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After talking with his "son," Henry VIII gives orders: first, he commands that the Duke of Norfolk be killed so that the prince can be immediately named heir apparent with no opposition. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes The Prince Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays. In fact, Hugh Hendon has Miles arrested as an impostor, and the prince is taken to jail along with him. The guard, believing that the prince is the pauper, immediately puts him out of the gates, and thus the stage is set for Edward Tudor to experience the life of a commoner and for Tom Canty to live the life of a real-life prince. Looking out the window, he asks what the cause of this is and, after hearing about the trouble, he has the three condemned people brought before him. Afterward, he finds a book dealing with the etiquette of the English court, and he begins the process of learning to cope in his new position. Sleeping that night next to a calf, the prince is awakened by two young children who believe his story about his royal claim and take him to their mother. When Miles Hendon, who has been separated from the prince, appears outside Westminster, he is arrested and brought before the newly crowned king. © 2020 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. To this end, the Lord St. John and the Lord Hertford are to be his companions, to watch over him, and to remind him of what he is to do. The hermit manages to lead Hendon away, but, inadvertently, his absence allows John Canty and Hugo to take the prince with them. At first, he enjoys the luxury of his surroundings, but he becomes increasingly apprehensive about what will happen to him if he is discovered in the prince's clothing. To get a "feeling" of the other's life, they exchange clothing and discover that they look very much alike. and any corresponding bookmarks? The novel was Twain's first work of historical fiction, the genre in which Twain would find his greatest literary success. The prince, however, manages to slip away from old Canty. Every time that Tom tries to say something to dispel this idea, it makes those around him only more convinced that the prince has indeed gone mad. Once again, Hugo tries to make the Prince Participate in begging and thieving; the prince however, steadfastly refuses to have anything to do with such activities. Although Hendon tries to follow, he loses the trail. The other boy is Tom Canty, the unloved son of a beggar and thief. He falls asleep on a pile of straw, and when he awakens, he hears many tales of injustice at the hands of the law. Several inconclusive tests are tried in order to determine the identity of the boys, and finally the location of the Great Seal of England is suggested. Fast forward a bit, and Tom is a young boy living in the slums of London. John Canty, however, intercepts them and tries to take the prince, whom he still believes to be his son, but Hendon sends him away. The prince, in the meantime, is lured into an old country barn by John Canty and Hugo, his accomplice. This is seen as somewhat of a threat to the Prince's safety by his guards, who w… To appease the crowd, Miles and the prince must go before the magistrate. We don't yet have a full SparkNote for this book. About The Prince and the Pauper. He is brought to the filthy room where the Cantys live and is put on display to show the neighborhood his mad delusion that he is the Prince of Wales; later, he is beaten because he brought no money home. Our study guide has summaries, insightful analyses, and everything else you need to understand The Prince. from your Reading List will also remove any When they arrive there, Miles's brother Hugh and the Lady Edith, who once loved Miles, deny that Miles is still alive. The mob jeers at him and would have thoroughly beaten him if Miles Hendon had not suddenly appeared and protected him. One of these boys is the long-awaited male heir to the throne of England, Edward Tudor, son of Henry VIII. The first ceremony that Tom must undergo is dinner. Twain's intent was to show young readers the dangers of judging others by appearances. Each of the boys is fascinated by the other's life — Tom, by the luxury and the cleanliness that Edward has, and Edward, by the freedom that Tom has. One day, Tom's daydreaming leads him out of the city of London, past the palaces of the rich, and finally to Westminster, where he actually sees Edward Tudor at play on the other side of a fence. The local parish priest is very encouraging to him, and teaches him to read and write. Would you like us to add this title to our collection? Removing #book# There, he makes his way until he reaches a hermit's hut. Continue your study of The Prince with these useful links. Coincidentally, Tom Canty and Edward Tudor were born in London on the same day. The story proceeds predictably as the prince encounters the cruelties and unjust punishments that his poor subjects suffer, and the pauper learns that the life of a prince is not as desirable as he had imagined. The woman feeds him and sets him to doing a variety of household tasks. In the morning, Hendon leaves while the prince is still sleeping and goes out to buy new clothes for the boy. Father Andrew, however, provides him some respite from this life by telling him tales about the nobility, while instructing him in morality, reading, writing, and Latin. Coincidentally, as the prince is returning to London, Tom Canty is rapidly learning to be a king and is preparing for his coronation. As a reward for his help and kindness, Hendon is granted the right to sit in the presence of the king and is made a knight. Tom has always known that he was made for better things, and aspires to a more well-to-do lifestyle. Finally, he orders his "son" to say no more about living in Offal Court and to try to regain his mental health. Riding past Offal Court, he sees his mother, and he denies knowing her; immediately, however, he is stricken with remorse. The Prince and the Pauper tells the tale of two boys who trade clothing one afternoon and, as a result, they trade lives as well.After many adventures, matters are set right again, with one of the boys resuming his rightful, royal position and the other boy accepting a position that recognizes his innate intelligence and good heartedness. With some prompting from Tom, Edward Tudor tells the Lord St. John where the seal is to be found, thus establishing his true right to the throne of England. There, the prince discovers the filthy conditions of his country's prisons, and he hears more stories about the many injustices of English laws. Hendon then manages to convince the sheriff that the wisest course would be to free the boy, and the two leave, headed toward Hendon Hall, from which Miles has been absent for some ten years. The appearance of guilt is enough for the crowd that gathers, and the burliest of them is about to beat the prince when Miles Hendon once again appears. Tom Canty is thus suddenly elevated from prince to king, and his first act is to free the Duke of Norfolk. While Tom dines with the nobility and watches the pageantry of the dinner, the real prince stands outside the Guildhall, trying to get in, asserting that he is the true Prince of Wales. 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