subdue sentence

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“Panic Attack” vs. “Anxiety Attack”: Which One Have You Had? 10 Types Of Nouns Used In The English Language.
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The latest on the release of grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case (all times local): 5:30 p.m. A small, Without parade, statues, many Italian Americans expecting. They were strong and fearless, and they seemed to say, "Here before us is great wonder, but wonder does not subdue our minds!". How to use subdue in a sentence. to bring under mental or emotional control, as by persuasion or intimidation; render submissive. ‘The pair managed to subdue a man who was holding his ex-partner at knifepoint in front of their seven-year-old son.’ ‘Breathing deeply, I tried to subdue the gnawing feeling deep in my stomach.’ ‘That defeat, time and again, cannot subdue some men is not merely amazing, it is moving.’ See how many words from the week of Oct 12–18, 2020 you get right! 1. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'subdue.' 40. One glance into those coldly watchful eyes was sufficient to subdue any surge of compassion. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Both sides weren't really enthusiastic, sort of subdued. She does subdue them to talk to their leader named Tolifhar, who reveals they want to attack humans for what they do to their kind. What is a sentence for subdue and presume? She had never intended to say so much, and she trembled with an excitement which she could not subdue. Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition One could presume that a tranquilizer would subdue the animal during the flight to Boston. 4. With a band of relatives he invaded the convent, but neither abuse nor blows could subdue this child of fourteen. To subdue and kill seals, orcas continuously ram them with their heads, slap them with their tails and fling them in the air. At least one Metropolitan Police officer was injured during the struggle to subdue the man. But before you subdue their hearts you must gain a noble victory over your own. Describe 2020 In Just One Word? 2.

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His forces killed thousands of Bengalis in a systematic attempt to, North Ossetia lies to the west of the seething Chechnya region where Russian forces have been trying to, But the legions were forced to return several times to, The settler population and government forces used extreme levels of violence to, West Midlands police used a non-lethal Taser stun gun to, Jag Johal and police service dog Stryker helped, During the training, she learnt to deliver several punches and elbow blows so quickly they would, Some of them want to flaunt affluence in all sorts of ways while others, Underdevelopment is the process by which capitalist forces expand to, That they did, but with such a heavy hand that the narcotic gas used to, So, in a one-on-one situation against the local tough guy, can a judo person, Carson was then an Indian agent helping the army, They hide our real thoughts and intentions and, The Council was alerted by local residents on Thursday morning and managed to, I realise that he likes the tortured martyr parts in which he valiantly combats the treacherous world that seeks to, Similar technologies are being applied within the military to, Here, beekeepers in a Herefordshire, England, orchard use smoke to, Wilson tried to toss his coat over the dog to, According to MPD spokesman Ron Reier, officers Maced and handcuffed Doby in an attempt to, Fortunately for me, I know some tae kwon do and was able to, The Shans occupied Phrae and attacked Lampang and it took Thai troops some six weeks to finally, Operating on 6 volts, this light provides 60 lumens of brightness to identify and target, and can, Occupying powers always resort to such methods to, His desire to realize Henry VIII's plan to, But rugby players are a brave lot and that's what the Bulldogs pack will have to be if they are to, It took a blow to the head from Clark and the assistance of three deputies to, The younger brother would try everything in his power from a distance to, A brief struggle ensues as several officers attempt to, At least one Metropolitan Police officer was injured during the struggle to, Yet it is these very anarchic groups that the Second Amendment was incorporated to, The democratic processes have been arbitrarily thrown out the window by their government, who was quick to join an alliance to militarily, She shewed us plainly, that, though she permitted us to assign her laws and, The district known as the Laveroch remained unconquered during the time of Henry II, Richard still did not, Solitary species such as cicada killers, carpenter bees, digger wasps and mud daubers use their stingers to, They were a thorn in the side of the occupying Roman forces, who had to, The main aim of the wars of new generation is to, God has given this earth to those who will, While Novgorod was unsuccessfully trying to, His successors are not named in any surviving source, but it seems they were unable or unwilling to further, Multiple blanchings soften the flesh of the chiles and, After the Norman Conquest, William the Conqueror set out to, In the aftermath of the 'Fifteen', the Disarming Act and the Clan Act made some attempts to, He broke off and bit his lip, feeling that he had better, In turn, the English hated him, but the king retaliated ruthlessly with his military force to, Regional development has contributed to attempts to, Faced with the prospect of an Irish alliance with Charles II, Cromwell carried out a series of massacres to, Upon Philip's return, he dispatched Alexander with a small force to, The plethora of civilizations in the Andean region provided for a general disunity that the Incas had to, According to some early historians, Ulloa was influential in helping, The whales are of similar size to the walrus and nearly as difficult for the bear to, It proceeded through a number of valleys in this country, and had orders to, The Giudicato of Arborea, the only remaining independent Sardinian state, proved far more difficult to, This brutality, though, rather than helping to, In 500 Clovis fought a battle with the Burgundian kingdom at Dijon but was unable to, By 550 Justinian was able to put together an enormous force, an assembly designed to recover his losses and, Darius the Great, king of Persia, crossed the river in the late 6th century BC in order to invade European Scythia and to, Beckwith suggests that the entire Hunnic thrust into Europe and the Roman Empire was an attempt to, Finally, in 1183 Henry the Young King and Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany, invaded Aquitaine in an attempt to, Alvarez found his extra strength helped him to, In 743, Pepin the Short and Carloman waged a campaign to reduce Alamannia and in 746 Carloman began a final thrust to, In addition, under the Disarming Act of 1725, the Crown attempted to, He was sent by the Maharajah to establish a base for expeditionary forces to, To deal with the threat that the two kingdoms posed to the English Commonwealth, the Rump Parliament sent a parliamentary army under Cromwell to invade and, Earl Edwin was betrayed by his own men and killed, while William built a causeway to, Paris' Convention government between October and December 1793 with brutal measures managed to, Indeed, there is a greater density of Roman marching camps in Scotland than anywhere else in Europe as a result of at least four major attempts to, Having already regained the loyalty of the revolting tribes, Yermak continued sailing up the Irtysh throughout the summer of 1584 to, However, the key allegation by Sir Henry Vane that Strafford had threatened to use the Irish army to, Strongbow also invaded and plundered Offaly, but failed to, The Antarcticans sense that life must be asserted here.

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