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According to the American Left, like what’s-his-name who wrote The Grapes of Wrath, I thought everybody was broke during the Depression. Light & Dark Productions If we take a look at the Black family history, this describes the way that Regulus was treated for most of his life. Best, Steve Hodel, Los Angeles. Patricia S: Yes, I go into many of the potential “triggers” that I believe led to his reasons for becoming a serial killer. Where was Fauna Elizabeth’s father during this time? Glad you enjoyed the podcast. All of GHH’s former wives have now passed with the death of Hortensia Laguda Starke Hodel a a decade ago. But, the bottom line is DNA has been conducted and George Hodel IS NOT Fauna’s birth father. Just finishing up on your podcast. I’ve been trying to look more into your family tree mainly being your other siblings and Tamar’s other children and I cannot find anything as it only comes up with yourself and Tamar as children of George and it only comes up with Tamars first child Fauna. Much appreciated. Anyway, now they may have figured it out. Hi there. At the heart of this story, is Jackee’s relative - a former member of the world’s most powerful motorcycle club, a sociopath, a killer, and an informant. The only “psychiatric test” that was ever conducted on Tamar, as far as I know, was the “court-ordered exam” during the incest trial, in 1949, which in itself was a miscarriage of justice. Your father looked paranoid, suspicious and even sad in the photos posted. His name was Baron Ernst Harringa. In the Iliad, Homer described Sirius thus: Sirius rises late in the dark, liquid sky What’s really interesting is that Egyptians would not bury their dead in the 70-day period when our sun conjuncts with Sirius. 2. Copyright © 2020 Steve Hodel. Saw them on weekend leaves when they were small, 4,5,6,7 ish. Thank you for sharing. It's a story that was fictionalized in the TNT series I Am The Night, which asked whether one of Hodel's family was responsible for the notorious murder of Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the Black Dahlia after her nude, dismembered body was discovered in a vacant lot in Los Angeles in 1947. Do you have a theory as to who that person may have been on the tape? skh. That was about 90% “new information” for me listening to my nieces and nephews describe “growing up” with my half-sister, Tamar. The police today aren’t much different than they were all those years ago. It makes sense that the names of those who inhabit this world have rich histories and layered meanings. What a journey you’ve had! Ted S: Exactly so. Can’t wait to read it. shouldn’t be so quick to blame the media. Hi Steve. Anyway, no need to answer that question. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was Fauna's death in … And, in particular, those who inhabit the Black family tree: a family known as being so pure that they are part of Salazar Slytherin’s Sacred Twenty-Eight. in a Narrative Feature" In his book, it seemed like he got a confession from some else. She was one person who could do with a level head and a guiding hand. Of all, but an evil portent, bringing heat When Elizabeth Short, also known as The Black Dahlia, was brutally killed in 1947, it gripped the entire country. I believe she was your dad’s last wife & is she still living? GHH either introduced her to Man Ray or Man Ray introduced her to George? I apologize if that wasn’t a theory of yours. It was believed that Sirius was the doorway to the afterlife and that in this period of darkness the doorway was closed. of the Dark (a psychological thriller), debuted as well at the Putnam County Film and Video Festival Introducing Gangster Capitalism: The College Admissions Scandal. I don’t think Stan was involved at all but I have very little information or specific knowledge other than what Fauna Elizabeth has revealed publicly. I explained that I changed my name years before I nor Tamar ever dreamed we would meet my sister! Regulus in the wizarding world could easily be described as the little prince who was fooled by the glitter that was not gold. Until just last week because so many have called out on this! Mr. Hodel, do you have anything in the works that can explain Dr. Hodel’s monstrous behavior. So many listeners have responded to the airing of our family secrets, like you, with positive thoughts, empathy, and appreciation. There was no overt, blatant sex it was discrete and private. Steve, LAPD opening back up case? As has been said numerous times here, you all are quite brave and I applaude you for sharing this with the world and bringing to light the injustice for Elizabeth Short and many others. I watched the show and as a Location Manager myself i figured that 95% of the project was fiction it usually is.. Can you tell me what neighborhood he lived in? I know he was a physician for Los Angeles County but it seems that he had much more wealth than that position would have compensated. Jenkins was immediately interested in telling Fauna's story and the pair became friends. Would suggest you start with the Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder (Skyhorse 2015 ed.) Is he still alive. He fell through the doorway with a link to the afterlife. Working on trying to get an eight-part miniseries together on the REAL INVESTIGATION and try and capture the true history of LA, LAPD, and my father’s dramatic role as a city mover-and-shaker as a sideline of his serial killings. My question is, what alerted you to 50 odd other potential murders committed by your father? Hi Steve, The same gross stuff that occurred at George’s house with rape, incest and probably the psychological abuse of your mother. Having lived with a narcissist I know how abusive they are after the initial charm and they think they have you hooked. That’s what’s tough. Thank you in advance. Could become Elizabeth after learning George was suggested I be Elizabeth. Internet: The message we hopes that people will interpret is that we as a society must We are too busy with ongoing investigations that are solvable.” That’s the party line for the past twenty-years and doubt they will change it. But I cannot imagine what this must be doing to you on an emotional level. Just finished Root of Evil podcast. Note: I doubt they read this. Lt. Jemison in March 1950 conducted his interview with mom at our apt at the pier. I hope that wasn’t too off topic, if so, I apologize. But bear with me. Regulus Black. Much appreciated. take responsibility for our actions and the way we raise our children. Thank goodness. If it’s not too personal could you explain how your father made his money? Thanks for responding to everyone. Just finished the podcast, hearing everyone’s truths and stories was gut wrenching to put it mildly but I agree that how you move on from these kinds of horrific events is to deal with them head on.. Where did they meet & live? Mollie M: Thanks. He was a longtime friend of my father’s going back to the 1920s. Introducing "Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders". Best Wishes to you and yours, Steve. Suggest you read the follow-up books which add a massive amount of linkage and evidence. Thank you, Stay tuned. Award-winning documentarian, Andrew Jenks uncovers the origins and inner workings of this unprecedented scam, introducing you to the people involved, and exploring the larger debate around higher education in America. I’d read about Black Dahlia over the years and found your evidence to be compelling. Lisa, Lisa K: Thanks for the kind words Lisa. What do you think of the new mini series ‘I Am the Night’ although obviously fictionalized, how much is actually accurate? I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but all this is fascinating, How does a person become a George H Hodel. Gabi Y. Hi Gabi. So they already knew when doing their other interviews and podcasts implying George might still be their Mother’s father!! The Family Tree , which was shot entirely on Mini-DV, reunites many cast and crewmembers from “Fear of the Dark”. More than 70 years later, it remains America's most infamous unsolved murder. Much appreciated. housekeepers, cook, groundsmen,etc) to corroborate some of these events? There are seven types of evil trees and 25 possible locations.Farming experience is granted each time the sapling advances to another stage of development while nurturing. It is the feminine of the infamous name Narcissus – the character from Greek mythology who loved himself so much that when he caught his reflection in the river he stared at himself until he died. Bless their hearts. They thought there was something fishy. Elizabeth Short’s family, her sisters I believe have all passed on now. In Season 2, David Payne and Jody Gottlieb take you into a world few people ever experience as they investigate a 2016 mass shooting in a Seattle homeless encampment known as "The Jungle." Through the nurturing of the good tree, one can become victorious over the effects of the evil tree. When Elizabeth Short, also known as The Black Dahlia, was brutally killed in 1947, it gripped the entire country. I’d love to thank all your family for their part in this. Best, skh After what I’ve learned about GH I think you’re right. ShaLonte D Jordan: I didn’t see the miniseries episodes, just the trailer. As you say, incest/child molestation is a much LARGER PROBLEM than the public can imagine. Inspired by the true story of the Hodel family, the series stars Chris Pine and comes from acclaimed Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. I have read your first book about the case, and seen you on various shows and podcasts, and more recently watched I Am the Nignt and am now listening to The Root of Evil. today’s society. This low-level blandness is very much a part of the meaning of her name which is Greek in origin and means sleep or numbness. How fabulously apt is that? All so twisted. More than 70 years later, it remains America's most infamous unsolved murder. Is it possible that Fauna is the product of the incestuous relationship between Tamar and her brother? It is an experience to be apart of it through your words and family sharings. Don’t recall Episode 3. steve, Steve, your investigative work is incredible, especially under such challenging emotional circumstances. With Anthony Eikner, Richard Redmond, Danielle Russo, C.J. Did George Hodel, Gentile and Pecoraro's great grandfather, kill the Black Dahlia? consulted on Fear of the Dark now tries his hand at acting as the main Peter Bogdanovich was a young cinephile who quickly rose to become one of Hollywood's top directors. Uncle Steve. More than 70 years later, it remains America's most infamous unsolved murder. Did he just allow it to happen? Only the Jungle knows.See for privacy information. Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia, produced in partnership with Cadence13, will premiere the first of eight episodes on February 13th. Michael Paul Hodel, George Kelvin Hodel, I won’t go into it here but Deborah changed her name to Fauna as an adult for reasons explained by her in interviews etc. Now, I'm sure some of you just spit coffee or whatever you were drinking at your computer screen. More than 70 years later, it remains America's most infamous unsolved murder. He has been eliminated to “a scientific certainty.” End of story. What a provocative title: Online Trees: The Root of All Evil' And it was an interesting panel discussion that I participated in at RootsTech 2014. Possibly from my mother, “Dorero” who after learning of the sex crimes/molestation in October 1949 told Tamar to “runaway, your life is in danger.” Tamar didn’t bring it up during the trial, the defense attorney Robert Neeb did to discredit her to the jury as making up outrageous stories.

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