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stored and transferred between client and server systems. Prometheus Like PRTG, the Nagios Network Analyzer contains data log monitoring software as well as network monitoring software, helping ensure your network and processes are running smoothly and without threat. …. always to untar packages you've downloaded using GNU tar rather than The company has offered a variety of competitive monitoring products since it was founded over a decade ago. Useful for quick identification of performance-hungry tasks on a system. Hi, Learn to use sar well and you’ll never need to use iostat, vmstat, etc. In addition I would like to add iotop to monitor disk usage per process and jnettop to very easily monitor bandwidth allocation between connections on a Linux system. validated, you can generate a report by comparing the old and new manifests. Just install rpm and type “/etc/init.d/collectl start” and you’re collecting everything such as slabs and processes every 60 seconds and everything else every 10 seconds AND using <0.1% of the CPU to do so. nice one. Regards . As I read your comment it is mainly related to having a tool chain. . Do you want to un clog your pores and remove black heads naturally? If unusual activity is detected, Nagios Network Analyzer can send automatic alerts to the IT center regarding the type of aberration observed. Most of the time that happens if the fsck operation requires human interaction, which the boot fsck doesn’t have. Hummmm…… Imagine that! Why do you post this stuff? For people who are not dedicated Linux Admin but need some tools to work with Linux, this is excellent! Then, at least, you sound like an intelligent a55h0le.”, In the future, I would recommend proof-reading your own posts before you arrogantly correct others. I’d recommend to run sar with a 10 second sampling level like collectl and you’ll get far more out of it. The parameters of the Network Analyzer free trial are available upon request. bottom line – running a single tool and only looking at one thing does not tell the whole story. I really appreciate. Ibmonitor is a terminal-based application, so it’s not as easily convertible to newer control units as some of the other monitoring tools. rules file that you use with the bart create command. Sumo is the best, the best that ever was and the best that ever will be. apache 32327 85.7 0.5 261164 39036 ? It was installed successfully. # pgrep -u vivek php-cgi, # ps -auxf | sort -nr -k 3 | head -10 sleep 15 – different output formats make correlation VERY difficult With a For each type of information, one or more displays are provided. is both powerful and flexible. If you do not use the I don’t believe that ftp usage by user is recorded anywhere, so you’d have to get inventive. Show All Running Processes in Linux, Linux Track NFS Directory / Disk I/O Stats. Can I publish a GPL source I'm being paid for to develop? WTF is up with people making such a big deal about spelling? Active 7 years, 1 month ago. Almost everything is there already and everything is from official Oracle Solaris repository but take note that even if a package is available in global zone it will not automatically be installed in local zones. phpsysinfo is another nice light web-based monitoring tool. Thanks. Although Monitorix operates on small servers exclusively, it provides a good deal of monitoring capabilities to update the user on system metrics. And, like several other open-source tools, Ganglia provides helpful data visualization using RRDTool software. Again, by running collectl I never have to worry about that because it collects everything (when run as a deamon) or you can just tell it to report lots of things when running interactively and by default is shows cpu, disk and network. It’s modeled after a more antiquated monitoring software called etherman. 8. Actually i am a Mysql DBA and i fond a lot of new things here. 17. Its sad that lists like this never give it its due, not even a foot note mention. *If* you have received those clearly – in spite of the typos – then the purpose has been fulfilled. Then at least you sound like an intelligent a55h0le. Is there any good tools for analyzing Apache/Tomcat instances. also. Configuring the Kerberos Service (Tasks), 22. /filesystem/usr/local …. It contains information about attributes of files, which “It is ‘you’re–you are’ a tool. Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool’s data storage and graphing functionality. As usual, always very useful. The graphical front end uses so-called sensors to retrieve the information it displays. – checking link status of ethernet connections Sure we do! And, like SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, it provides easy-to-use, color-coded graphics to visualize the data and information gathered from your server. Additionally, if you don’t want to parse through dozens of monitoring updates, htop’s interface uses an intuitive color-coding system. swatch – track your log files and fire off alerts, how the hell i missed this site this many days… thank god i found it… i love it…. vmstat >> richprocess How to restore the default signal processing behavior on Solaris? 6. This tool is a new way to exfoliate the skin without chemicals. Added a script, enicstat, which uses ethtool to get speeds and duplex modes for all interfaces, then calls nicstat with an appropriate -S value. Kerberos Error Messages and Troubleshooting, 23. I could understand if the complaints were in regards to a misspelling of a code-example, but if the language is coherent enough to get the idea across, then that’s all that really matters. xosview +disk -ints -bat, Awesome. . There are a lot of interesting programs wich I already use, or certainly will be using in the future. I just read through it and found stuff that I used long ago and it was like I just learned it. Added a script, enicstat, which uses ethtool to get speeds and duplex modes for all interfaces, then calls nicstat with an appropriate -S value. Please note that there are several *GREAT* list – for those of us who are mere mortals. The purpose of the simulation is to test SafeCopy comparing it with the identical data recovery tools. I know these tools, but did not use them well. THANKS ONCE AGAIN. Is it possible to display hard drive temps from hddtemp in KSysGuard? But in some case we need to watch the out put of a command continuously. Signature : DSA/SHA1, Mon Aug 31 14:42:40 2009, Key ID bf226fcc4ebfc273 I did not see ifconfig or iwconfig on the list. To turn on extra full mode (it will show command line arguments passed to process): Treat Acne At Home Easy Darn, Network traffic statistics by TCP connection, IP traffic statistics by network interface, Network traffic statistics by TCP/UDP port and by packet size, Network traffic statistics by Layer2 address, ac command : Show statistics about users’ connect time, accton command : Turns process accounting on or off, sa command : Summarizes accounting information. Before you create a rules file, decide which files and Many thanks for your tips. – dozens of health monitoring alarms, out of the box! Copyright © 2002, 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. Administering Kerberos Principals and Policies (Tasks). Can not telnet to Debian 6.0 from Windows Box. output of the bart command to a file for later processing. The vmstat command reports information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity. Because people coming from Linux expect to find it. In addition to machine monitoring, Pandora FMS includes features for multiple simultaneous application integration, as well as optional open-source tools to monitor heat and shutdown information, which is not commonly available in open-source software. The Linux version now calculates %Util the same way as the Solaris version. Because a lot of us have to live with faulty memory modules, Steve. Subtle differences to Sun's awk/nawk. echo ” 1. virtual mem of the system” >> richprocess You use the bart compare command to compare two manifests, a control manifest and a Please help. Hopefully, the list I’ve compiled has given you a good basis to start weighing the pros and cons. However, no NFS or TMPFS file systems or mounted which could affect platform support using Oracle Solaris 11.4. # ps -eopid,tt,user,fname,tmout,f,wchan, # ps -C lighttpd -o pid= done hello Vivek Gite, dtrace is a notable mention for the picky hackers that wish to know more about the behavior of the operating system and it’s programs internals. Oracle Solaris 11 gives you consistent compatibility, is simple to use, and is designed to always be secure. Although open-source software is hard to hack, and open-source generally doesn’t spark security concerns, the public availability of its code might seem too risky for a company with highly sensitive information. If there is a sudden burst of network traffic, start NetHogs. Size : 1138212 License: GPLv2+ or Artistic Observium Community is a Linux network monitoring tool designed for small servers. In my system booting time it showing error fsck is fails. For more information about BART manifests, see BART Manifest File Format. How do I find out it is spamming? It really is the best Solaris patching tool around. If you’re going the open-source route, there might be a monitoring tool whose community of users stands out. lsblk list block devices. Most distributions come with tons of Linux monitoring tools. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Note that using BART to monitor networked file Thanks for collecting everything into a concise space. My question is how to show the username(s) wich are connected to the server and they are using ftp protocole ? Nonetheless, if you’re using an older computer, ibmonitor is a tried-and-true tool for monitoring a wide variety of network activity with an interface you can personalize. It is a highly limited utility. We focus on the packages most often asked for by Solaris newbies/visitors in questions. This is simply a must. SolarWinds offers multiple other tools for data logging and security monitoring, like User Device Tracker, Network Configuration Manager, and Network Performance Monitor. Very useful tool. —————————————– Many questions on this forum as well as other places really boils down to somebody coming from Linux environment and then not being able to use the equivalent command on Solaris. BIG FAIL IN YOUR FACE…damn why is every hole blogging but a printfunktion is missing ?

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