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Soul Calibur characters please. (I must admit, everytime I start failing in games including Yoshimitsu - I just change back to him and everything is good again)... namunamunamunamunamuu... @FilmerNgameR Please make happen, please. A big seller than any other above characters. Nine years ago, a group of young unknown actors and an Oscar-nominee were thrown together and became a family. ... Detective Gary Makosy said that the ashes that she said were stolen was her baby's but they were actuality were here cat Casper. Would there be anything more satisfying than seeing Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man together on the Battlefield stage? In fact, freshman members of the Corps of Cadets are not allowed to speak the word "dog. Fed up with goggle-wearing monsters inexplicably blessed with the power of intangibility creating sinkholes in your garden? His amusing battle cries and wacky fighting style would be more than at home in a Super Smash Bros. game, and we'd love the chance to see that absolutely magnificent moustache back in action. @rylo151 Little Mac is a Nintendo character btw seriously though Mega Man is pretty Nintendo as it is. As long as it's not the super ugly wannabe Pac-Man you have pictured here, i'm fine with any of these characters. It’s hard not to think of: “What would my life be post-Shameless?” And part of it is very frightening and part of it is very exciting. Like Klonoa, Lloyd has a strong presence on Nintendo consoles, also appearing as a playable character in the Wii-only SoulCalibur Legends, and he also has a lot of potential in terms of his moveset. Also worth mentioning that ToS's Director and Producer, Yoshito Higuchi, IS ALSO CO-DIRECTING SMASH BROS! Armed with his trusty spear...pump...thing and enlisting the help of those aforementioned classic monsters (King Dedede style), Dig Dug could be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The chain is best known for its trademark chubby boy with a pompadour hairstyle wearing red-and-white checkered overalls holding a Big Boy sandwich (double-decker cheeseburger).The inspiration for Big Boy's name, as well as the model for its mascot, was Richard Woodruff (1932–1986) of Glendale, California. It's hard to overstate Reveille's importance to A&M. KENNEY: It just makes me feel so proud — 100 hours of television! but id still rather more nintendo characters than any 3rd party ones, megaman does kinda fit though along with sonic. Yoshimitsu has such a great moves and would fit perfectly to that group. The one who requests PPG is Wesley. I think the klutzy assassin would be a close 3rd though. Smash is not PlayStation Allstars. Pac-Man doesn't seem to do well unless he's a pixeled yellow circle with a mouth that goes through a maze, and even with that, he has little potential for a moveset. John kept saying, “Are you sure?” And I said, “Oh my god, it’s so funny.” But there are so many better Nintendo characters (and other 3rd party characters to be honest) that i'd much rather see in the game than Pac-Man. Lloyd, King (or at least a Katamari stage, or a Katamari support) and Pac Man, but not the Capcom X Namco version. honestly pacman is the only other viable third-party character I can consider joining the smash crew. The Mokujin mech would allow him to have a unique moveset that wouldn't take away from either him or Mokujin himself, and would feature both of them in Smash. The lack of agumon on this list is disturbing. There are many interesting choices here, though I'd be ok with whichever character Sakurai decides to include (or not include) simply because he knows how to make them work. MONAGHAN: Because Chicago has so much pride for its city and stories, the Gallaghers have become a sort of mascot for the scrappiness of the city. Transcending Nintendo history and the Smash Bros. world. I read with Jeremy [Allen White] and we had the scene where Lip confronts Ian about being gay and I remember going all out and grabbing him around the neck and sort of strangling him and it getting very intense, very quickly. This Feature makes me want a 'Point Blank' game for Wii U and a Pole Position reboot. Pac man's ultimate smash has to be him turning into a giant retro pac man, mightily chomping everything in his way. GORESHTER: Even if it was just one or two episodes, being a part of a show like Shameless is life changing. I really can't wait to see if any Namco character makes it in but if it were my guess I think it's going to be Pac-Man. My most desired character (not namco or bandai) is between Simon Belmont and Viewtiful Joe. Pac-Man is overrated. Combot was essentially a D.I.Y fighter and you could mould him to compliment your own fighting style. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. (Imagine using a Galaxian during a smash attack, for example.). The theft of the puppy, who will replace the retiring Reveille V, is a stab at the very heart of Aggie traditions. Honestly, I find it kind of disappointing that nobody talked about digimon.....Imagine how baddonkey that would be having Agumon vs Pikachu. Lloyd for me. Also, bring in Simon Belmont please! He's a great choice for a Bandai Namco rep but the Katamari series' lack of presence on Nintendo consoles means everyone's favourite cosmic King would be very low on the priority list. It goes without saying that there's huge potential for this to work well in the next Super Smash Bros. You could build your own Combot with Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick, Little Mac's brutal jabs and heck, even Mario's fireballs if you wanted. Let's say usually people with Stupid Request are Trolls, but there is some peeps (mmmm peeps) that are for real. They'd add Lloyd for the same reason he was in SoulCalibur Legends. But that was me pushing. "It is now an official kidnapping," Henry said. It would be a missed opportunity if it weren't him being the iconic character that he is, besides I trust Sakurai could somehow make him more appealing as a fighter. Also, go play the Klonoa Wii/PS2 and tell me that he wouldn't be awesome? I think this game's two third party characters are Sonic and Mega Man. I wouldn't mind Pac-Man though! In the past I would've been skeptical about inclusions of characters like Wii fit trainer, Villager or even Rosalina (another Mario rep) yet he made them look interesting and fun. Don’t misunderstand, it was still gross! Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa gets response from ‘celebrity crush’ Shania Twain, Twin baby girls found at scene of fatal shooting in Pompano Beach, Hospitals filling up, encountering a new kind of coronavirus patient. MONAGHAN: I remember John saying the words “Gay Jesus” and me going, “Boy, I think some people aren’t going to like that one.” [Laughs]. Anything else would be highly disappointing. CAMERON MONAGHAN: I’d never seen content like that before. Even with the new design. West Hartford, whose mascots traditionally had been portrayed as Indian heads, removed all Native American imagery and symbolism from its logos and mascots in 2015, the Courant reported. WHITE: I still can’t believe I did [this]. While I definitely agree that Pac-man makes poetic sense, I still can't get over how little I can picture a moveset that makes sense.. Combot actually sounds brilliant though! I've seen the PowerPuff Girls and Shrek requested. I don't know why you would choose the Game and Watch of Namco when they have a plentiful and diverse array of well developed and well designed RPG characters to choose from. Let us know in the poll and comments below. I would hate to see pac man hes to obvious and boring rather Lloyd or goeman. There’s a pretty teacher who lived in the neighborhood and had slept with an underage student. Like, who would only post about only wanting a character and not antything else? How about a car from Ridge Racer? Either Pac-Man or Lloyd would be great for Super Smash Bros. 4. With each new Smash Bros., fan expectations increase sevenfold. Enter Combot — specifically Tekken Tag Tournament 2's version of the character. oh my gosh none of them! But for Namco? Pac-Man, most definitely. Pac-man is the only one, really. His ability to float by flapping his floppy ears and use "Wind Bullets" to attack and inflate enemies set him up to be a potentially versatile combatant. STEVE HOWEY: She got up there pretty quick. @SammySpaceTime He wouldn't even be able to fight without some sort of mech or whatever, which would just be stupid. Mario & Sonic, Hatsune Miku, SEGA AGES and more! No other Namco character deserves a shot more than he does. Characters like Lloyd, Sora, and Geno can go make sweet fanfiction love in Smash Bros. limbo (Deviant Art). We were just hoping they wouldn’t shut us down before we finished the first 12 episodes. Why would they need COMBOT when they already got ROB? I just rolled with it at the time, but that’s such a crazy thing they had me do. A&M; officials fear that even the suggestion of involvement by UT students will prompt a new round of retaliation between students at the two schools, which already are intense rivals. It saw a fairly low key release in western waters, but had its fair share of controversy when Bandai Namco attempted to drastically redesign the title character to appear more modern and 'edgy'. The combat system in the Tales games is somewhat similar to Smash, so he'll make a good fit in Smash if given the chance. [Director] Mark Mylod said, “See, I knew she was right.” There, no point arguing this much more, Sakurai will find a way to give him a pretty awesome moveset and a great final smash, period. I say Lloyd Irving. If they're going to use a non-Nintendo character, my belief is that said character has to have at least been in a good, non-ported game on a Nintendo console. It took eight seasons and then it was like, ‘Boom.

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