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VAUSE: Thanks so much for being with us. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JOE WOLK, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, JOHNSON & JOHNSON: We don't know even at this point whether that individual was in the placebo arm or the vaccinated arm. But the president making false claims about Biden's record. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PAUL BRANT, COUNCILMAN, PUBLIC HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE, LIVERPOOL CITY COUNCIL: A rather toxic mix of arrogance and ignorance at central government level has led us to the sorry state that we're in now. So there is always a connection. So President Trump stating that he is completely immune, I think that's too early of a statement to be made. I'm glad your well. Here's CNN's Oren Liebermann. A therapy to help people with coronavirus put on hold. His deep knowledge in economies, innovation, strategy, and consumer trends has made him an expert in growing public traded companies, as well as startups, worldwide. The prime minister has never done enough for us. Kristie Lu Stout following all of this for us from Hong Kong. He says he wants to play. Now we have mandatory consensus. It came over the issue of abortion and the supreme court ruling in Roe versus Wade which legalized abortion. She is with us this hour from Washington. Is the vaccine timetable in jeopardy? The only senior that Donald Trump cares about, the only senior, is the senior Donald Trump. But it's actually a big deal for Apple because it's the first time since 2018, a new design on the phone itself. And why -- you said this is what they all do but in this case, she's through, she's confirmed. And this has just begun, it's going to grow. Which are our only infection prevention measure we have. I am not hostile to the ACA. The FBI agent testified part of the plan to kidnap Governor Whitmer included snatching her from her north Michigan lakefront vacation home, taking her out to the middle of Lake Michigan, and leaving her stranded in a boat. He talks to us from upstairs, from his balcony. Carlson cites this CDC study which he claims found that almost everyone who caught the coronavirus wore a mask either all or some of the time. So we have a new phone, and we keep thinking about how much better, sexier, bigger, or smaller, can iPhone make their latest product. That's later on this month in the UEFA Champions League. There's obviously a reason why they got the CEO of Verizon to come be a part of this. It seems incredibly an unlikely outcome here. Here's part of it. And this is what she had to say. They said it rattled their floors and knocked their pictures askew. Thank you, Patrick. On that we'll take a closer look at everything Apple. VAUSE: Patrick, it's good to see you. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) LIEBERMANN: In the midst of Israel's second general lockdown the parks around the rivers are close to tourists. But in New York City where all eyes are on the nation's largest school district reopening for in-person learning, the mayor says only one person tested positive out of more than 1,700 that went through a recent round of testing. But how did they do it at such a scale? The government says the decision was driven by the data. But before he died, he built a Web site which traced the history of eucharistic miracles which has been used around the world. So you've got everyone stuck at home, people are dusting off their laptops and their notebooks. It really used to be like, well, if it was half a second faster we'd be happy. Almost 90 of them wrote an open letter calling for Amy Coney Barrett to essentially step down from all of this. So hasn't been too bad. The Vatican says Carlo Acutis was beatified in Assisi, Italy, securing a Brazilian boy who had a rare disease. So iPhone 12 out and then you have a Pro Mac that is available and the cost point, the price point (INAUDIBLE). He was due to compete in an event this week in Las Vegas, John. VAUSE: I'll be happy when they fix the ear buds. I'm John Vause with the headlines this hour. But again, in speaking with our scientific team especially for a study that's this large, 60,000 patients, to have an adverse event or two unexpectedly is not uncommon. Here in the U.S. alone, over 220,000 people have died. Like in this case where Barrett stands on the legality of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. At this point in time. VAUSE: Kristie, thank you for the update. And so Barrett really, really was taking things to the extreme in kind of declining to say anything substantive whatsoever. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is something I have to do. Oren Liebermann, CNN, northern Israel. He's saying obviously, quote, "I am very disappointed. We had a letter from her former faculty members of Notre Dame. Just like every credible health expert predicted months ago. REA SOFER, GOSHRIM KAYAKS: The level of trash is constant more or less. VICE PRESIDENT AND DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: It's become painfully clear as his careless, arrogant, reckless COVID response has caused one of the worst tragedies in American history. That's -- why they passed -- they pushed a normal event. President Trump's crowded rally in Florida on Monday. Now, when we look at the 2021 prognosis on growth, it is encouraging. So it does beg the question that will these clinical trials be done in one year or two years or will it take longer? And that because I'm hostile to the ACA that I would decide a case a particular way. [01:49:53] SIDNER: We're learning the Trump campaign ended up canceling a rally here in Michigan because it was supposed to be at a gun range where one of the former employees was actually arrested in this alleged kidnapping plot. Just speaking about Apple here. [01:39:51] GIOKOS: And importantly here, John, is that we are seeing such a huge impact on the size of the global economy. As much as you can say for everybody, they wanted to be able to scale globally and to do that, you have to give variety. Obviously Cristiano has been isolated from the others from the start and will remain isolated. SNELL: Yes, another story we've been following very closely indeed. So I think something to keep in mind is that we still don't know this whole picture of immunity; how long is someone immune for, is it -- from our studies, we've seen potentially three months. Meantime, the news on young people and school reopenings is mixed. VAUSE: OK. Dr. Ravina, thank you so much -- Ravina Kullar, I should say. I saved your damn neighborhood. Prosecutors say the men are caught on video speed loading their weapons in case there was a gunfight. Rosemary Church will take over at the top of the hour. Team officials say Ronaldo is in isolation and he's doing well. The company did not provide further details. I do want to get to though the reaction from Portugal's head coach on how Tuesday's events all unfolded. Ryan, thank you. More details from CNN's Brian Todd. Here he is. What appears to be a flimsy cotton face covering is, in fact, a holy amulet that protects us from the disease more reliably than any modern medicine. And an alleged domestic terrorist plot apparently targeted not one but two governors, both from states singled out by Donald Trump. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CROWD: -- hey, hey, hey, hey. A trial for an antibody treatment that Eli Lilly is developing, similar to what Donald Trump took when he had coronavirus is paused, due to a potential safety concern. As you say top ranked in the world, also the 2016 U.S. Open champion Dustin Johnson also testing positive for coronavirus. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) SELMA ABDELAZIZ, CNN REPORTER: Last call in Liverpool. But I want to take a step back and state that there have been 38 million cases worldwide. And so sort of this academic discussion based on the question of how strong the specific precedent is ultimately it is distractionary. She joins us now live. And this is why analysts, you know, every time around this year, they kind of roll their eyes and they kind of go, well, I don't know what they're going to do next. Non-Committal Coney Barrett Completes Day One; Trump's Pennsylvania Rally: Unmasked And Up Close; COVID Continues Its U.S. Resurge; Vaccine Delays Highlight Reality; Liverpool, England & U.K.'S Toughest Restrictions; China Mass Tests After Small Cluster; Cristiano Ronaldo Tests Positive for COVID-19; IMF Warns of Long, Slow Economic Recovery; Apple Unveils Four Versions of the iPhone 12; Chilling Details Emerge about Alleged U.S. Terror Plot; Israel Attempts to Clean Its Rivers During Lockdown. KULLAR: That's correct, John. Appreciate you being with us. That reinfection can happen. Well, in Israel, for some the pandemic lockdown is a chance for a much need environmental cleanup. He is completely asymptomatic. She's been quite clear -- sort of her legal views on the topic. And if Judge Barrett was in fact confirmed, the legitimacy and public confidence in the court moving forward. I'm John Vause. Eleni mentioned this, the same cost for the iPhone 12 as the iPhone 11 basically. He feels fine, without any symptoms at all. That is now not the case. The city has the highest number of coronavirus patients in the entire country. It's the same amount every there. it's a complete change in the public's attitude. Wait, just wait two weeks until we see who wins the U.S. election, who is elected president so that person can ultimately fill this seat. We have over 38 million cases worldwide, about over one million people have died worldwide. That is an enormous figure and to trull recoup that you have to stimulate, you have to spend, you have to put money in the hands of both consumers. Here she is, listen to this. But it's going to be a slow and long road ahead. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'd rather be out here doing my civic duty than not. SIDNER: And that is the norm? But his consensus with London ends there. (END VIDEO CLIP) VAUSE: And that's the point here. DEMOS: They're beginning to be a little more concerned. Things are always changing. Despite the fact that everybody in the room, the nominee included, everybody watching on television, knows full well the nominee has been selected precisely for those views on these various issues.

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