77): require_once(string) “I would have loved to go to college, maybe become a baseball player. Quarry fought in many great bouts during the heyday of his career, which was from 1965 to 1975. While I think Big George Foreman is just being nice when he says he that he avoided Jerry Quarry, I’m sure Norton waited till he knew that Quarry’s skills and focus had faded enough to make him little more than a name opponent to pad his record with. In his heyday, Mike had resembled a teen idol but in 1995, at the age of 44, his once boyishly handsome face was battered beyond recognition. But what LA memories!! While that sounded harmless enough, Jerry would inevitably get lost and have to be driven home by the police. The only thing everyone seemed to agree on was that it was not in Jerry’s best interests to be living with Jimmy. His father was a doctor. Like the author, I went to visit his grave in Shafter and was lucky enough to meet him a few years before his death. “And he was an escaped convict who lived his whole life on the lam.”. But the way Jimmy says it, that would have stood out. Quarry was cut on the chin and knocked out by a Morrison right hand at 1:34 of the second round, the count reaching three with Quarry on his back before referee Richard Steele called a halt to the contest. Besides serving multiple stints in prison, he paid a high price for his lifestyle. born to Jack and Arwanda. I thought I had all the rare Quarry photos (see them on my facebook account), but I did not have this one. “Jerry wanted so bad to please my father,” explained Mike. And because Jack and Arwanda divorced shortly after Robert was born, Mike became the major male influence in Robert’s life. I never roller-skated or did any kid things. Jack Quarry’s hackneyed tales of toughness always left a bad taste in my mouth. Thank you for the kind words. He pinned the diaper on me and made me suck the bottle. His father was a doctor. ... Country Club, Reseda, California, United States, Great Western Forum, Inglewood, California, United States, Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States, Halloran Plaza, Pennsauken, New Jersey, United States, Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States.,,,20102840,00.html,, Robert Quarry page on the Jerry Quarry Foundation site,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, David Kilgour versus Bobby Quarry heavyweight bout, Inglewood, California, January 28, 1991. into had he not become a fighter. His cause of death was pugilistica dementia. Robert fought professionally as a heavyweight from 1982 to 1992, compiling a record of 9-12-2 (6 KOs). uses cookies to make the site simpler. No way was he 6 feet tall . Name: Bobby Quarry Alias: Robert Quarry Born: 1962-11-20 Hometown: Bakersfield, California, USA Pro Boxer: Record. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was an icon, the Great White Hope who battled such legendary champions as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton and … The only way he could get it was from boxing.”. Like Mike, much of the pressure Bobby felt about becoming a boxer was self directed. Its main themes were dysfunctions, betrayals and infidelities in a seemingly idyllic small town called Peyton Place). “I drive my wife to church, forget where I took her, and [try to] pick her up at the Anaheim Hilton. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. “He would do anything. I had to say ‘I’m not a Quarry, I’m a quitter’ over and over. He was very insecure and always needed confirmation. Most guys I trained with are gone. #13 /var/www/html/v3/media/includes/MediaWikiServices.php(496): MediaWiki\Services\ServiceContainer->getService(string) He was working as a groundskeeper at the same church in which he worshipped in La Mirada, California. And people never let us forget that.”, Other than boxing, the boys’ childhood memories were few. More compellingly, she accused her brother of intentionally overmedicating Jerry whenever he was to be brought out in public. During his daily strolls he would engage gardeners or UPS drivers in conversations, all of which started and ended the same way. I guess I was tough, people always told me I was. #4 /var/www/html/v3/media/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php(456): LocalisationCache->isExpired(string) #1 /var/www/html/v3/media/includes/GlobalFunctions.php(2694): Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer->getConnection(integer, array, boolean) I said nothing because it would have done no good. #5 /var/www/html/v3/media/languages/Language.php(4625): LocalisationCache->getItem(string, string) But I couldn’t have done anything differently. #11 /var/www/html/v3/media/includes/MediaWikiServices.php(496): MediaWiki\Services\ServiceContainer->getService(string) Jerry Quarry was a gifted fighter and it is truly heart breaking to learn of his and Mike’s treatment by their father. Although Jerry appeared all but comatose, Jimmy would regularly bring him to boxing functions where he would dutifully wipe drool from his mouth or tell reporters about Jerry’s inability to handle the most basic human functions. “We would fight in bars or in back rooms or a backyard. “I was always Jerry’s younger brother,” he explained. Jerry had to be Jerry Quarry. That was the major difference between Jerry and I. Quarry finished school at age 14 and was on the swimming team in high school. I couldn’t.”. Jimmy, who was a loan officer at a bank, said Jerry would awaken each day and go for a long walk, which kept him near his peak fighting weight of 210 pounds. “I might have made them wear a diaper to school or around the house. #8 /var/www/html/v3/media/languages/Language.php(261): Language::getFallbacksFor(string) In all fairness, the writer later said he felt that Teddy and I were “exploiting” Mike by having him pose by his lawn mower in boxing gloves. This was certainly the picture that was painted for me during my home visit. ), who feels everyone needs to be controlled and are incapable of making decisions for themselves. (“Peyton Place” was a 1960s evening soap opera that starred, among others, Ryan O’Neal. In the early 1990s my first wife, who passed away in 1996, encouraged me to get back into boxing writing after a 10-year hiatus. He was one of those many writers who can never find a story in the loser’s dressing room. Two televised rare Bobby Quarry bouts can still be found online, though. “I realize now I was a scared, backwoods boy. Tremendous article. As a boxer he took the same whippings he took as a boy.”. #2 /var/www/html/v3/media/includes/cache/localisation/LCStoreDB.php(54): wfGetDB(integer)

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