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This book is a great, straightforward account of what the front lines of WWI were like. The often incorrectly cited quote, “history is written by the victors” proves incorrect when it comes to Jünger. For those interested in the First World War, certainly it is required reading. You are a world to yourself, saturated with the appalling aura of the savage landscape.”. To be able to read a first hand account of such an incredible, albeit horrid event, from someone who lived in my lifetime, is something that makes my hairs stand up. It left me angry with the idea of old and vain politicians causing wars over who knows what at the cost to regular everyday people. And whatever we may think of the heroism displayed by individual soldiers, it is outweighed by the sheer horror of it all. In four short years he was commissioned as an officer and acquired a staggering seven wounds (including a gunshot to the head, and a gunshot to the chest). He describes the young men he joined with, and their motivations for enlisting, His descriptions of the drug-like euphoria troops become addicted to predate what, unsuccessfully attempted to show audiences in 2008. He accepted the job he had to do and thought deeply about the best ways of doing it and survived, despite some nasty wounds, to write his account in clear and lucid prose. Jünger’s personal life is as interesting as his writing and warrants a brief mention. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2018. Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2018. Ernst Jünger was a born soldier:neither risk-averse nor foolhardy, able to command the loyalty of others and to follow orders without question, able to fight without malice and kill without scruple. Storm of Steel by Matthew Harffy is released as a paperback on 9 May, 2019, by Aria Fiction. You tremble with two contradictory impulses: the heightened awareness of the huntsmen, and the terror of the quarry. There's no mercy there, no going back, the blood speaks from a shrill cry of recognition that tears itself from one's breast like a nightmare.”. War means the destruction of the enemy without scruple and by any means. War is the harshest of all trades, and the masters of it can only entertain humane feelings so long as they do no harm. In Stahlgewittern (Storm of Steel) is the war memoir of Ernst Jünger, a German veteran of World War One. Rather Jünger simply sets out to honestly describe war on an individual level and leave the politicking up to posterity. “These moments of nocturnal prowling leave an indelible impression. It is impossible to read his story and not empathize with them. As a young man, Jünger was an avid outdoorsman and an aspiring poet. He doesn't portray himself as anything more than a German soldier doing his duty to his country and trying to survive the war thee best way he can. ISBN:0-147-243790-5. Storm of Steel chronicles the absolute carnage of the trenches while simultaneously exposing the ways in which war is unchanging. This first-hand account of the almost day-by-day experience of a junior combat officer in the Kaiser's army during WWI was most interesting. After the war Jünger went on to oppose Nazism, participate in the plot to assassinate Hitler, publish a long list of books (including his Hunter S. Thompson-esque experiments with LSD and Ether), become an accomplished Biologist, and lived to be one hundred and three. When you turn the page while reading his story, you wonder what could possibly happen to him next. Personally I find this view disturbing, as I’m sure many do. The ending of the book contains, in brief, some of Jünger’s thoughts on the significance of the war. This is the book’s strongest characteristic. A must read for anyone interested in the front line German soldier of the first world war. Overview. The strong points of the text are in the tidbits of information given by Junger, e.g. Storm of Steel, by Ernst Junger, translated by Michael Hoffman. London: Penguin, 2003. Many times memoirs will paint a too highly romanticized depiction of the events. Lt Junger was wounded several times and lived to fight until the end. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The consensus of posterity regarding this war is that it was bloody, tragic, and ultimately inconclusive—the exemplar of a brutal, pointless war. To find out more see the Storm of Steel page in Historia . “Trench fighting is the bloodiest, wildest, most brutal of all ... Of all the war's exciting moments none is so powerful as the meeting of two Stormtroop leaders between narrow trench walls. He was wounded 6 times but survived the war and lived to 103 years old, dyeing in 1998. Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2019, The author maintains a detached, careful and almost relaxed attitude to the fighting which clearly inspired those he commanded. In four short years he was commissioned as an officer and acquired a staggering seven wounds (including a gunshot to the head, and a gunshot to the chest). I often wondered whether this quaint way of viewing the war was some kind of subtle psychological defense mechanism, shutting out its horrors with a chivalrous fantasy; but Jünger seems to have carried this perspective with him before the fight even began. to stand the test of time. These soldiers went through hell, yet were able to keep their humanity. In any case I think history has amply proven Jünger mistaken; the very hardening anvil of war he praised led, in just a few years, to another, even more deadly war—under a regime which Jünger himself despised. Ernst Junger was one of … You can still see all customer reviews for the product. This is a must read for anyone interested in World War One, military history, or a no-strings war memoir. Few memoirs have described combat with such bluntness. Every soldier has a story and it's important to know both side of a war. Clausewitz’s famous aphorism, that war is “politics by other means,” seems to have been lost on Jünger. It contains a higher level of detail as to names, dates and places. Mac is an avid reader and shares his love of books along with his growing pipe collection on Instagram through @pipes_and_pages. I recommend skipping the long winded forward though, or maybe go back and read it after the fact. Jünger’s skill with a pen allows Storm of Steel to transport the reader into the trenches of France, and relive the moments his senses sharpened in preparation for hand-to-hand combat. First published in 1920, it was one of the earliest memoirs to come out of the Great War. The Steel Storm contains no steel unless you are referring to ammo. 2) Junger was a front-line Officer, having been promoted from the ranks. He holds a Bachelor of Art in History from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. This is a must read for anyone interested in World War One, military history, or a no-strings war memoir. This arguably was not meant to be a novel to begin with and I feel that a lot of critics wrongfully assume the level of WWI knowledge that the average reader may have. Couldn’t recommend it enough if you want to better understand the horror and magnitude of the First World War. He was very patriotic and dedicated to the cause and some thought his viewpoint was rather pro war but my take was he just belived in doing what his country and Kaiser wanted him to do. Yet Jünger’s memoirs, equally as bloody as All Quiet on the Western Front, are strangely warm and cheery. Most service members who volunteer during a conflict can relate to Jünger’s “yearning for danger” if they are honest with themselves. Few memoirs have described combat with such bluntness. He describes the young men he joined with, and their motivations for enlisting, “We had come from lecture halls, school desks and factory workbenches, and over the brief weeks of training, we had bonded together into one large and enthusiastic group. A detailed and graphic memoir of a German soldier in WW1, Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2020. While most war memoirs proudly claim to have a neutral stance few live up to their claim.

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