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It was covered by The Night Men, Ian & Sylvia, Doc Watson, Odetta and other artists. Here she comes, she's all right French, Si tu m'aimes As Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Leno or whoever have their theme, why shouldn't have Elvis his own. And I won't be back till fall Elvis just simply does this song better than anyone else. Oh yes I'm goin', going away baby I have the soundtracks from "On Tour" on vinyl, they are not from RCA (Laurel and Lisa records), but they sound good. See See Rider Blues Sammy Price, the great Boogie Woogie Pianist arranged it and plays on the record. instrumental, C.C. written by Bob Crewe See See Rider, ough, keep me satisfied See See Rider was slang for 'Easy Rider'. And I won't be back till fall I always thought Thats All Right Mama should have remained his opening song as it opened his career. But this most popular translation is not the original. It was a great opening song, regardless of his performance level, or what year. "25 or 6 to 4" to "Semi-Charmed Life" - see if you can spot the songs that are really about drugs. I like the fast and the slow versions. And I see, See See Rider, I love you, yes I do written by Giuseppe Cassia instrumental, Hully baby Rider' by William Lee Conley, or as he was better known, Big Bill Broonzy, in the 1920s. Lord, now and now the blues have come, oh yes, they do Love this song, and never got tired of it, the tempo is spot on to ,it screams rock'n roll. And I won't be back till fall Love the one we find in the import Madison release "Event nº 8" from Huston Astrodome 1974, since it does't have the orchestra (that was left out by Elvis in those shows) and we get a fantastic "Jam" sound. The song See See Rider Blues was written by Ma Rainey and Lena Arent and was first recorded and released by Ma Rainey acc. features the "On Tour" version of "See See Rider" ? Elvis, Elvis Presley and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises. And What is that about "elvis rushing EVERYTHING ALWAYS", Are this refering to the live version of Love Letters or T-R-0-U-B-L-E or Burning love or Just Pretend ? And Elvis was a rock singer, so he should do fast songs. written by Antonio Latessa, Corrado Bonicatti written by Bob Crewe Would have been nice to have a studio version around 1969-70 dont you think? English, Jenny Take a Ride! While the song title uses CC Rider, it was actually the line See See Rider. The rest of the instrumentation is: When Ma Rainey sings she's going to "catch the Cannonball," she's referring to a train. Sung in a way only Elvis could. Album written by [Unknown] It was covered by Ripple Blast Singers, Big Mama Montse - Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics, Eddie Baxter, Huddie Leadbelly and other artists. Sometimes, the tempo change worked, and at other times, it didn't. English, Jenny Take a Ride! Elvis Presley with The Imperials Quartet released it on the album On Stage - February, 1970 in 1970. I said see (see see rider) see see rider (see see rider) French, Si tu m'aimes Oh yes I am, going away baby The song was good, but, I wish Elvis, would have continued opening his shows, with the stronger song- "That's Alright Mama", his first big "Sun Record" and the "big Bang of Rock-N-Roll". Don't lose it now, come one, come on, yeah Many people believe "Hotel California" is about a mental institution called the Camarillo, but the Eagles say it's about materialism and excess. Phil Oakey recorded his vocals for "Don't You Want Me" in the studio bathroom. I'm Joe Jackson, I'm leavin' Girl see, what you've done My favorite is the rehearsal version from Feb. 1970 that had been released for the first time on the "Platinum" box set back in 1997. (see see rider) Girl what'd I say (see see rider), Well, I'm going away, baby Difficult to rate this song as I have probably heard it too many times, and in many concerts was more of the same. (because most versions I have heard of these from 75-76 are either spot on or Even a little bit on the slow side). Anyone that has ever been on stage performing in front of a crowd knows what happens to you when you are up there, with all the energy that is coming to you, and an Elvis show was always very energetic. The song, was almost always, the first song, and it loosened him up vocally. Girl what'd I say, I said see, (see see rider) This song wasn't associated with him - and none of his versions is a contender for the title "ultimate rendition of ssr". Indeed, the "On Stage" version tops the others, though I kind of recall hearing an excellent rehearsal version somewhere, on some non-official release. It worked well, at the Madison Square Garden concerts. The one filmed in Elvis On Tour is good also. An adaptation is a musical work, which uses elements (music or lyrics) from another musical work. It always, seemed to me, that "See See Rider" was used, "on stage" as a vocal warmup for Elvis. Coy from Palestine, Texas See See Rider Blues was written by Ma Rainey in 1924. She's so fine, she's all mine I have heard many versions that Are just as good as the On Tour version(especially from 74-75), and that is on Bootlegs that doesn't even come as multitrack ! Listening to the ovational responses by the audience it befitted so well. “See See Rider Blues” or “Easy Rider”, is a popular American 12-bar blues[2] song, originally recorded by Gertrude “Ma” Rainey in 1924. I said see (see see rider). All others are run of the mill versions like he was doing it on auto-pilot. And fits perfectly after 2001 intro. by Ma Rainey acc. Listen to the difference in that one. No, no, no, I won't be back at all, all right written by Lena Arent, Ma Rainey Long Live The King!! written by [Unknown] Italian, Te Esperaba And there isn't one thing darlin' by Ma Rainey acc. Now, now, now, your loving man has gone Big Boss Man seems flat. An adaptation is a musical work, which uses elements (music or lyrics) from another musical work. And I won't be back till fall Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. A great song, performed with so much drive that it mostly set the evolving show. It was great to here Elvis' version of the old Ma Rainey blues classic, when I bought the On Stage record many years ago.But .. now I have grown to dislike it intensely having heard a thousand and one concert versions since that first hearing. 1970/02/17 Midnight show on Polk Salad Annie, 1970/02/18 afternoon rehearsal on Polk Salad Annie, 1970/02/18 Midnight show on Platinum - A Life In Music, 1970/02/18 Midnight show on A Touch Of Platinum, Volume 2, 1970/02/19 Dinner show on Today, Tomorrow And Forever, 1972/03/31 rehearsal on Elvis 6363 Sunset, 1972/03/31 rehearsal on On Tour - The Rehearsals, 1973/01/14 on Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite, 1974/03/20 on Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis, 1974/08/24 Midnight show on It's Midnight, Incomplete/ late recording Start on Elvis In California. Italian, Te Esperaba The song makes sparks to be sure. I said see, see see rider Now I said see, (see see rider) see see rider (see see rider) I said see, (see see rider) see see rider (see see rider) English, See See Rider Blues Italian, Si, si Silvana written by Giuseppe Cassia See See Rider always very powerfull. Don't care for nothing. That's why See See Rider was rushed. Most likely, the faster tempo was to "excite" the audience, and keep the show moving, along. This traditional blues song was originally recorded as 'C.C. Rider," also known as "See See Rider" or "Easy Rider," is a blues cliché for the sexual partner, although originally it referred to the guitar hung on the back of the traveling bluesman. So many better songs Elvis could have started the concerts with. Was good for a while but like everything else in his live show, it got faster & rushed over time. It is the first time I remember seeing Elvis and it is what made me a fan. (like Ray Charles' version). I like all the versions that were released on regular RCA releases during his lifetime (including "Elvis In Concert", which I realize was released shortly after his death). RCA could work a deal to package the C.D. The On Stage version is fantastic. The easy rider, also known as see see rider or c c rider, is a blues metaphor for the sexual partner, as our faithful Bluesboy has stated. I'd say among top 50 of all songs he ever did. The "C.C. written by Chuck Willis Oh see (see see rider) what you have done The On Stage LP is the best. Many sources indicate that "c.c. Oh see, (see see rider) what you have done The "C.C. Which album/C.D. Bea Booze had a huge hit with it in 1943. Elvis sounds very powerful here, all the later versions are mediocre or worse. I said see, (see see rider) see see rider (see see rider)

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