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Forward charge! He could be me! I built a health dispenser, have you been hurt? "And now, the winners go to…" Nora paused as she resumed the video. Ah-ha-ha-ha Enjoyed everywhere, The Lyrics for Meet the Crew by J.T. Blake bluntly suggested, not knowing why she found him cute, maybe it's with his abs or eyes or how he gust goes with whatever he- stop it Blake, your not helping yourself right now, he's an idiot…but he's your idiot. When my turrets spot you, you're as good as dead Follow/Fav If TF2 and Remnant meet. Nora yelled as she had noticed hat the drunk carries a grenade launcher. With a couple double jumps, i'll be fleeing the zone This rap is kind of overdue (right?) Need help? Item 1: A backpack filled to the brim with food, where it would provide backstab immunity and passive healing, but as a downside lowers your already terrible speed. ", "Wow, that's a lot of money if he bought all every animal twice and a boat big enough to hold them.". Did he just say Sun, as in like my name Sun, and that this exact same Sun invented and perfected fighting?" So take a side, red or blue? Yang yelled excitedly as she was hoping to see the Pyro's face, along with, and maybe get a bit of a review to understand it's unknown personality. "Meet The Crew" (Team Fortress 2 Rap) [Scout:] I got your head spinnin' runnin' circles around you With a baseball bat that I'm using to pound you I'll be up in your face in the blink of an eye No, I don't have wings, but I don't need them to fly With a couple double jumps, I'll be fleeing the zone Cry some more, run while you can! You might vant a tazte of my ubercharge It’s just sort of a reupload but there might be some differences I missed. It's splodey time." After stealing some of mob boss Roman Torchwick's engineering plans, he has to flee to save himself, but with Roman connections all over the civilized world, he might as well accept his most likely brutal death. I'm from the outback, where things are hectic You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. (Missing Lyrics). Auto-aim rockets oughtta wreck you bumpkins Forward charge with my RPG [Verse 4: Engineer] ", "To be perfectly honest with myself, when I first met you I actually thought you were a dog, but that's an honest mistake, cause your both BITCHES! Warning: It's basically terrible. He could even be-", [The Spy is cut off as his head explodes violently. ", Scout: "What're you? He could be you! Sage questioned as it would be a waste of time if they had someone go against nine mercenaries who literally went through a lot. Ruby said, trying to fool her Sister, which by the look on her face, it's not working. In the late 1660's to early 1720's of Britain, Earth, a young man by the name of Jaune Arc is in trouble. I'm ze medic, so don't go far Ruby said, getting some spirit back in her as she knows first-hand of the psychokinetic's strict and no-nonsense demeanor. And when my turrets spot you As he approaches, he flickers and melts, revealing himself to be the RED Spy], Soldier: "Big problem... all right, who's ready to go find this Spy? Welcome to my magical candy land Rockets jumpin' all over the place "And your point is?" Boom! "If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!" The RED Spy creeps up on him and steps on a creaking floorboard, alerting the Sniper, who engages the Spy with the Kukri. "Uh Jaune, you do know that this is about the Soldier, right?" This rap is kinda overdue, right? "Go! Bam! I'll bloody you up with an ax! "Oh, that was amazing Ozpin, where did you learn how to do that?" Pick out my favorite class You're as good as dead Yang 'countered' with an armpit fart, leading to an exasperated Ciel and Weiss, a Blake who pretends she doesn't know heart all, a puzzled Penny wondering how she made that noise, and everyone else snickering and trying to hold back their laughter, or if you're a dude, cheers and more armpit farts. Sage asked with a shiver, getting affirmative nods, while the girls felt a hint of a flirt in there. He pauses at a corner, as the camera pulls back to reveal a BLU Level 3 Sentry Gun with its Engineer. Weiss stated, as not only is it her preferred beverage, it also makes her better at handling the migraines that is the two sisters when strict manners and simple ignorance fail. A portal has opened, both leading to worlds unknown to the other, what happens if Mercenaries in RED teach the students of Remnant on how to exterminate some pesky Grimm, Badlands style. For every grenade I launch So pick a side, Red or Blue? "Sentry up there!" before being hit by yet another incoming rocket, yet it had a different sound than the other two, and whilst brief, it did have a glowing effect on it, almost as if this was more special, with way more power than the other two. "Guess they really weren't kidding bout the cloning." At least the way I'm doin' it by SloorpsTheDuckWizard Follow. ", Soldier: "We need to protect the briefcase! Stream tf2 rap "meet the crew" by penguinscantfly from desktop or your mobile device. What if the acronym team names aren't just assign to show who is leader and to sound cool, but to show on how the order of leadership would go. I do not require brains or technique [Verse 3: Pyro (Distorted)] "YAAAAAAAY! By: Gatordile2. "No shit Detective Defective, we all saw the same video as you did." With a couple double-jumps, I'll be fleein' the zone And finally, a terrible fanfiction idea (not 'just 4 words as my entire story' bad, but still bad). "Mostly because you play against Dad who doesn't know how to play, and me, who you know has BEATEN YOU MULTIPLE TIMES!" Pick out my favorite class, check out my fancy hats "Everyone's got some sort of weird interest to help unwind, don't judge the guy." But now its time to meet the crew tight! Share via Email Report Story Send. ", [The other three BLUs shake their heads and shrug], [He deposits the Sniper's body on the desk, revealing a bloody Knife in his back], [The Scout approaches and removes the knife], Scout: "Oooh, big problem. -other things that I may or may not forgot about, I don't know. Yang, who had been hoping for a Pyro centered video, was shocked to see him…her…it explode into chunks of meat, and saw Weiss with a sly smirk all over her face. ", "At least my mother was actually in my life unlike yours. Yang weakly replied to Weiss, who was innocently looking towards the screen, not noticing the blush on Neptune's face, before going to look with her. Pick out my favorite class Check out my fancy hats I just don't know which one to choose I am the medic so don't go far You might want a taste of my ubercharge Still a doctor but I lost my license This could be a problem, SHIZA! Weiss smugly said as the rest were in shock, one for actually adding fuel to the inferno know as Yang, and the fact that she made a 'yang'-ful pun, almost as if the brawler jokes are getting to her, like a contagious disease. …Only to be gibbed as a rocket flew right into it, who could only let out an "Owh!". "Maybe it's a process to see who could be cloned, after all, if you were to die, 'you' would still live on." Go! Yang cheered, as while there might not be much fire, explosions are a great substitute for it.. "Ahhhh…" Ruby just sat there, drooling at all this weapon equivalent of a strip show, just seeing the shots being fired got her feeling like she was showered with milk and cookies. "EXCUSES!" ", [Camera zooms in to reveal the BLU Spy, with the BLU Sniper's corpse over one shoulder], [Cut back to the Spy, carrying the dead Sniper towards the desk], Spy: "Tell me... did anyone happen to kill a RED Spy on the way here? Cry some more, run while you can I've got so much muscle I'll never be beat! EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags) Want more? Learn from a soldier who's reached perfection A parody of JT Music's Team Fortress 2 rap "Meet the Crew" featuring the characters from The Loud House. Pick up your intel quick, then I'm bringing it home "Of course I am, Rubes." Ozpin explained as he was buttoning up his shirt. Just when you think I'm on your team "Ah yeah, time to bring out the big guns!" The two sisters agreed as the ice was melting and chipped away by Yang's heat from her semblance. with every step he takes], The Administrator: "Protect the briefcase! I'm from the outback, where things get hectic I hope you weasels are taking notes an exasperated yet fulfilled Glynda asked as she was laid on the couch. "Attention students, as some of you are now aware of The Soldier's mental state and find that he presents a risk to you all, now Miss Goodwitch and I have been discussing on how to handle this situation-", "See, nothing to worry about, as long as Goodwitch is here, we're completely safe from any kind of head removing psychos here as long as we're-", "And we've reached to the conclusion that The Soldier shall stay, by the way he sent a message reading 'If you value your life and your neck, you will NOT touch my heads', that is all .". I'm gonna kick your ass! I got your head spinnin' runnin' circles around you Right up!" By: Gatordile2. to use our music? Yang boasted, feeling proud for what her mind thought of. And another theory that's probably stupider. So keep your distance, lad Yang said, impressed with how he took out the sentry, and how he used his rocket to jump up to surprise the defending mercs, and especially when he smacked the Spy with a shovel. Cuz that's what we were born to do Now I am hungry, make me sandvich TEAM FORTRESS 2 RAP by JT Music - "Meet The Crew" - YouTube

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