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The plot weaves around two different stories: that of Ira and Ruth and that of Luke and Sophia. Ira will always love Ruth and lives with the guilt of her dying first and he has found ways to coop with her being gone, until he can see her again. He is also shown having dinner with her family one night where we learn that art is looked upon highly in her family. At the auction, the first painting put up for bid is a child’s portrait of Ruth. She demands to know why he won't talk to her as she waited all that time for him and wanted to marry him. He grabs the wounded soldier but is shot on the way although they both make it to safety.Next he is shown in the hospital, and while he is still alive he is sent home but the reason is not yet known. Now Ira is sitting alone in his wrecked car, unable to get out, because he has a broken arm and a concussion. How about make it original at only $13.9/page? Luke returns to bull riding. Now Ira is sitting alone in his wrecked car, unable to get out, because he has a broken arm and a concussion. This Study Guide consists of approximately 32 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Ira Levinson is ninety-one years old and dying of lung cancer. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. Her friend (who was drunk in the bar that night) convinces her to call him as all the sorority girls would like to be with a handsome bull rider like that. As their relationship is put to the ultimate test, the wisdom of an aging man who recalls his lost love serves as a source of great inspiration.. The Longest Ride is actually one of the more competent Sparks films in some years — a far cry from the creaky noir of "Safe Haven," the awkwardly backloaded melodrama of "The Best of Me," or the phony brooding of "The Lucky One." While undressing they both notice that the door is slightly open, so she takes off her clothes slowly making eye contact with him. “After all, if there is a heaven, we will find each other again, for there is no heaven without you.”(362) This is from the letter Ira wrote to Ruth. A cowboy comes to Sophia’s rescue, and she finds herself having a long, pleasant conversation with him. The Longest Ride is Nicholas Sparks' 17th romance novel, released on September 17, 2013. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. “Closer now, Luke registered the unusual green color of her eyes and the soft precision of her speech, a sound that made him think of faraway places. I told her that I couldn’t imagine my life without her, and I asked her to be my wife. It was to show me how special you were and through this long process of grieving, to teach me again the meaning of love. Sophia means everything to Luke and just as Ira says in his letter, “I think I understand why you were taken away. Her friend calls her boring and tells her that she can't spend her whole life studying. In the duration of this novel, the theme exhibited is love, plain and simple, love, no matter if your partner has died or if it is a new love between college students. Words that clearly struck a chord with him and so upon reading Ruth's name in the obituary she felt compelled to visit. Ira Levinson was married to the love of his life for more than fifty years. Sophia invites herself to see Luke’s ranch. Another day at a joint gathering she approaches him and wonders why he hasn't said "hi" even though he always stares at her, she said it's a shame he threw away the rose.In the present day, Sophia asks old Ira if he would like her to read another letter but as he is crying he asks her to do it another time. The old man is not eating his food so she says she'll read him one of the letters (as his eyesight is not a good as it used to be) if he eats. He finally summons up the courage to approach her with a rose in his hand, but sees another young man talking to her and so throws away the Rose as he walks off, but she sees him as he walks away. She notices a kid asleep in class one day and it is obvious that he needs a bath, she visits his home to find that his impoverished half brother looks after for him and neither he nor his wife care much for the boy. This is a small town, and his brother is legal guardian so there is no way they will win in court. I have missed her for nine years and spent much of that time wishing that I had been the one to die first,” (187). Mostly teenage girls would like this book because its mostly about teen romance and the future you can have with someone. The first is that of Ira Levinson a 91-year-old widower and his late wife Ruth. Ira Levinson is in trouble. In this novel, Ira Levinson is in his early nineties when he sets out to fulfill a long standing commitment. Luke continues to ride bulls and is shown throughout the movie in a series of competitions climbing the ranks, and his aim is to be number one. Ira’s story is about the love between him and his late wife. At one of the rodeos he competes at, a girl, Sophie Danko was attending and they met and would begin a romance.

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